Friday, July 29, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Is Pulling Me Back In.

My last trip into a J.Crew store was back in the spring and it was...not great. I was severely disappointed and unimpressed. But I'd heard that it was getting better so I went to take a look and now I have A LIST. It's mostly things I'd like to have for autumn but I'm kinda done with summer shopping anyway. Also, 30% off with code SHOPNOW! Here's what I like:

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Two Purchases.

Just a note: My little attic loft space where I work and take photos gets super hot when we're having a heatwave and we're having a heatwave! I took these photos rull quick, all sweaty and disheveled, so they aren't the best. The things I do for you.

Hi! As I mentioned in the last entry, I recently bought a couple of things and they arrived on the same day, so threw them on for a quick fake outfit/review post:

My Madewell jeans arrived! These are the Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Dorrance Wash and I got them during the $50 jeans sale. I sized down one in these and that was the right way to go - they are super stretchy. I am a big fan of the Cali Demi-Boot style and these are so good! Very cute with sneakers and sandals and of course i'm wearing them with my white Birkenstock Arizonas.

I like that they aren't distressed and aren't super cropped and the lighter wash will take me through the end of summer. They are also very high rise which is my preference when paired with slightly cropped tops - it definitely lengthens the leg. I haven't actually been able to wear these out of the house yet but next week the temps are coming down and I'll be back in jeans. 

I'm wearing my new jeans with an Alex Mill striped tee which is a favorite of mine! Not inexpensive but it still looks as good as when I bought it two years ago. They currently have this cute striped tee that I covet and their long sleeve version looks kind of amazing. For something similar to my red striped tee, COS has one that looks great.

This is the other thing that just arrived - the leopard print Clare V Midi Sac. It's cute but I think I like my snakeskin bag better. This one is made of a soft suede material and the print is so small that I don't think it has the same impact. I do love the strap?  I think I'm going to return this but I'm glad I ordered it because sometimes you just have to see something in person so you know for sure.

Here's a better look at the bag which I'm liking more as I look at these photos, but again, I think it's the strap I dig, not the actual bag: 

I just want that print to be punchier! I don't know, I just feel like there are better leopard bags out there. This little Madewell crossbody gets the print exactly right and this bag is a bit bigger and I love balance of leopard to leather. I also love this little bag which is under $34! 

Anyway, that's it! One keeper, one return. You win some, you lose some. (Now, who wants to help me find a wedding dress? 😀) 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Stuff I Like: Summer Reading List.

I've been spendy this month, way more than I meant to be. I bought these jeans (still very on sale) from Madewell, this Clare V bag (when it was super marked down) and I recently ordered a perfume sampler from Henry Rose, a brand that my friend Kate introduced me to. I've decided to do a no-buy/low-buy for most of the month of August to balance things out (more details on that soon) and today, instead of talking about clothes and stuff, I thought I'd tell you about a bunch of books I've read this summer. 

Currently reading:

The Telling by Jo Baker
I loved Longbourn by Jo Baker (discussed briefly here and here) so I was happy to realize she had written other books! I'm about a third of the way through The Telling, which is a ghost story, sort of. It's about two women living in the same house, two centuries apart. Jo Baker is an excellent atmospheric writer and after the first two chapters, I was hooked. I'll report back when I've finished it! 

Three I recently finished:

This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub
mentioned this one recently but at that point I was still reading it. I am happy to report I completely loved it and it's probably my favorite book this summer. Just a solid story with a likable protagonist,  a touch of time travel and some nostalgic Gen-X goodness. I've added another of Emma Straub's books to reading list, which I hope I love just as much.

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen
This one was light and fun - a good beach or vacation book. It's a fast read and the twist wasn't a huge surprise, but still a good one! I love a heist story and even better with two women as the lead characters. I also loved getting some insight into the world of super-fake designer bags. Not the best thing I've every read but it was an enjoyable read.

