Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Stop It, Anthropologie.

Another perfectly good lunch break ruined by an Anthropologie wander-through. So much cute spring stuff! So much wanting! I did buy the candle, just FYI. It smells really good.

Cute Boy Friday: Michael B Jordan

So! Michael B Jordan is next on the list of suggestions and he's someone who I a) thought maybe was Michael Jordan's son and b) I am clearly not that familiar with because he is in no way Michael Jordan's son. Anyway! I haven't seen much of anything he's in because when your name is Adrien, Rocky-related movies are something you generally avoid. All that aside, he is FINE:

That smile! You know he is just super smooth and charming but not in a fake way. Look at this face:

And he's a sharp dresser. Check him out wearing the shit out of this fashiony floral suit in Vogue:

Yas. And oh right, there is this craziness: 

I'm sorry, what? What were you saying? MY BRAIN NO WORKY.


*Waves* Over here! I'm over herrrreeeeee. 

Happy Friday, all! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adrien: These Things Happen.

Yay spring! I finally pulled out my favorite spring dress, which Marianne found for me a few years back at a consignment store. It's Issa London! I think it was all of $12.50. I KNOW. Check it:

Issa London is really expensive but they're cut for a super-flattering fit and the patterns are amazing. Amazing! If you're not afraid of eBay* there are some really pretty dresses to be found. I love this amazing teal dress and the pattern on this Issa dress is really fun and wearable. oversized crazy print is what she's known for and OMG, the price on this Issa print wrap dress! Someone buy that, please. It is possible to find new Issa dresses on sale, but they're still not cheap. And hey, there's always BCBG

Details! I'm wearing my House of Harlow mini sunburst necklace with my Giles and Brother bracelet and a cocktail ring by Alexis Bittar. I wear this stuff every week, I'm sorry! I need to mix it up a bit. Banana does have some interesting jewelry on sale...

My usual and most favorite MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo! It's a good one. It's unavailable (except on eBay) but I think this grey Vince Camuto bag has the same general feel and this Talbot's hobo is surprisingly similar in the lightest color. And my shoes! I'm wearing an old pair of Miz Mooz that aren't made anymore. Miz Mooz does have some really cute and similar styles but it's the teal green color I love the most. This much more grown up pair of Nine West slingback sandals is the exact right color and how cute is this little pair of teal green sparkly feather sandals? Eep! 

And then! Daniel paid a visit, which happens a lot less than it used to: 

He thinks blogging is kind of boring, really: 

And he had really important business to attend to:

Really buddy? That couldn't wait? Anyway, as a final move I threw on a jacket and some bershon:

I don't know what is going on with my face but the jacket is from Banana and it's coated denim. I barely ever wear it and I have no idea why! I love the idea of a coated denim jacket and this one by Johnston and Murphy is basically identical but I just don't reach for it much. I'm not sure it really works here but I needed a layer. Fashion advice! I have it. You are welcome. 

*My usual disclaimer- these are not my auctions so please proceed with caution!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Flash Sale!

Argh, this one is painfully good. Two days only: code FLASH30 will give you an extra 30% off all sale items at Madewell. Plus, they have free shipping on all orders! And, go through eBates for 1.5% cash back. That is a lot of deal right there! Stuff is already selling out which is irritating when I'm trying to blog about it. Anyway, I always go to the jewelry first because Madewell does such a nice job. I think this Thistle Statement necklace is amazing:

Also included in the sale is my Ensign necklace (in gold and silver):

And, this Wishbone Lariat that I can't stop looking at:

There's so much cute stuff! This Lapis Drop Lariat necklace is $11 and change. That is crazy. My next stop is always bags. The blue tote I was about to link just sold out but this Lafayette Bucket bag is so good:

Finally, I go to shoes. I think these Boardwalk Crisscross sandals are super cute and they come in three perfect neutral-y colors:

And! The adorable Drea Wedge are now even more on sale. Dammit.  I've barely tapped into the clothes but this little Afternoon Dress looks like a great summer work option:

Annnnnd, High-Rise Skinny jeans in the coolest wash. I want them:

Go get it! Happy sale shopping, y'all. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Swimsuit Update: I Can't Believe I'm Still Talking About This.

