Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adrien: A Few Things I Like (Fall Edition)

I've been pretty upfront about how much I don't love cold weather. Like, at all. But, I've found a few things that help me deal with it that don't involve alcohol or SAD lamps:

Spanx Tights

Y'all, these are the tights I keep buying because they're amazing. (I mean, I'm sure Wolford tights are amazing too but I'm not spending $45 on tights. Unless they're really that good? Ugh, don't tell me.) The Spanx Tight End tights last forever, they suck you in without being painful and the waistband doesn't roll down. Oh, and they're truly matte with no shine at all, which is important.

Ann Taylor scarves

I have some great scarves that I've picked up from Ross and the like for under $10 but my absolute favorites are from Ann Taylor. They're lightweight, not too itchy and they come out with new patterns every fall. (Both mine are leopard print which should surprise nobody.) Definitely wait until they have a sale, though. Never pay full price at Ann Taylor.

Frye Boots

I know you know this but Frye boots really are pretty freaking good. I have three pairs and I wear them nine months out of the year. They're expensive but good boots should be and they will last forever if you take care of them. Now, I'm not saying you should pay retail (please don't!) but I firmly believe there are a few things worth paying a bit more for and Frye boots are one of those things.

Gap Slips

I am very, very old fashioned with my slip wearing, I know, but you guys. First, it's a warm layer. Second, it will keep your dress or skirt from climbing up your tights. Third, it will make everything hang better. Trust me. I really like the Gap full slips because they're simple and not too expensive. I haven't tried the half-slips but those look pretty good too.

Alright, now your turn. Tell me about your best cold weather accessory!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marianne: The Basics.

You know how Adrien bemoans her lack of blouses and abundance of t-shirts? I have the opposite problem. I actually have a good little stash of cute tops but somehow I have almost no decent t-shirts. What the heck. Anyway, I spotted these Fluid Drapey T's during Gap's last big sale and ordered them in plum and navy and I am in love.

They float away from the body perfectly and are a really nice base layer for my ever-growing collection of cheap statement necklaces. And hey! I'm wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans! These Seven Slim Illusion skinny jeans are sturdy-yet-stretchy and are officially the first pair of my nice jeans I can fit into. Hooray for that. Also yeah, I bought another pair of French Sole Sloops because I just can't quit them.

I wore this today with my new (via eBay) leather-sleeved Zara jacket (this years version is super cute and this one is similar and on major sale). I wanted a dressier version of my trusty field jacket, and this also fulfills my never-gonna-happen leather jacket lust. For now. Also hooo boy that is the face of a mother whose baby has decided to start waking up every hour of the night. More concealer, please. And maybe some lipstick for goodness sakes.

Close-up of my current favorite GroopDealz necklace (that's my affiliate link, yo). I love the tortoise accents and the $12 price helps me overlook the fact that the chain always wants to twist.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Too Old For This.

M: So, Garance just said that American Apparel has really nice cotton sweaters I looking at the right site?

A: Hey! That was really nice back when I wore it in 1982.

M: .....



A: I think I can see cervix? No thank you.

M: They make me itchy. Like...itchy itchy.

A: Who doesn't love a giant, droopy mohair cardigan?

M: That cardigan is depressed. It looks like something you'd find in a bin at Goodwill. Kind of like...

A: Oh sweet baby Jesus that...needs therapy. And so do I.

M: I'm really feeling her eyebrows.

A: Oh, they're good! I'm obsessed with eyebrows right now.

M: Me too. It's replaced my obsession with my eyelashes. Well, more like supplemented.

A: You are getting off topic. There's no avoiding this, Marianne:

M: Oh my GOD THAT VEST. Fellas, that vest is not getting you any.

A: It's working for the SHobbit, apparently.

M: I thought we agreed we were not going to talk about him and the sex ANY MORE ADRIEN!

A: But he's really good at the sex, Marianne.




A: help me.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Adrien: Red, Not Pink.

So, something about this top reads I'M REAL PINK on my computer but I swear to you it's red and blue stripes so don't be too hard on me about how weird my red bag looks with it. It's fine IRL! I guess! Anyway, I wore this last week and it's fine. Maybe brown boots would've worked better? 

The top is from Gap a few years ago (though they have this one and this one. Yay stripes.) And the jeans are James Jeans Couture Skinny which I reviewed back in the spring. They're good. 

My locket necklace is J.Crew and it's a total pain in the ass because the chain kinks up if you even look at it wrong. So annoying. I'd get this one instead. Bookish! 

Bag and boots! You know how I do.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pulling A Dempsey.

Reader Suggestion!

Juliana writes:

Have you guys ever done Scott Foley?  Holy smokes he has gotten hot!  (Check out Scandal, or Grey's Anatomy from a few seasons back).  He totally pulled a Dempsey on me there.  (Although I thought he was cute in the 90s, but not smokin').

Just sayin'.

M: He is really nice looking, but he will always be Noel, and you know I'm BEN 4-EVA.

A: It's like you're speaking another language in the dialect of Shows Adrien Hasn't Seen.

M: Between Felicity and Friday Night Lights it's a wonder we have anything to talk about.

A: Felicity I have no excuse for but Friday Night Lights is about high school football! I can't imagine why I thought I might not be interested.

M: It is barely about football. I promise. Also TIM RIGGINS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

A: I UNDERSTAND THIS NOW. I'm just trying to explain why I didn't watch it when it was on.

A: Also, "pulled a Dempsey" is my new favorite thing. Like, hello, George Clooney. I remember when you were on The Facts of Life:

A: And now look at you:

M: Me tooooo. It definitely applies to my boyfriend JGL.

A: Oh, absolutely! He just needed to grow into his...all the things.

M: Dirty.

A: Well, yeah.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marianne: I am OBSESSED.

It's no big secret that I've been on the hunt for some fun new jewelry to dress up my temporary wardrobe, but here is the thing: I am cheap when it comes to jewelry. I'm allergic to cheap bags or shoes but it takes a lot for me to drop over $50 on a statement necklace so unique that I can't wear it a lot without people noticing (even if I LOVE IT).

Enter GroopDealz*. Yes, it's spelled that way, and yes it sounds shady. My friend Kayla told me about it and I have seriously bought 10 necklaces in the past two weeks. Whoooops. But look at this cute stuff!

Note, they change their inventory every day, so this stuff might be gone but different styles will replace them. Everything I've bought so far is sold out, and I haven't received all of it, but I can tell you that overall my review of GroopDealz* quality is what you would expect from somewhere like BaubleBar, and nothing was over $10. Two of the necklaces in particular were of J.Crew or Anthropologie quality, I was super impressed!

*Disclosure: this is my affiliate link! And GroopDealz has no idea who I am, I am just addicted to cheap necklaces and felt the need to share.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): BR Heritage Textured Fit-and-Flare Dress.

Ugh, this dress, you guys. I want it. I WANT IT. I'm not just saying that, either. I have a thing for snakeskin print and found myself coveting Marianne's dress even though I already have a snakeskin print dress and how many does a girl really need? BUT, I don't have a snakeskin print party dress and that is a really important distinction. So, this:

Heritage Textured Fit-and-Flare Dress

Ugh, I love it! It won't even look good on me and the metallic thread will probably be itchy but it's so freaking CUTE. And, just to torture me Banana Republic has a 40% off code today (REVEAL40) and 2% back on eBates (referral link, yo) and it just seems like SOMEONE SHOULD BUY THE COOL DRESS WHILE I HAVE A TANTRUM OVER HERE.

Brow Fantasy.

A: I went to Ulta last Saturday to try the Gimme Brow stuff.

M: My Sephora was out! What did you think?

A: Um. It might have been that I was struggling to see myself in a weird mirror in a crowded store but it seemed like an advanced product.

A: I am also a spaz.

M: I'm still dying to try. I've abandoned this little wax and powder kit and I went back to a pencil and gel duo. It's much better.

A: I checked out this NYX kit and pencil while I was at Ulta:

A: but then I got overwhelmed and left without buying anything.

M: That seems about right. Also push-up bra for your eyebrows? Ugh.

A: I know, they're trying to be all Benefit-y with the stupid names. Apparently this is supposed to be good:

A: Brow FANTASY, Marianne.

M: I don't even know what my brow fantasy would be. I guess Cara Delevigne:

A: Oh wow! I'm pretty sure my brow fantasy is Winona Ryder:

A: She's also my face fantasy.

M: Aw, Wino Forever.

A: Never say die, 1990s!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Marianne: Hear Me Out.

Oh, y'all. Don't give up on me, because here I am wearing yet another shirtdress. I am powerless to their charms, they are inexpensive, nursing-friendly, and comfortable. But hey, this one is a snake print! I know, you hear snake print dress and your mind goes And NO! And OMG NOOOOO (that one is only $7 and looks it). But hear me out, isn't this kind of great?
Note to self: remove the hair tie from your wrist before taking photos. SIGH. Anyway, this dress has a sheer outer layer and a built-in slip, and I am pretty much in love. I took a close up so you could see the subtle grey snake print (which I think is a lot more chic than a more bold print like this). Also, good hair day (and hot pink lips!):
The shoes are old Chie Mihara by way of eBay, but you can find similar colors or a pretty close suede/buckle detail (or these if you want a lower heel) this fall. I won't bother talking about the bag since I have carried it every day since I bought it. That's the sign of a good investment, wouldn't you say?
So what do you think? Would you rock the snakeskin? Or do I look one step away from an '80's hair band video?

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: If You Missed the Shopbop Sale

Did you miss the Friends & Family sale at Shopbop? Me too (but in reality I'm not buying anything nice until I lose more baby weight, ugh). I was kind of moping but then I found some great stuff that all clocks in around $100. My fall weekend wishlist, if my muffin top was no concern:

Okay, yes this looks like a nightshirt, and I'm maybe having some 90's nostalgia (speaking of, this is called the Empire Records shirt and I blurted out IT'S REX MANNING DAY), but I want to beat around all weekend in this plaid dress, leggings, duck boots, and a cozy sweater.

Though if you wanted to class it up, this version would do nicely (though I am baffled by the bra situation you'd have to deal with). And I just came upon this and now I'm weeping for summer (and my love handles).

Moving on! I need a new coat or two so badly, and this one looks like the perfect combination of cozy and chic, and you can't beat the price, am I right?

Lastly I'm about to burn 98% of my sweaters, and I think I need a pile of these perfectly lightweight and drapey numbers to replace them.

Did you miss the Friends & Family sale? Or did you score something great? Make me jealous.

Saw This. Thought of You.

A: Stopped me in my Internet browsing tracks:

M: Well, hello handsome.

A: Also, from the same Tumblr (which you will not mock me for following) this:

M: Well, I was going to mock you (only a little bit!), but that made my day. Who IS that? Fassbender?

A: I was trying to figure that out but decided it really didn't matter.

M: Nope

A: And there's this:

A: And holy shit:

M: I am fanning myself at my desk. Goodness.

A: I know! I know. I KNOW.

M: You've outdone yourself. Truly.

A: Thank you! Not so much mocking me about that Tumblr now, are we.

M: No no. I take it all back. ALLLLLLLL BACK.

A: Awesome. For that you get this:

M: You are such a good friend.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Adrien: Lost and Found.

I found this in my drafts and realized I'd never posted it! It's from last month, so not entirely out of date. This wrap dress I'm wearing is such a good dress, I can't even believe I hesitated on buying it. It's from Ann Taylor (long gone, but they have this one) and I'm sure it was on super-sale because that's how they do and even though I disagree that wrap dresses are universally flattering, I think it's a damn good thing to have in your closet. One with a pattern is my preference because it's good camouflage. Truly.

My bag is Olivia Harris (not available in blue anymore, but check this out) and I'm still not sure it's my super-favorite, but it looks really nice with this dress, right? The sandals are Chie Mihara (similar pair on sale) and my forever-crooked necklace is from Forever21. 

Aw, look at me with the bare toes! I miss summer.