Monday, April 25, 2016

Adrien: So Phoned In.

I will be the first to admit that this is a super phoned-in kind of outfit. Like, how slack can I be and still look like I work in a business-casual office? Pretty slack. Also, I got my bangs trimmed and they're not laying right and there's a centipede loose in my office and everything is terrible. Here:

Okay, this is not terrible. I'm wearing a very old Ann Taylor top that I've worn a lot on the blog. There's something so easy about a black and white print blouse. This Calvin Klein top looks pretty similar to mine and I love this Paige Denim blouse as well.  This Joe Fresh version is great for the price and this H&M top is SUPER cute and so inexpensive. 

I always end up un-tucked. I'm wearing the blouse with my favorite J.Crew cargo pants. The Skinny Stretch Cargo Pant is the update and it's on sale! This pair at LOFT also looks pretty cute and this pair at Banana looks nearly identical. I feel I should also mention that this pair of utility J Brands is very on sale. I'll stop now. 

Ancient cardigan, as always. Nothing exciting, but a basic slim black cardigan is worth it's weight in gold. I'm wearing my giant Ann Taylor tassel because y'all know I love a chunky tassel necklace. I'm currently obsessed with this one by Rebecca Minkoff and my friend Paula just bought this cute tassel from LOFT

I'm also wearing my CLUSE La Bohème Rose Gold watch which I dig because it's useful and pretty and a little old school. I'm carrying my blue MBMJ Kirsten bag which can only be found on eBay* (but that is a good price!) I love this bag and nobody does blue quite as well as Marc Jacobs. This turnlock tote is glorious, this satchel is perfection and I love this little electric blue crossbody. Sigh. 

More bag and my Chie Mihara sandals which I also wore last week:

This is the updated version which are really damn cute and I especially love this lower heeled version. Both have the buckle strap that I dig so much. Oh, shoes. 

* Not my eBay auction but I don't think that particular bag was ever faked.

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