Tuesday, November 13, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): LOFT Is Giving Clothes Away.

The crazy sales are upon us! Right now LOFT is offering an extra 60% off select sale styles, 40% off full-priced styles and 50% off dresses and tops, all with code FLASH. I DON'T NEED A THING but that shouldn't stop you! There's so much cute stuff: 

I really like this dress. Long sleeves, a cute pattern, interesting details. Someone should buy it and then tell me how good it is so I'll be full of regret for not buying it. That's usually how it works, right? 

Right now you are GOOD on striped shirts. You have so many! You have short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve and navy and black and you are good. But I ask you: Do any of them have a little red cat embroidered on it? I DIDN'T THINK SO. 

This is not a fancy cardigan but it's the best kind. This is the cardigan you wear on the couch while drinking gin, eating popcorn and binge-watching Younger. It's your go-to At Home cardigan and you absolutely love it.

I have so many jackets! So many. But, I do not have a really beautiful purple field jacket with a hood. How am I the worst? I keep finding Jackets I Need and I do NOT. But please, go ahead. Make me cry.

Loft's mixed media sweaters are a fun way to be warm and also let your pattern freak flag fly. (I do love a funky pattern.) They also remind me of my favorite line from Killing Eve, "Is that a sweater attached to a shirt?" 

I still kinda want these black moto jeans even though I am pretty much good on black pants/jeans. I just like a moto detail and I'm happy to see it still in the mix, you know? Those zippers provide just the right amount of edginess.

It's not quite cold enough here for serious winter scarves so something like this would be ideal. The dark floral print looks like a Liberty print and it will basically go with everything while also being it's own statement. 

Hey! This is my black blouse and I have to say, it looks really nice in this blush pink color. I feel like the details get lost on the black version. I will warn you that it requires ironing which is a pain, but it's a cute top. 

This is a sweatshirt! I know! It looks dressy af and it's secretly a sweatshirt. Get this immediately and then wear it to a party with black coated jeans and a blingy necklace and watch the compliments pour in. Trust. 

I cruised through the jewelry pretty quickly but stopped dead when I saw these. They look expensive, don't they? Like something you'd fall in love with and then see the price and be like, "Hhahaha sob." But really, they're cheap n' cheerful and when you lose one you will only cry a little bit. 

NO I AM NOT BUYING ANOTHER LEATHER JACKET. This one is faux leather and also comes in black but I am telling you, an olive leather jacket? SO GOOD. Why is this not a thing more often? I do have my faux suede jacket so I'm not too mad about missing this one, but I think it's really cute. Now get going. 

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