Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Adrien: Fall Wanty List, Revised.

At the end of September I posted about the things I thought I wanted for fall. Some of them still hold true but I've gone through my closet again, KonMari'ed it all to hell and sold a bunch of stuff. So,  the list has changed a little. Here's where things stand for now:

Chelsea Boots - 
It's a little misleading to include this because, derp, I already bought a pair. Madewell had this pair half off a few weeks ago and I pounced:

Madewell Chelsea
I haven't worn them yet because my head keeps getting turned by slightly dressier versions like this pair at J.Crew and these beauties at Everlane. But, the Madewell pair (aside from being MUCH less expensive) is classic, fits well, and a casual lean isn't a bad thing for me.

A Casual Parka - 
I have wool coats and a puffer jacket but I'd like something in-between that will keep me warm and still look stylish. Maybe something like this:

I'm fancy
But not a million dollars. This Vince Camuto parka looks good and has interesting details.

Fall Lipstick - 
It's been a while since I bought a new lipstick and I just had to throw away some of my old ones because they were REALLY old.  Gross. I've heard really good things about Bite Beauty and this Kir Royal color is apparently really popular:

Kir Royal
I'm also very curious about the Butter Cream line. Has anyone tried them?

This Damn Everlane Sweater -
I'd talked about getting a cashmere cardigan but I got SO much wear out of the Everlane v-neck sweater I bought last winter that another one in a different color would probably serve me better:

Please don't wear this with shorts.
I've been really pleased with the Everlane cashmere I've bought so far and I wish they'd offer this in more colors! So good.

Coated Jeans - 
Every year I want these and every year I can't find the right pair. A few weeks ago I tried on this pair at Madewell and angels sang:

Coated and full price

And then the angels stopped singing because they were full price and still are. Gimme a code, Madewell! I'm waiting.

Rings -
I don't wear rings and don't own any and all of a sudden it started to bother me. I want pretty things on my fingers! I like this one I found on Etsy and I'm very taken with this little Kenda Scott stacking set:


One day I hope I can buy the real thing and buy something in my friend's amazing store. I love all of it.

Skirts - 
Yeah, I still need skirts. I am underwhelmed by all and sundry. Maybe this new one from BR?

I'm new. 
I don't know, skirts are tough. What do you want for fall?


  1. I need skirts and everywhere I look they're either mini or midi. I don't want mini because I work for a law firm. I don't want midi because I'm 5'0" and midi skirts for me are a one way ticket to Stumpytown.

  2. A pair of brown/grey (you know that color, right?) suede booties. Here's my problem though - I'm short and I need them to cut at an angle somewhere in the front so I don't wind up in Stumpytown. I can find them all over in black but other colors are proving to be a challenge.

    1. What about these?

    2. I actually ordered these but there wasn't quite enough definition and they were a little too casual. I'm hoping to have some luck this weekend...fingers crossed!

  3. Bite lipsticks are my absolute favorite. Great texture, amazing color payoff and they last forever. The matte ones aren't overly dry, either.

  4. My friend actually bought a Canada goose coat. She assured me that she rarely spends money on things she doesn't need like her sister.

  5. I am in search of a non-down coat.

  6. Wantyyyyy:
    But waiting for a sale on this one...

  7. For cute parkas, check out your friend London Fog. It's a dark horse in the parka department.