Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Dresses With Sleeves.

This is such a thing with me - the struggle to find cute dresses with long sleeves for winter. I do not understand why sleeveless winter dresses are even a thing. Why is that a thing? I refuse to shiver like a poodle all winter because retailers don't feel like dealing with sleeves ugh, so tiresome. I've done a little searching and have come up with eight different long-sleeved options, all under $100:

Cute Boy Friday: Well, do you?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adrien: Prints and Stripes.

Oh hey, It's National Cat Day which makes me happy and I guess makes Daniel happy though I'm pretty sure he thinks every day is NCD. Today is uncommonly warm so I dressed for the weather:

I'm annoyed that my bad photography makes all the purple look black! This dress has purpley-brown bits that go nicely with my new aubergine Lotta t-bars, which Daniel is hiding. My dress is an old one from Ann Taylor and it's one of my favorites. It's long sold out, but it's not too hard to find a cool leopard sheath dress. This Calvin Klein dress is really subtle and this cute thing would be my budget pick. I file this gorgeous number under, "Only In My Dreams." Sigh.

I'm telling you, dark purple is such a great neutral! If the Lotta clogs aren't your speed, check out this bootie, this sweet pointy-toed pump or these cool slip-ons and tell me I'm wrong. My cardigan is Philosophy but this one is basically the same unexciting thing.

Details! I'm wearing my Banana Republic scarab pendant (this one at L&T is pretty similar) and my Cluse watch which seems to go with everything. My MBMJ Mag Bag has been getting lots of love - something about pewter metallic just works with everything. This dirt-cheap Liz Claiborne satchel nails the color but I'd spend a little more and get this ridiculously cute Emma Fox tote. Or, splurge and get this DVF satchel because dang

Time for head scritches! He's such a good boy:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Adrien: Fall Wanty List, Revised.

At the end of September I posted about the things I thought I wanted for fall. Some of them still hold true but I've gone through my closet again, KonMari'ed it all to hell and sold a bunch of stuff. So,  the list has changed a little. Here's where things stand for now:

Chelsea Boots - 
It's a little misleading to include this because, derp, I already bought a pair. Madewell had this pair half off a few weeks ago and I pounced:

Madewell Chelsea
I haven't worn them yet because my head keeps getting turned by slightly dressier versions like this pair at J.Crew and these beauties at Everlane. But, the Madewell pair (aside from being MUCH less expensive) is classic, fits well, and a casual lean isn't a bad thing for me.

A Casual Parka - 
I have wool coats and a puffer jacket but I'd like something in-between that will keep me warm and still look stylish. Maybe something like this:

I'm fancy
But not a million dollars. This Vince Camuto parka looks good and has interesting details.

Fall Lipstick - 
It's been a while since I bought a new lipstick and I just had to throw away some of my old ones because they were REALLY old.  Gross. I've heard really good things about Bite Beauty and this Kir Royal color is apparently really popular:

Kir Royal
I'm also very curious about the Butter Cream line. Has anyone tried them?

This Damn Everlane Sweater -
I'd talked about getting a cashmere cardigan but I got SO much wear out of the Everlane v-neck sweater I bought last winter that another one in a different color would probably serve me better:

Please don't wear this with shorts.
I've been really pleased with the Everlane cashmere I've bought so far and I wish they'd offer this in more colors! So good.

Coated Jeans - 
Every year I want these and every year I can't find the right pair. A few weeks ago I tried on this pair at Madewell and angels sang:

Coated and full price

And then the angels stopped singing because they were full price and still are. Gimme a code, Madewell! I'm waiting.

Rings -
I don't wear rings and don't own any and all of a sudden it started to bother me. I want pretty things on my fingers! I like this one I found on Etsy and I'm very taken with this little Kenda Scott stacking set:


One day I hope I can buy the real thing and buy something in my friend's amazing store. I love all of it.

Skirts - 
Yeah, I still need skirts. I am underwhelmed by all and sundry. Maybe this new one from BR?

I'm new. 
I don't know, skirts are tough. What do you want for fall?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Deep Cuts.

J.Crew is offering an extra 40% off sale styles and an extra 50% off select final sale styles with code FALLSALE (plus 3.0% back with eBates.) This is pretty freaking good, you guys. The big bargain that stood out to me:

Shiny Downtown Field Puffer Jacket

The Shiny Downtown Field Puffer Jacket. It’s $50 you guys. FIFTY DOLLARS. It leans a bit equestrian in a really fun way and comes in four non-boring colors. Check it out. If that’s not your thing, this is a great time to pick up some quirky gifts:
Shiny printed case for iPhone® 5/5s 
Michiko Shimada Banana Salt-and-Pepper Shakers

Izola Maritime Soap Set

Or maybe a really freaking great Lulu Frost necklace:

Lulu Frost for J.Crew large stone necklace

Or a crazy-pretty pair of statement earrings:

Mixed brûlée statement earrings

And if all else fails, there’s cashmere. Just saying.

PS. Some final sale items are showing "Extra 25% off" instead of 40% or 50% on the item page but the full discount comes off when you apply the code! 

Yuppie Safari, Anyone?