Every Summer After by Carley Fortune
I didn't LOVE this but I did enjoy it the way you enjoy any beach-read romantic fluff. It's a friends-to-lovers story set over the course of six summers and one weekend. It's not perfect - I found some of the descriptions kind of cringe-y and the dialogue skewed a little YA to me (I am an Old), but it really captures the feeling of high summer and overall I enjoyed the story as it unfolded. 

Two I DNF'd because life is too short to read something you're not into:

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Searle
I truly loved In Five Years (discussed here) so I was excited to read this one but I almost immediately disliked the main character which isn't a great place to start. I also didn't like her mother because she was such an overbearing presence living rent-free in this character's brain. Also, girl, your mother is the love of your life? Cannot relate. The whole thing just struck me as weird and whiny and insincere. I will say, the descriptions of Italy were wonderful done but I just couldn't put aside my dislike of the characters long enough to enjoy them. 

Flying Solo by Linda Holmes
Here's another one where I liked her first book, Evvie Drake Starts Over, but this one fell flat for me. It wasn't bad, exactly, I just wasn't invested in the main character and didn't understand why a wooden duck would create any kind of mystery. I think it's probably a decent cozy story with a low-stakes mystery and some romance but it just wasn't for me. 

Four I've got on my "to read" list:

"A romance ghostwriter who's lost her motivation after a breakup is haunted by the spirit of her newly departed editor in this whimsical paranormal romance."

"Two friends—often in love, but never lovers—come together as creative partners in the world of video game design."

A story about "Elizabeth Zott, a scientist whose career takes a detour when she becomes the star of a beloved TV cooking show."

“A heartwarming mystery with a lovable oddball at its center.”

Friday, July 22, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Athleta Summer Essentials on Sale.

Athleta has a sale going right now with a bunch of good summer items $40 and under. Anyone who reads this blog knows I'm a big fan of Athleta, so I felt it was my duty to look at every single item and pick out a bunch of things that I absolutely do not need but would love to have. Here's what's good:

Monday, July 18, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Secrets and $50 Jeans.

Madewell has been running a "secret stock" sale with an extra 40% off and is also offering $50 jeans with the code CLASSIFIED. I had been impatiently waiting for this pair to go on sale and snapped them up:

I ordered them in the size down that I remember being the best fit when I tried them on months ago. They're final sale, though, so fingers crossed for me!  I also think this pair looks great (love the Perfect Vintage) and I am secretly very enamored with this flared pair:

There was nothing more flattering than a flared jean worn with a heel, remember? Those were the days (but never again to low-rise. Never again, I say! ) As for the rest of the sale, I really like this gauze blouse:

And hey, my dumb hat is on sale and an extra 40% off and so is that good herringbone chain! Also, how cute is this little dress? 

And this shirt-jacket! I think I posted about this one not long ago:

It didn't work for me and it's VERY oversized, but is nicely made and weighty enough to actually be a jacket. Just don't be like me and buy your normal size. 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Rack Finds.

I don't know about you but I'm way more interested in finding good deals at Nordstrom Rack than I am at dealing with the insanity of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. A note: I really do try to find items with more than one or two sizes available but sometimes it's hard! Please forgive me if things sell out or are only available in one stupid size:

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Outfit of the Day: And Another One.

I recently ordered several dresses from J.Crew Factory and ended up keeping one of them because it was so inexpensive and such a cute, easy option for summer. Like the Target dress I posted last week, this tiered mini dress isn't super special or groundbreaking but I have very few casual summer dresses (um, that fit) so I wanted one or two that I didn't have to fuss with or worry about and this one fit the bill:

It also comes in several solid colors, which I'm certainly tempted by! I'm wearing a medium and it was a little big under the arms, but after I washed and dried it (cold water, low temp) it fit perfectly. It doesn't require special under things, which I love, though I did recently buy a pair of these slip shorts and I love them under dresses! Super light and comfortable. 

