Thursday, October 22, 2015

That Slippery Unicorn Princess Slope.

M: Whelp, Leonor Greyl just sent me a $10 off coupon so I ordered something. I'm hooked. It's dangerous.

A: I don't know what this is. Pls hold.

M: Ooooooh shit it's the stuff that Kate Middleton uses. And a bunch of celebrities. And it gives me Youth Hair.

A: Your fancy hair stuff! I remember now!

M: Oh yes. I highly recommend the samples.

A: What did you buy?

M: I bought the travel size set for dry curly hair and the Soie Sublimateur magic stuff. I am a sucker but I'll be damned if this stuff is not legit magic and has no silicone or anything bad in it.


M: I know! It's terrible! My hair smells like a goddamned unicorn!


M: To offset this, and the (ahem) very expensive eye goop I bought, I have rediscovered Weleda Skin Food. My dry fall skin loves it and it's like $12 a tube.

A: I've actually been using the DevaCurl No-Poo to save my color and my hair seems to like it okay. It's still kind of sad, though. I am tempted by your fancy princess brand samples.

M: I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly like the samples but it's a slippery slope.

A: FINE. Have bought the fancy princess unicorn hair samples even though it's against my principles to pay for samples.

M: Now we can swap. I'll give you my stuff for finer hair!

A: Yay! So, tell me more about this Soie Sublimateur magic stuff.

M: Well. My hair is dry, but when I get it blown out I use dry shampoo on the roots so the ends get SUPER dry. I smoothed some of this stuff through the ends and I instantly had magical shiny princess hair.

A: I want that.


A: I should maybe just shave my head.

M: Invest in a variety of kicky wigs.

A: Itchy.

M: You're so uncommitted.

A: Whatever, Princess Unicorn Hair.

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