Back in the olden days, Banana Republic was marketed to yuppies with aspirational safari/world travel fantasies. It was A Thing, complete with hand-drawn catalogs. Well, bless my mother's hoarder heart that she saved some of these catalogs and then offloaded them onto me. Enjoy.  -A

A: Can I interest you in a flight suit?

M: Dude, some hipster is wearing that right now.

A: You know who wore this best? David Bowie in the Dancing in the Streets video.

M: Truly

A: I’m pretty sure my mother wanted that and we definitely had the Turkana belt.

M: Man that belt is amazing

A: The leather pouch fit exactly nothing.

M: You could keep your Dexadrine in there.

A: I distinctly remember being annoyed that it wouldn’t fit a pack of Camel Lights.

M: Things a Turkana belt can hold: One quarter, two Dexadrine, your tears.


M: You’re a goner.


M: You’ll just have the memory of that lion.

A: I’ll just put my stuff in my Israeli Paratrooper briefcase. All good.

M: Ben Franklin…approves?

A: (Truth: I had that bag and carried it all through high school.)

M: He doesn’t strike me as a shorts kind of guy.

A: Banana is really stretching to tie Ben Franklin in with those middle-aged dad shorts. I mean, what?

M: Maybe our founding fathers were into cargo shorts.

A: It would explain a lot, actually.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Adrien: Saturday Outfit and a Lotta T-Bar Review

My fall shopping list seems to mainly be shoes! I wore my Lotta From Stockholm peep-toes a ton over the summer so it just seemed logical to get a closed-toe variety. I'd loved the aubergine color for a while and finally went for it. I'm wearing the Highwood T-Bar High Clogs in aubergine leather:

I'm annoyed that the color doesn't show up properly, but there are better pics on the Instagram account. Like the peep-toes, the t-bar Lottas seemed like they should rip my feet up, but they haven't. Not one blister! I promise. I totally love them and they fit right in with my favorite stuff. The color is a nice, dark aubergine and perfect for fall. 

I'm wearing my beloved Banana Republic Distressed Skinny Ankle jeans which are still available in a few sizes. They also come in a slightly darker wash with ankle zips and in a very light wash, all on sale! (The lightest wash pair comes out to $17.49 with the 50% off code!) My striped shirt is from Ann Taylor from a few years ago, but they have one I like right now that's on super sale. And I also want this one from Everlane. I have a problem. 

Layered over are my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket which you should've already bought by now since it's currently 25% off. Ahem. I'm also wearing a Calvin Klein scarf that is channeling Missoni or that's what I tell myself. CK is great for fun patterned scarves and I'm especially loving the colorblock on this one

This is about as pattern-mixy as I get, but I think it works. This MBMJ Cement hobo has become my most-carried bag. It's so good. Should I get the newest incarnation in Faded Aluminum? I can't decide. And OMG, nobody told me about this gorgeous wine Hillier! *weeps quietly*

The end! Oh, and go check out the shop! Marianne and I have both added stuff. We're KonMari-ing the hell out of our closets.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Chelsea Boots.

You guys. I can't stop thinking about Chelsea boots. I think about them all the time. It's bad. I don't remember what I used my brain for before this. Halp.

Cute Boy Friday: The Eastwood Effect.

A: Any cute boy ideas? I'm out of boys.

M: Have you seen Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams video? Because I am in love with Scott Eastwood now.

A: Oh hell yes. I am pretty sure she cast Scott Eastwood just so she could make out with him.




A: GET IN LINE. Behind, like, Taylor Swift.

M: Le Sigh.

A: Holy cow:

M: God bless America.

A: *salutes*

Thursday, October 22, 2015

That Slippery Unicorn Princess Slope.

M: Whelp, Leonor Greyl just sent me a $10 off coupon so I ordered something. I'm hooked. It's dangerous.

A: I don't know what this is. Pls hold.

M: Ooooooh shit it's the stuff that Kate Middleton uses. And a bunch of celebrities. And it gives me Youth Hair.

A: Your fancy hair stuff! I remember now!

M: Oh yes. I highly recommend the samples.

A: What did you buy?

M: I bought the travel size set for dry curly hair and the Soie Sublimateur magic stuff. I am a sucker but I'll be damned if this stuff is not legit magic and has no silicone or anything bad in it.


M: I know! It's terrible! My hair smells like a goddamned unicorn!


M: To offset this, and the (ahem) very expensive eye goop I bought, I have rediscovered Weleda Skin Food. My dry fall skin loves it and it's like $12 a tube.

A: I've actually been using the DevaCurl No-Poo to save my color and my hair seems to like it okay. It's still kind of sad, though. I am tempted by your fancy princess brand samples.

M: I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly like the samples but it's a slippery slope.

A: FINE. Have bought the fancy princess unicorn hair samples even though it's against my principles to pay for samples.

M: Now we can swap. I'll give you my stuff for finer hair!

A: Yay! So, tell me more about this Soie Sublimateur magic stuff.

M: Well. My hair is dry, but when I get it blown out I use dry shampoo on the roots so the ends get SUPER dry. I smoothed some of this stuff through the ends and I instantly had magical shiny princess hair.

