Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brow Fantasy.

A: I went to Ulta last Saturday to try the Gimme Brow stuff.

M: My Sephora was out! What did you think?

A: Um. It might have been that I was struggling to see myself in a weird mirror in a crowded store but it seemed like an advanced product.

A: I am also a spaz.

M: I'm still dying to try. I've abandoned this little wax and powder kit and I went back to a pencil and gel duo. It's much better.

A: I checked out this NYX kit and pencil while I was at Ulta:

A: but then I got overwhelmed and left without buying anything.

M: That seems about right. Also push-up bra for your eyebrows? Ugh.

A: I know, they're trying to be all Benefit-y with the stupid names. Apparently this is supposed to be good:

A: Brow FANTASY, Marianne.

M: I don't even know what my brow fantasy would be. I guess Cara Delevigne:

A: Oh wow! I'm pretty sure my brow fantasy is Winona Ryder:

A: She's also my face fantasy.

M: Aw, Wino Forever.

A: Never say die, 1990s!


  1. My one claim to fame (in my own head of course) is that a makeup person once told me my eyebrows were perfect. I don't have perfect anything else, so I cling to that. But, I do covet Rachel Weisz's brows -- well, I pretty much covet everything of hers. http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/rachel-weisz-12.jpg

    1. I also covet Rachel Weisz's everything. But you're right, her brows are outstanding! (And so are yours, lucky thing.)

  2. Let me tell you ladies, as a brow freak, the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Honestly, this thing is the bombdizzle - and I have tried ALL the products. Oh, and I do use the Gimme Brow on weekends when I am going for a no-makeup makeup look and it's just enough - but it doesn't give a "strong" brow.

    http://www.sephora.com/brow-wiz-P202633?icid2=Anastasia_Editors_Picks _P202633_image

  3. I bought the push-up bra for my eyebrows. It's nice! Easy to use and people keep asking if I got a haircut... Which I take to mean that I look good but they can't quite tell what's different.

  4. I have the Revlon brow fantasy. It's good, it's definitely not advanced. I think it makes my brows look groomed and slightly fuller (I usually only use the gel stuff, not the pencil). I keep eyeing the Gimme Brow, so I'm bummed you didn't get a good feel for it.

    Can I also just say that the UD Revolution lipsticks are not worth the hype? At least not on my lips. They are not long-wearing, and they are only slightly less-drying than the regular ole $5 lipsticks that I get at Walmart. The colors are nice, but not $22 nice. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...

  5. And there I was thinking yet again, doing my makeup this morning how very great Gimme Brows is; I LOVE it. ( And I disagree- it does give a strong brow- you can layer it if you want it stronger- the advantage is that it still looks natural.)
    Believe me, I'm very one-step-low-fuss oriented when it comes to stuff- between the hair, the body, the makeup, the clothes; exhausting. An added step has to be ultra simple and utterly worth it. I swipe this on and basta; my brows look perfect. Personally, I'm overjoyed.

    I have a "wide" shape to my brow, and a natural arch, but the hair itself is a bit fine, and the color goes very light towards the outer wings- plus I have a sparse area on one brow. GB just corrects it all, defines, and done. But maybe for other "brow types" it doesn't work the same...

    1. I absolutely didn't give it a fair chance! I'll give it another go the next time I'm in Sephora or Ulta.

    2. It's hard to tell in a store, sometimes. And even though I ordered mine online, and I loved it right away, it did take me about a week to get it "just right"; maybe you just need to get it and play with it (from a place you can return it if for some reason you hate it, of course).
      I've tried a bunch of things- the powders and waxes, the various pencils (I particularly liked the Dior matches-everyone pencil) and when done right, they can all look good, even very good. GB one is just so much easier for me. But you know, everyone's different :)

  6. I've been using Revlon's Brow Fantasy for about a week now--previously a brow virgin at 44--and I like it. I wouldn't say LOVE but like. I fill in my ashy blonde brows and then a quick swipe of the gel and I am done. I'm not crazy about the packaging but oh well. I do want to try the Gimme Brows though... but then I think I would need a pencil. And should I get a highlighting pencil too? Damn it. Maybe I should have stayed a virgin.

  7. Try Ulta if you have one in your area. That's where I found Gimme Brow after trying Sephora both in store and online. I love it.

  8. The Brow Fantasy is good and don't hate on the Push-up Bra from Your Eyebrows, its really really good, I especially like the highlighter.