Monday, October 12, 2015

Adrien: Blue on Blue on Blue

So, I have this thing where I know certain outfits would look much better if I would tuck in my top and wear a belt but a) I never have the right belt and b) I don't wanna. (There is also a c) but we'll get to that in a moment.)

Here I am wearing my excellent new Boden Ravello top which I'm pretty excited about. It goes with everything and also kind of nothing, which is fine with me. I'm a fan of a big, colorful print top. This one by CeCe by Cynthia Steffe is just so pretty and this Libertyesque print at Topshop is kooky good fun. And let's file this gorgeous Max Mara top under "Dreams, In Your."

I'm wearing my ancient J.Crew locket necklace and when it dies I'll be eyeing the House of Harlow version as it's replacement. Or maybe this "all the things!" option? Heh. I'm also wearing my MBMJ leather hinge bracelet. There's really nothing even remotely similar but Marc does make a cool leather cuff.

Because I needed a layer, I added my coated denim Banana Republic jacket. This makes for a lot of blue, I know. This whole outfit would look somewhat better with this military zip jacket or WAY better with a cropped leather jacket but what can you do? I was cold. And since I promised, my c) is that these jeans, a favorite old pair by Shockoe Atelier, are currently being held closed by an elastic band. (I was somewhat thinner when they were purchased and I cannot quit them. You do what you have to.) They don't make lady jeans anymore but this pair of AGs will get you there. 

My shoes! I almost forgot. They're Madewell Sidewalk skimmers and I love them. That color isn't available anymore but Sam Edelman has you covered and so does Banana Republic. Everyone get blue suede flats! You won't be sorry.

Hey, don't you want to buy that MBMJ bag? It's in the shop right now. Just saying. 


  1. I prefer this untucked, actually. You look great in all those blues. The only thing better would be a guest appearance by striped cat.

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