So, and update from the last entry about this: I've returned all the Athleta stuff except for the cute swim shorts which I still love. The top felt like Too Much and I couldn't find a bottom that fit well enough to justify the price. I moved on to Boden swimwear and here's what happened:

(This is where you feel a little bit sorry for Marianne because every time I get a new swimsuit order in the mail she's subjected to whining and flabby photos.)

A: The Boden bikini tops arrived. I’m gonna to wear a burka to the pool this year maybe.


A: Can I show you?

M: Duh.

A: This is the first one. Feels too big. Maybe a little cartoony? 

M: Hm. Looks too big.

A: The black is a size down but just looks like a fancy bra:

M: Better, but yeah. I feel like those are too full coverage or something. 

A: Boobs need wrangling, but yeah.

M: This particular one isn’t doing you any favors. 

A: Ugh. 

M: The idea of putting a bikini on my body makes me want to DIE.

A: Well, right now I'm not too happy about it, but tanks fit me weird.

A: Maybe a halter?

Halter Bikini Top
M: I like that one more!

A: There’s this one too: 

Knot Front Bikini Top

M: Also cute. 

A: Everything else has ruffles.  So, burka.

M: Ha.


So, just to give a fair review, the Vintage Cup Size Bikini Top I'm wearing so grudgingly is actually super nicely made and good quality, just doesn't fit me quite right. I think part of it is that with my narrow shoulders, a halter style just looks more balanced. I do really like their Tie Side Bikini Bottom quite a bit and I've ordered the halter style top to go with it. Fingers crossed because I am really over this process.

PS. Not to enable, but for the next three days code 8Z4Q gets you 25% OFF plus free shipping & returns on orders over $49 at Boden plus 2% cash back if you go through eBates. Just the thing for ordering multiple sizes of reasonably priced swimwear that you'll probably end up return in a fit of rage. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Adrien: So Phoned In.

I will be the first to admit that this is a super phoned-in kind of outfit. Like, how slack can I be and still look like I work in a business-casual office? Pretty slack. Also, I got my bangs trimmed and they're not laying right and there's a centipede loose in my office and everything is terrible. Here:

Okay, this is not terrible. I'm wearing a very old Ann Taylor top that I've worn a lot on the blog. There's something so easy about a black and white print blouse. This Calvin Klein top looks pretty similar to mine and I love this Paige Denim blouse as well.  This Joe Fresh version is great for the price and this H&M top is SUPER cute and so inexpensive. 

I always end up un-tucked. I'm wearing the blouse with my favorite J.Crew cargo pants. The Skinny Stretch Cargo Pant is the update and it's on sale! This pair at LOFT also looks pretty cute and this pair at Banana looks nearly identical. I feel I should also mention that this pair of utility J Brands is very on sale. I'll stop now. 

Ancient cardigan, as always. Nothing exciting, but a basic slim black cardigan is worth it's weight in gold. I'm wearing my giant Ann Taylor tassel because y'all know I love a chunky tassel necklace. I'm currently obsessed with this one by Rebecca Minkoff and my friend Paula just bought this cute tassel from LOFT

I'm also wearing my CLUSE La Bohème Rose Gold watch which I dig because it's useful and pretty and a little old school. I'm carrying my blue MBMJ Kirsten bag which can only be found on eBay* (but that is a good price!) I love this bag and nobody does blue quite as well as Marc Jacobs. This turnlock tote is glorious, this satchel is perfection and I love this little electric blue crossbody. Sigh. 

More bag and my Chie Mihara sandals which I also wore last week:

This is the updated version which are really damn cute and I especially love this lower heeled version. Both have the buckle strap that I dig so much. Oh, shoes. 

* Not my eBay auction but I don't think that particular bag was ever faked.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Striped Things.

Stripes. I love them. The end.

Cute Boy Friday: Sullivan Stapleton, Anyone?

I am dutifully working my way down the list of Cute Boy suggestions and Sullivan Stapleton is next.Who the hell is Sullivan Stapleton? I had no idea so I checked his IMDB page and I have literally never seen anything he's in and now I regret that because, damn:

He looks a little serious in that pic, but not in a bad way. He's even better when he smiles:

And there's this ab craziness from 300 which I might have to watch: 

Cleans up well? Check. 