I do love a little pattern-mixing so I thought it would be cute paired with my Clare V. Midi Sac. This green version still lingers on at Nordstrom Rack, though I also love this on with the racing stripe

I threw on a denim jacket because I'm always cold in the A/C. This one is super old and from Target! They have the same jacket in an updated wash every year. I really thought I'd lost this jacket but recently found it balled up in a corner in the trunk of my car, poor thing. Anyway, it's a bit more fitted than my other jacket, so it works well with a sleeveless dress. 

Here's a better look at my jewelry! I'm wearing my Gorjana herringbone chain with an old heishi turquoise necklace my mother gave me. It's so beautiful! I should wear it more often. For something similar, Etsy has a ton of options. This one is a bit smaller and well-priced and this one is bolder but more expensive. I also thought this turquoise necklace at Nordstrom was a pretty option. 

Here's a weirdly angled detail shot of my bag and sandals. I'm wearing my Birkenstock Gizeh in copper which are getting harder to find. They are really the prettiest color! The Gizeh also comes in a more muted gold, but I dig the copper more. 

That's it for today! I have another dress on order that I think *is* kind of special but I'm sure it'll be completely sold out by the time it arrives, so that's just my luck as the worst blogger. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

Stuff I Like: Books and Prime Day!

Hey there! Today's Stuff I Like is half books, half Prime Day recs because, hey, it's Prime Day and there are deals to be had. First, the book recommendations: 

This Time Travel Delight I'm Currently Reading
I recently discovered Emma Straub and I'm reading This Time Tomorrow like it's my job. It's a time travel book but it's mostly a story about a very relatable woman named Alice and is very much a "what could've been" type thing. Plus, a good chunk of it takes place in New York City in1996 so I'm very much enjoying the nostalgia of it all. (Alice is a Sassy reader) 

This Twisty Thriller I Ripped Through
Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner is exactly what I wanted - a twisty British thriller with an unreliable narrator. It's not a perfect book by any means, but it'll keep you guessing until the end and it's perfect if you want a fun vacation read. Plus, I love the descriptions of the Greenwich area of London. 

This Re-Read I Loved More The Second Time
I've been re-reading the Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson and finally re-read the most recently book, Big Sky. It's not the best in the series but it is a truly satisfying final (?) chapter in the Brodie timeline. It certainly works as a stand-alone story but I really recommend reading them in order as you get some excellent cameos from previous books. 

And of course, it's Prime Day! Here are a few recs, all of which are things I have personally purchased:

This Work From Home Bra I Love.
Last week (!) I bought this cobalt blue True & Co bra full price like an idiot. Don't be like me, take advantage of the deals today! I'm definitely putting another one in my cart because I've tried a lot of wireless around-the-house bras and this one is my long-time favorite. I get the full cup style and basically wear them until they're falling apart, I like them that much. They have a ton of colors available but the blue one I got is really a pretty color, so if you're good on neutrals, go for a fun color. 

Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Love My Kindle?
My Kindle Paperwhite is second only to my iPhone when it comes to Personal Electronics I Adore. I use it every single day and have multiple library accounts so I can download library books for free. (I also buy books but mostly I am a library girl.) I recommend the Paperwhite for excellent readability and suggest going ahead and getting the one without ads so you don't have to pay extra later to have them removed. (Although, a reader commented to let me know you can just get on chat later and tell them the ads are inappropriate and they'll remove them without charge! Excellent hack.) If you are a protective case person, I suggest this one because it has an easel and allows me to stuff food in my face while I read. Charming.

A Noise-Canceling Delight Awaits You.
Listen, if you have AirPods but not the AirPods Pro, treat yo self. These are life-changing! Some days (like lawn work day with multiple leaf blowers) I just put them in on the noise canceling setting with no music because I need my shoulders to be back down where they belong. If you are like me and have a hard time tuning out background distractions, get these. They're also great on airplanes! The price today is the lowest I've seen, so now is a good time. 

PS. A Few Prime Beauty Deals I Feel I Should Mention
I'd be a bad blogger if I didn't tell you about a few of the great beauty deals! There are also some good Prime deals on R+Co hair products (I recommend Television Conditioner and Rodeo Star Thickening Foam), Marianne's favorite GrandeLash has a great Prime deal and I've been dying to try this Wander Beauty Lash Serum Mascara, which is discounted today as well!  Oh, and my beloved Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask also has a Prime deal. Phew. 

