Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Are Family.

**Even more amazing new things in the blog shop! We are losing our damn minds.**

M: I need a couple of long sleeve t-shirts. This is my ideal:

T by Alexander Wang Classic Long sleeve Tee

M: It's perfect. The scoop neck, fitted through the arms and shoulders, swingy at the bottom but not too voluminous. ALSO ONE HUNNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS.  Help.

A: SAY WHAT NOW? Have you tried the Everlane Ryan long-sleeved tee? It's not swingy, but it's only $30.

M: Hmmm I haven't. I want something that won't cling to my...lumps.

A: I swear, finding the perfect t-shirt is nearly impossible.


A: Just for funsies I checked Anthropologie. This is listed under "everyday basic tees" for real:

lagoon linen tee


A: No?

M: I refuse.

A: Madewell has a few possibilities:

Madwell Anthem tee

Madewell songbook dolman tee

M: God Madewell has my NUMBER this fall.

A: I love this dress in all it's super-plainness:

Madewell gallerist dress

M: That's a good one. I ordered this because clearly what I need is another olive green coat for my collection:

madewell et s├ęzane® beckett hooded jacket

A: I love that! Leather trim! Be still my heart.

M: See? TOTALLY different than the three olive jackets and one vest that I already have.

A: Well, now you have a little family. A little olive jacket family.

M: We are very happy together.

A: How many pairs of boots is a family and how many is too many pairs?

M: Well that's a trick question.

A: I mean, is what I have a family or, like, a commune?

M: Maybe a friendly cult.

A: My Kool-Aid is a white wine spritzer.

M: Oooh I'll take one.

A: Cheers!

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