Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Swimsuit Update: I Can't Believe I'm Still Talking About This.

So, and update from the last entry about this: I've returned all the Athleta stuff except for the cute swim shorts which I still love. The top felt like Too Much and I couldn't find a bottom that fit well enough to justify the price. I moved on to Boden swimwear and here's what happened:

(This is where you feel a little bit sorry for Marianne because every time I get a new swimsuit order in the mail she's subjected to whining and flabby photos.)

A: The Boden bikini tops arrived. I’m gonna to wear a burka to the pool this year maybe.


A: Can I show you?

M: Duh.

A: This is the first one. Feels too big. Maybe a little cartoony? 

M: Hm. Looks too big.

A: The black is a size down but just looks like a fancy bra:

M: Better, but yeah. I feel like those are too full coverage or something. 

A: Boobs need wrangling, but yeah.

M: This particular one isn’t doing you any favors. 

A: Ugh. 

M: The idea of putting a bikini on my body makes me want to DIE.

A: Well, right now I'm not too happy about it, but tanks fit me weird.

A: Maybe a halter?

Halter Bikini Top
M: I like that one more!

A: There’s this one too: 

Knot Front Bikini Top

M: Also cute. 

A: Everything else has ruffles.  So, burka.

M: Ha.


So, just to give a fair review, the Vintage Cup Size Bikini Top I'm wearing so grudgingly is actually super nicely made and good quality, just doesn't fit me quite right. I think part of it is that with my narrow shoulders, a halter style just looks more balanced. I do really like their Tie Side Bikini Bottom quite a bit and I've ordered the halter style top to go with it. Fingers crossed because I am really over this process.

PS. Not to enable, but for the next three days code 8Z4Q gets you 25% OFF plus free shipping & returns on orders over $49 at Boden plus 2% cash back if you go through eBates. Just the thing for ordering multiple sizes of reasonably priced swimwear that you'll probably end up return in a fit of rage. 


  1. check out the marrimekko triangle tops at target. i have no interest in their designer collabs but these just fit really great! the straps are fully adjustable and the cups are supportive without being too much.


    1. oh and fwiw, i wear a 32dd bra and the same clothing size as you i think, and the small top and medium bottom are perfect.

  2. Narrow shoulders - have you tried a racer/t back tank style top? Some even have molded cups to keep the boobs in check. I always have to get separates because I'm normal and my top half and bottom half are not the same 'size'