And he's super thoughtful. Look, here he is with a Bloody Mary he ordered just for you:

And, this is just..."I was walking along and there was the HOTTEST DUDE sitting on the stairs and I looked back to see if he was still there and I tripped over my own feet and it was so embarrassing" Or something like that:

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Adrien: Here's Another One. Old Navy Fit & Flare Dress Review.

Hey, so, last week I mentioned that I'd bought the Old Navy fit and flare dress because my striped dress quota MUST BE MET. I don't know, you guys. It's a compulsion. Anyway, my friend Paula recommended it (she bought it in grey) and then my friend Carly emailed about it too and I was like, I am on it.  Or, it is on me. Here:

It's cute, yes? Not bad for an under-$20 summer option! (I am also eyeing this tank version and maybe this tee dress, but we shall see.) I ordered the dress in a small and a medium and decided to keep the medium. The small fit me okay but the waist hit a bit too high. The medium gave me a bit more length, making it vaguely work-appropriate. 

One other note: the dress material is a bit thin. I solve this by wearing a slip under it (which I usually do anyway) and I was sad to discover that my favorite Gap slip is no longer being made. However, Commando makes a really nice half slip and their cami slip is also good and on sale right now! Commando isn't inexpensive, but I've liked everything I've tried. It also looks like Halogen has a similar slip line and they're much less expensive! 

I threw on an old Banana Republic cotton cardigan so I wouldn't freeze. I should probably think about a new one for summer. This BR sheer vee cardigan has potential, but I'm not holding my breath. I do think this LOFT sheer cardigan looks like a great summer layering option and there's something strangely appealing about this Lou & Grey poncho thing. Just me? 

Details! I'm wearing my usual encrusted Giles and Brother Skinny Cortina bracelet. You can still get the encrusted version in silver but I like the plain version too. My necklace is a Vince Camuto gold spike which I can't find, but there are earrings that match! For your gold spike needs, I would recommend this ultra cool Alexis Bittar version. For the budget, this Sam Edelman spike is not bad either! 

Red bag time. This is my LV epi speedy (via eBay) and is probably the nicest bag I own. eBay is a good option for the epi line, but if you just want an indestructible red leather satchel, I think this saffiano leather D & B is a very good option. This red ASH satchel over at 6pm is also a great option at a great price. If you don't want a leather bag, check out this cool Matt & Nat satchel. I would totally carry that in a second. 

Shoes! These are a much loved pair of Chie Miharas that have the added benefit of being really comfortable. This cute pair of Chies is the updated version and the lower heel option is also taunting me, but I think you can get the same general look with the Madewell Mayla sandal (though I'd wait for a code!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Saks Friends & Family! So Mean!

I wasn't kidding in my outfit post yesterday, I think this Saks Friends and Family sale is going to be the cause of my untimely demise. I don't NEED ANYTHING FROM YOU, SAKS. You hear me? Not one thing do I need. But oh, the want. The want is strong. Here's what I'd buy in a hot second if I had the means:

This Joie top is the perfect, pretty breezy little summer thing:

And you know what it would look so cute with? White jeans! I want a new pair and I like how 7FAMK fits me so, duh, right? 

Next, I basically want everything that Alexis Bittar puts his little hands on. Like this necklace:

And these beautiful earrings: 

And all the other earrings. God, I love it all in it's fringe spiky goodness. Now, bags. I love this Botkier camel tote for its east-west simplicity:

And for when I don't need to carry All The Things, I think this Vince crossbody is so sleek:

And wouldn't it go really well with these movie star bitch oversized white sunglasses? 

I THINK SO TOO. I am actually crying a little bit right now just imagining it. Tears. Now, sandals. I am all about the touch of python here: 

Yay, summer! Finally, y'all know I'm obsessed with swimwear right now and if I had my way I'd already own this absurdly cute Shoshanna bikini because, yeah: 

Sooooo, that was torture. I am going to go throw things at Saks now. BRB.