Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adrien: These Things Happen.

Yay spring! I finally pulled out my favorite spring dress, which Marianne found for me a few years back at a consignment store. It's Issa London! I think it was all of $12.50. I KNOW. Check it:

Issa London is really expensive but they're cut for a super-flattering fit and the patterns are amazing. Amazing! If you're not afraid of eBay* there are some really pretty dresses to be found. I love this amazing teal dress and the pattern on this Issa dress is really fun and wearable. oversized crazy print is what she's known for and OMG, the price on this Issa print wrap dress! Someone buy that, please. It is possible to find new Issa dresses on sale, but they're still not cheap. And hey, there's always BCBG

Details! I'm wearing my House of Harlow mini sunburst necklace with my Giles and Brother bracelet and a cocktail ring by Alexis Bittar. I wear this stuff every week, I'm sorry! I need to mix it up a bit. Banana does have some interesting jewelry on sale...

My usual and most favorite MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo! It's a good one. It's unavailable (except on eBay) but I think this grey Vince Camuto bag has the same general feel and this Talbot's hobo is surprisingly similar in the lightest color. And my shoes! I'm wearing an old pair of Miz Mooz that aren't made anymore. Miz Mooz does have some really cute and similar styles but it's the teal green color I love the most. This much more grown up pair of Nine West slingback sandals is the exact right color and how cute is this little pair of teal green sparkly feather sandals? Eep! 

And then! Daniel paid a visit, which happens a lot less than it used to: 

He thinks blogging is kind of boring, really: 

And he had really important business to attend to:

Really buddy? That couldn't wait? Anyway, as a final move I threw on a jacket and some bershon:

I don't know what is going on with my face but the jacket is from Banana and it's coated denim. I barely ever wear it and I have no idea why! I love the idea of a coated denim jacket and this one by Johnston and Murphy is basically identical but I just don't reach for it much. I'm not sure it really works here but I needed a layer. Fashion advice! I have it. You are welcome. 

*My usual disclaimer- these are not my auctions so please proceed with caution!


  1. Daniel's a natural! (Did you name him for the cat puppet on Mr. Rogers?)

    OK so -- this is random and unconnected to anything but: I was in Gap yesterday, and ended up getting a ton of very cute springy/summery things, and more importantly, they actually got me to try on a ... romper? onesie? slanket? whatever it is when the top is attached to the shorts. And it almost worked. I am all leg, with a very short waist and big bust, so that's where it all fell apart -- the top bloused just enough to look mumsy, and I had to quit it. But the important fact here is that I overcame 40+ years of loathing and ridicule and tried it on. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE

    1. I did! Daniel Striped Tiger.

      And kudos for trying on a romper. You are brave!