Thursday, October 8, 2015

Adrien: Wait, I Have This Dress.

Hi! This outfit is fairly simple but I have a lot to say about it. Lucky you. First, remember the Boden Janie dress? The one I bought and wasn't sure about and then returned? GUESS WHAT. I actually already own one quite similar:

Yes, that would be a striped cotton dress with 3/4 sleeves. Mine is by People Tree, makers of cute striped cotton dresses. I do love a striped dress and right now they're not hard to find. This Gap shift looks like a great transition piece (yay long sleeves) and I've been coveting this adorable Madewell dress because who wouldn't look cute in that? And oh, I wish my budget allowed for this glorious DVF number because I'd wear the HELL out of that dress. All this to say that I keep catching myself buying things I basically already own. Which brings me to the boots:

Yep, those aren't the new pair of Loeffler Randall Marit boots I just bought. Newp. Those are a pair of cognac LR Matildes I found on eBay for a steal. They fit me better than the Marits and the darker color works better with my wardrobe. So, yeah, sometimes I buy the thing I think I want instead of waiting for the thing I actually want. Mistakes happen. (If you loved the Marits and are a size 7.5 -8, I have them listed in the shop.) If you just want a non-fancy pair of tall cognac leather boots, maybe these Corso Como? And limited sizing on this Land's End wide boot, but isn't it perfect? 

I'm carrying my elderly MBMJ Hillier hobo which is still hanging in there. I will eventually replace it, but might go with the Too Hot To Handle style instead. Bag Decisions. And details:

My Cluse watch is still getting a lot of love and I recently started wearing my Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace again because I need a big necklace that won't get lost in the stripes. J.Crew is short on tassels right now but Lulu Frost still brings it! In the sliiiiightly-less-expensive category, I love the smoky gunmetal version of this Kendra Scott tassel. And hello there, eleven dollar necklace.

The stripey cat came by to say hi. The end! 


  1. I've been seeing MBMJ bags at the Rack lately. They had several styles including the new Hillier Q hobo (is that right?) for half the listed price. Seems like they hold up well and last for for years.

    1. Yes, I heard about this! Unfortunately there isn't one in town. And sadly, black bags are almost never marked down that deeply but I'll definitely look next time I'm in a NR.

    2. They had three black bags in my store and they were still there two days later. I took that as a sign and bought one.

    3. YOU GUYS. I don't have a NR! This is hurting my feelings.

  2. I had to FORCE myself to stop buying the same (but different!) things over and over. Now I have more disposable income, but I am a little bit bored ...


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