Monday, October 26, 2015

Adrien: Saturday Outfit and a Lotta T-Bar Review

My fall shopping list seems to mainly be shoes! I wore my Lotta From Stockholm peep-toes a ton over the summer so it just seemed logical to get a closed-toe variety. I'd loved the aubergine color for a while and finally went for it. I'm wearing the Highwood T-Bar High Clogs in aubergine leather:

I'm annoyed that the color doesn't show up properly, but there are better pics on the Instagram account. Like the peep-toes, the t-bar Lottas seemed like they should rip my feet up, but they haven't. Not one blister! I promise. I totally love them and they fit right in with my favorite stuff. The color is a nice, dark aubergine and perfect for fall. 

I'm wearing my beloved Banana Republic Distressed Skinny Ankle jeans which are still available in a few sizes. They also come in a slightly darker wash with ankle zips and in a very light wash, all on sale! (The lightest wash pair comes out to $17.49 with the 50% off code!) My striped shirt is from Ann Taylor from a few years ago, but they have one I like right now that's on super sale. And I also want this one from Everlane. I have a problem. 

Layered over are my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket which you should've already bought by now since it's currently 25% off. Ahem. I'm also wearing a Calvin Klein scarf that is channeling Missoni or that's what I tell myself. CK is great for fun patterned scarves and I'm especially loving the colorblock on this one

This is about as pattern-mixy as I get, but I think it works. This MBMJ Cement hobo has become my most-carried bag. It's so good. Should I get the newest incarnation in Faded Aluminum? I can't decide. And OMG, nobody told me about this gorgeous wine Hillier! *weeps quietly*

The end! Oh, and go check out the shop! Marianne and I have both added stuff. We're KonMari-ing the hell out of our closets.

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  1. I'm selling my Downtown Field Jacket for $98.
    Those clogs are pretty swell.