Tuesday, November 20, 2018

BUY THIS: (Because I Am Risking Everything.)

Shhh, come here. Closer. Listen, I am going to tell you about A Thing I Like that will totally get my blogger card revoked. Like, the Style Blogger Van is going to pull up any minute and shut this shit down but I am going to tell you anyway.

Not long ago I was suckered in by an internet ad for a truly hideous bra. It's not a bra-bra, more something you'd wear around the house. But still. It is NOT PRETTY. But I ordered it and...you guys? I keep finding myself digging it out of the laundry basket because all my other lounge-y bra things pale in comparison. I love this stupid thing. It's so comfortable I forget I have it on! I know. 

So, True & Company is having an excellent sale right now with 25% off site wide with code CYBER25. (Just full disclosure - that link above is a referral link and I will get a credit if you purchase through it.) 

My bra is the True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra and there's also a full cup version.

I have only tried the one but I just ordered another one in black since it's on sale (plus 25% off) and I also ordered the True Weekend Bra for $15 (final sale).

This feels like a slippery slope into middle age but hey, at least my boobs are happy.

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