Monday, November 9, 2020

Monday Mood: Just Your Average WFH Outfit.

I got dressed this morning without the blog in mind - I wanted to be comfortable but also look decent for my first meeting. I was also trying to be mindful of my "use your things" proclamation from last week so I dug into my closet determined to wear something that I haven't worn in a while. I mean, it's a flannel shirt but I succeeded! None of this is interesting enough for an outfit post, so instead I'm just gonna list what I'm wearing because how's that for lazy? You know you love me anyway. Here we go:

For some reason, my softest flannel shirt doesn't get much love from me but I'm wearing it right now and it's good. Mine is a grey plaid they don't have currently in stock but if I had to buy another one, it would be this purple plaid because how fun, right? (Raise an eyebrow if you will but if you're gonna buy classic flannel, you can't go wrong with LL Bean.) 

Under my plaid flannel I'm wearing this excellent t-shirt from Madewell. I am constantly on the search for a good 100% cotton long sleeved tee and I bought this in two colors. It's soft, the sleeves are long and I love the curved hem. (Also, it's 30% off right now! If they made it in a v-neck I'd buy duplicates...) I'm also wearing this necklace and my little snake huggie earrings

I pulled out my two pairs of Athleta Headlands Hybrid tights and I was delighted to find that they were just as comfy as I remembered. They don't lose their shape or bag out at the knee and they look SO CUTE with Chelsea boots but you could also hike in them. (If I ever get to travel again, I will be taking both pairs with me, for sure. )

I am, as always, wearing my house Birks - the shearling lined clogs, which are still one of my favorite purchases from last year. I got last year's gray version and I thought they were a beautiful color. They are no longer a beautiful color. It's totally my fault because I wear them while I cook and even though I'd treated them with suede protectant they are now dirty and stained. I still love them, but if you're a mess like me, maybe get them in black instead. 

Finally, let's talk about underwear! I recently bought a bunch of different styles from Parade because I was tired of my boring ways and they have such fun colors. I bought several different styles but my favorite, hands down, is the brief. I haven't had them long enough to judge longevity but so far they're comfy and holding up well. Plus, fun colors! Size inclusive! They donate to Planned Parenthood! If you want a free pair on your first order, you can use my code adrien-9d (full disclosure - I also get a free pair.) 

I'm also wearing the Lively Busty bralette and, while I like that its a more traditional bra-like bralette, it's just okay. I know they're really popular but I find the band folds up on me which drives me nuts. 

That's it! So not exciting but it always feels like an accomplishment to get dressed on a Monday especially after the week we had last week, right?


  1. I just bought an organic flannel shirt from LL Bean and it is so soft and cozy! Very pleased with it.

    For underwear, I really like the Everlane high-rise bikini, but I'm avoiding Everlane right now so I branched out to Knickey - the high-rise brief has more coverage than the Everlane bikini, but it's very comfortable and the high-cut legs help keep it from being too granny panty. I'm pretty medium on Lively bralettes and have found that they don't hold up so well. Currently I'm liking Richer Poorer because the fabric is super soft, but they don't hook in the back (note, I have a small chest and a super long torso so we might have very different underwear preferences).

  2. I’m just about to order the black Birks. Reviews say they run small/narrow. Was that your experience?

    1. No, I got my usual size. They just feel a bit more snug until the shearling tamps down.

    2. Get them in the narrow not the regular width - the regular look like clown shoes. I just bought them too and never want to wear any other shoes again.