Friday, July 8, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Factory is Good Stuff.

 I recently ordered a few things from J.Crew Factory and was pleasantly surprised! I ordered this dress which is a good fun option and this one which was a good fit, though the color was too orange for me. But I was overall quite impressed so I thought I'd show y'all what else I like:

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Cheap and Cheerful.

 I pretty much swore off fast fashion a few years back but every now and then Target pulls me back in. They just do such a good job of offering current styles dirt cheap and sometimes it's impossible to resist. I went recently to buy boring things and walked out with the cutest $25 dress:

Because I'm the actual worst blogger I waited too long to post it and now it's basically sold out (I'm sorry!) but a few sizes have popped back in so keep checking if you like it. Now, this dress is not the most amazing thing I've ever owned but for $25 it's a great cheap-and-cheerful option that is really easy to wear. Here's a better look at the details: 

Like a cute potato sack! You can wear a real bra and everything. For something similar, I thought this dress looked like a good option in white and this one is such a good color and is linen! I also still have my eye on this dress which I posted last week.  Oh, one more! This one at Nordstrom is a very similar shape and comes in a bunch of prints. My white sneakers are Madewell, similar to this pair

Okay! I am ready to leave the house now. I'm wearing my Level 99 denim jacket from last year (though I have my eye on this one.) My red Rebecca Minkoff bag is also a purchase from last summer and it's sold out but someone please snap up this one at the RealReal! That's a steal. I also love this red Minkoff bag at Yoox and  this red quilted bag at Marshalls. So many red bags, so little time. 

Am I a hat person now? I'm attempting to be. I'm finally showing you my Madewell packable hat which I'm so glad I bought. If you're not a hat person but want to be, this one is easy and cute and currently on sale to boot. Here's a creepy close-up of my jewelry:

I'm wearing my Gorjana Parker Gem and my Compass Coin necklaces. I love them together, obviously, since I keep showing them to you over and over again. I'm such a good influencer - a bunch of stuff from last year and a sold out dress. Gold star. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Don't Forget About COS

Someone commented recently about a COS dress they saw that might fit the description of the dress I was looking for and I was like, OH RIGHT. COS. This brand is such a delightful mystery to me - minimalist and fashion forward clothes that look expensive (and sometimes lean quite weird, but I love weird.) Anyway, I went to see what they have for summer and here's what caught my eye:

Pink is hard to get right but I feel like this particular shade would look great on almost everyone.

I love how cool and angular this top is, with the wide sleeve and zipper front? Yes, please. 

Of course you know I'm going to include a striped t-shirt dress. This one looks like me.

Click through for more pics because this leather bag is gorgeous. Sorry/not sorry.

This amazing dress is part of a collab which means it's pricey but isn't is fucking cool? UGH. 
(That teeny red bag tho! Hee.)

Girl, why you so mad? Your dress is damn cute and such a great summer staple. 

I am not generally a jumpsuit person but this is really tempting me. Comfortable and Fashion!

Okay, I have been quietly obsessed with barrel leg jeans after seeing a cool older lady wearing a pair in Seattle. These are less extreme (and less expensive) so maybe? 

This blue coated chain is just the perfect touch of color. It also comes in a gold version.

Wouldn't it look great with this amazing floaty coastal lady summer dress? 

These sandals are so weird and I am really into them, no surprise. 

Finally, COS does such great t-shirts. I love the sharp v-neck and slightly longer sleeves on this one.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: All The Anthro Dresses!

Since I'm currently very pre-occupied with summer dresses, I thought maybe I'd check out the Anthropologie site to see if they had any not-too-crazy options. (They have many, many crazy options, just FYI.) They're running an extra 50% off sale promotion right now and a few of my choices are part of that, but not all, because they sell out so fast and it's annoying. Anyway, here's what I like: