Monday, April 18, 2016

Reader Question: Help Me Find a Crossbody Bag!

We haven't posted a reader question in a while and we got a good one recently from Meg:

I'm a mom to two, and I'm looking for something slightly specific - a lightweight, slightly casual/slouchy crossbody bag I can sling on and run around with all summer. I have been eyeing the MBMJ Preppy Nylon Natasha, but its status as only-on-eBay is making me wary. Would you have any other ideas?  Eternal thanks - between the style ideas and makeup recs, I'm a lot less tired-looking and a teeeny bit more stylish :)

Meg gave me a budget of around $200 and was especially interested in a fun color instead of black. So, I got to looking and here's what I found for her:

Bloomingdale's has some really cute MBMJ bags marked down right now. This New Q Natasha is slightly over her price range but I'm an enabler:

I also think a Foley & Corinna tote might serve Meg well and everyone needs a red bag:

(If you aren't signed up for Gilt, it's worth doing! Great prices.) My friend Kate has a F&C tote and it's very easy to carry cross body and kind of molds itself to you. This beautiful sapphire blue version at Bluefly is also a great deal but there's only a few left! Someone get it.

I also really like this Fossil Preston bag in a versatile maroon color and a very marked down price:

It's very similar in style to the Natasha and comes in some fun colors like bright pink and seaglass green if maroon is too sedate.

I don't really know enough about the nylon Natasha to wisely troll eBay so don't necessarily trust my auction picks*, but I can't find anything non-leather that I like as much. I especially like it in a bright color. This blue version is basically freaking perfect:

And blue quilted! So cute!  There also appears to be a new nylon Natasha in cardamom available on Zappos. I am not really helping, am I. Heh.

And the result:

I sent these options to Meg last week and she let me know  this morning that she'd found the Fossil Preston in red on eBay and it was on it's way to her. Yay! There's nothing like a red bag.

*These are not my auctions so I can't guarantee authenticity. Read the feedback and do your research before bidding!


  1. Longchamps Le Pliage Nylon crossbody!!

    Always looks great, total workhorse (I have a Le Pliage tote, use it constantly, and it is The.Best.)

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  3. Blue F&C tote done and done. I finally got to order something you recommended!

    1. Yay! I hope you love it. The color is great.


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