Monday, November 16, 2020

BUY THIS: One More Thing!

Y'all, I'm so dumb. I wrote that entire Anthro post and totally missed that my very favorite yoga mat (which I talked about it here) is also on crazy sale! I didn't even know Anthro carried B Mat but they do and this yoga mat, which is normally $96 is now just under $42 (discount in cart):

It's nice and thick and your hands will absolutely not slide at all. Also, fun colors. Treat Yo Self! 


  1. A yoga mat is on my "To Buy" this week! Do you find it picks up a lot of cat hair or other things floating around? I just set up a little yoga room but there's a wool rug in there (I've got a Lifeboard on the way, thanks Santa) and between the carpet, the cat and my own constant shedding, I wonder if I can keep it clean.

    1. Well, it is kind of a "sticky" mat so I'd say the rug might be more of an issue than cat hair (which I haven't noticed a huge problem with.)

    2. Sold! Between the Lifeboard and taking a little extra care rolling the mat, I I think/hope I can manage the carpet fuzz. Mat purchased! The real achievement was adding soap to put me $1.70 over the $50 free shipping threshold, instead adding ... everything.


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