Friday, November 2, 2018

Stuff I Like: Yoga-ing, Listening, Wearing, Packing

Hey! This was supposed to go up yesterday but life and work sometimes gets in the way. But here it is now, some more stuff I like:

This Yoga Mat That I Picked Thanks To You!
Thanks so much to everyone who gave me advice about purchasing a grown up yoga mat. Two of you recommended the B Mat and I bought the "strong" version in purple because my knees like a bit more cushion. I totally didn't buy it because it's purple. ANYWAY, I completely love it and it's sticky as hell - no slipping! Y'all always come through for me.

This Podcast About MLMs That's Fascinating.
Are you fascinated by the crazy rise of MLMs? Do you cringe every time a smart person you know starts selling Lularoe? ME TOO. The Dream podcast, by Jane Marie (of TAL, The Hairpin, etc) is just freaking great. She explores the world of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing and really gets to the root of why they're so popular and why they don't work.

This Fancy Lipstick Marianne Loves.
I got this Shiseido ModernMatte Powder lipstick as a VIB reward from Sephora and turns out it’s awesome. I have Exotic Red. It stays put but isn’t drying and feels nice on. Recommend!

This Luggage That Is A Straight Bargain.
Okay, I don't like packing but I DO really like my new Calpak suitcase. Marianne recommended the brand after she bought one at TJ Maxx for her recent family vacation. Here's what she said:

The quality is great and tons of cute colors and patterns for less than an overpriced Away bag (y’all, you don’t need a battery in a suitcase). The spinner wheels are the best! And a hard shell suitcase is just a great idea in general--they hold a ton, protect your stuff, and they are just pretty and easier to spot.

So! I started checking the website and lo, a ton of Calpak suitcases up in the clearance section! I bought a medium-sized pale blue version for $43 (!) and it arrived the other day. It's lightweight and well-made and Marianne is right about the wheels. They're so good. My color has sold out but you can get it in grey or navy blue or silver! They also have an ADORABLE teal collection and gold but it's not clearance-priced as yet.


  1. That podcast is SO SO GOOD. I binge listened to the first 6 episodes after hearing it talked about on the Pop Fashion podcast.

  2. Totally binged that podcast too! Thanks for the suggestion.