A: I want that.


A: I should maybe just shave my head.

M: Invest in a variety of kicky wigs.

A: Itchy.

M: You're so uncommitted.

A: Whatever, Princess Unicorn Hair.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adrien: This Old Thing. Some More.

Every time I wear this dress it makes me want more dresses like it - fun print, washable, inexpensive. This one was from Old Navy and I've worn it on the blog a few times already:

Old Navy usually does a good job with prints. This patterned swing dress is worth investigating and I love the bird print on this printed shift dress. And, hey, nobody does a fun print dress quite like BCBG. PS. Has anyone tried this Merona printed shirtdress? I'm curious.

I threw on a scarf because it's hard to shove a cardigan over these sleeves. I suck at making scarves look nice but I do love them. Mine is the "speckled metallic scarf" by Subtle Luxury and I got it in a Pop Sugar box so there are lots on eBay. Or, you could go with this amazing dupe.

My usual Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike bracelets and a tassel necklace from Ann Taylor. They have a couple good looking tassel necklaces right now! This one looks like a smaller version of mine and this is a double jobby. Or you can just wear them all at once

And, my new-old favorite Loeffler Randall Matilde boots and my new-very-old MBMJ Mag Bag. I've raved about the Mag Bag before and I think this MBMJ tote would be a very nice modern update and this Cole Haan tote nails the pewter color. Just saying.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): 30% off Cambridge Satchel Bags!

Hey, just wanted y'all to know that select Cambridge Satchel Company bags (including mine and Marianne's) are 30% off until Sunday! Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $80. And y'all, this tote...

East West Tote Bag

It's good, right? And comes in many colors and is also 30% off. I AM JUST SAYING. If Cambridge is out of your price range I found some great under-$100 school-satchel type bags (mostly at Asos) for you so please stop crying:

Enablers Gonna Enable.

M: I’m sorry:

 Loeffler Randall Rio runner sneaker

A: No thank you.

M: You don’t like?

A: Negatory. They’re trying to be All The Things. Also, $295? Say what?

M: Oh definitely overpriced but I think they are super cute.

A: I should love them but something isn't working for me. The white parts, maybe?

M: I mean I'm not much for running shoes PERIOD but I would wear those with some black distressed skinny jeans. Which is how I basically wear everything I realize.

A: I just want the lace part to not be white. And I want them to be free. And I want black distressed skinny jeans.

M: Well my favorite jeans ever are on sale. I have two pairs and I'm strongly considering a third.

M: And now I find myself REALLY liking those stupid $300 sneakers goddammit.

A: You don't like them, you're just cheetah-blind. It happens.

M: I LOVE THEM. But it's okay, I ordered these. Boom, saved $280.

Charlotte Russe Lace-Up Leopard Print Sneakers

A: Ha! I was just about to send you those. I actually like them better.

M: Now Lili wants the $300 ones too. It's a sickness. Just you wait.




Monday, October 19, 2015

Adrien: So much Internationalist.

I refuse to become one of those people who give up wear sneakers every day and everywhere like it's NBD. I like my cute shoes and I will wear them! However, I do think there's a place for sneakers and I don't think that place has to be ugly. I've been on the hunt for a cute pair of retro-style sneakers that I can wear out on the weekends and still feel like I look pulled together. Kim France posted a few recently and I was immediately taken with the Nike Internationalist. Whee:

This is my Saturday outfit, sneaker-style. I got my black/grey pair on but I am really into this mulberry pair (on sale at Macys!) So cute. I was also considering this pair of New Balance for J.Crew (also a Kim France rec) in the navy blue, but in the end I wanted a sneaker that was more understated. 

It makes me happy that cute sneakers are a thing right now and you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount on a designer pair. (I mean, what?) Old Navy has a cute pair and check out this incredibly cool pair of Pumas at Off Fifth!  Even Anthro has gotten the memo, which is pretty funny. And, Lands' End surprises me yet again. Huh.

I'm wearing my new Nikes with a striped shirt from Banana Republic that I bought last year. They have this one which looks identical and this one which isn't but I like it. I'm also wearing my Downtown Field Jacket from J.Crew like it's my job. (It's 30% off right now. Join my cult!) 

And, the same MBMJ bag as always (which I want in another color) and my Shockoe Atelier jeans. My necklace is a Giles and Brother hook pendant which they don't make anymore, but you should consider this railroad spike pendant instead. It's good stuff. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: All Totally Different!

Here are eight olive field jackets that are all completely different from each other. You could buy them all and have a little cult of your very own. White wine spritzers optional.

Cute Boy Friday: David Bowie Part II

Will you indulge me in a part two of my Bowie love? I appreciate it. So, into the 1990s with David, who wasn't at his musical best (so say) but his hair was on point:

And he got married to a woman way more beautiful than he is, which takes some doing:

He got his teeth fixed, which had to happen but I still have mixed feelings:

And he wore this incredible McQueen coat which I just can't get enough of:

And then he did an amazing thing. He aged gracefully and without fuss:

Ah, David Bowie. There's really just nobody I like better.