Tuesday, November 20, 2018

We Discuss: This And That.

A selection of our texts from the past week:

M: Lets discuss why I want this enormous red dress and what that says about my mental health.

A: Girl, no.

M: It’s how I FEEL.



A: I totally get it but that dress is a not your baseball bat dress.


A: I was wearing what felt like a too-casual outfit for work today and then threw my new blazer over it and it instantly made me look more appropriate. Fucking magic. (I still want your sweater blazer, fyi, but what color?)

M: Nice!

A: I mean, DUH. It’s so stupid and obvious. Getting Dressed 101.

A: Also, goddammit, Kim France:

A: An olive jacket AND Liberty print? 

M: Oh hell they have your number.

A: Right? It’s just mean.


A: I signed up for a sampling program a while back and a tiny little package just arrived. Guess what gateway drug they sent me?

M: Hahaha what.


M: Lololol

A: Like, thanks for the face-heroin, Condé Nast.

M: They know.

A: They do.

A: “Send her a thimble-full of the good stuff! Just enough to get her hooked.”

M: If it helps I tried it and wasn’t blown away.

A: It smells like old lady for one.

M: Yes

A: Kiehl's is better.


A: I just found this entry from 2014.

M: Hahahahaha

A: It is NOT a prediction of the future. 🔮

M: You will NEVER wear Arizonas and Birks are just not for me.

M: How things have changed.

A: I also found an entry from spring 2014 where I posted a pic of my skin sans makeup and it makes me sad.

M: Oh dear.

My brown spots are 800% times worse now.

M: Burn it.

A: 🔥🔥🔥

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  1. I kind of like that leopard dress too. But it would make me look like a small, mobile hut.


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