Thursday, November 15, 2018

Outfit of the Day: All The Things.

Do I ever wear anything anymore that isn't those damn Madewell jeans? Not really. This is actually an outfit from last Friday when I'm legit allowed to wear jeans so I, of course, wore my favorite pair: 

I am not kidding, they are my best ever skinny jeans. I talked about them last week so I'll give it a break today. Instead, check out my leopard shirt! I'd been mulling over my leopard shirt options - strongly considering this J Crew shirt or this one (ugh, they have my number) and this one at TJ Maxx is also pretty cute, right? But then I went thrifting and found the one I'm wearing! It's J. Crew Factory and cost me all of $2.50. It's a little big on me but a good way to try out the style and see if I eventually want to upgrade. Next I want a leopard sweater! It's just such a fun print to wear. 

I threw on my new J Crew blazer to pull everything together. I swear, this is One Blazer To Rule Them All. It's comfortable (yay stretch) and just has this way of making everything you wear it with look better, instantly. I mean, I know this isn't groundbreaking but I don't generally wear a lot of structured clothing, so it's really nice to have  an easy, clean-lined blazer. (No worries, I still have my excellent tuxedo jacket but I tend to save it for special occasions.) On to details:

A terrifying close-up of my face was the only way to show you my teeny-tiny lightning bolt necklace! I posted about it and then bought it later and it's a nice little bit of exactly right, though it it VERY thin and lightweight and I'm always afraid I'll break it. I bought it because this one stole my heart and ugh. For a very inexpensive alternative, this one looks great and appears to have a bit more weight to it. 

My boots are Madewell, last year's style found and purchased in July at a ridiculously low price. I would say the Regan style in grey suede is probably the most similar or ohhh the Jada boot! Those look great too. God, I love boots. One of the few good things about winter. Another good thing:

This little ultra light puffer jacket from Uniqlo! I'd been considering this one from Everlane but Marianne suggested the Uniqlo jacket and it was on sale, so I ordered it. I dig it! The color is great (and they have a ton of color options), it's feather light, decently warm and it packs down to nothing. I'm wearing a medium and it's a good fit. The only thing I don't love is the zipper, which feels a bit cheap. Still, for the price it's surprisingly good. And, if you're tempted and go through my link you can get $10 off your next purchase of $75 or more! (Full disclosure, I also get $10 credit.)

See? Look how happy I am with my boots and jacket. You'd almost think I liked cold weather! (You'd be wrong.)


  1. The color of that jacket is so good on you!!!

  2. Love the top and jeans! I would be afraid to spend so much on jeans, but it sounds like they are very worth it!


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