Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marianne: I am OBSESSED.

It's no big secret that I've been on the hunt for some fun new jewelry to dress up my temporary wardrobe, but here is the thing: I am cheap when it comes to jewelry. I'm allergic to cheap bags or shoes but it takes a lot for me to drop over $50 on a statement necklace so unique that I can't wear it a lot without people noticing (even if I LOVE IT).

Enter GroopDealz*. Yes, it's spelled that way, and yes it sounds shady. My friend Kayla told me about it and I have seriously bought 10 necklaces in the past two weeks. Whoooops. But look at this cute stuff!

Note, they change their inventory every day, so this stuff might be gone but different styles will replace them. Everything I've bought so far is sold out, and I haven't received all of it, but I can tell you that overall my review of GroopDealz* quality is what you would expect from somewhere like BaubleBar, and nothing was over $10. Two of the necklaces in particular were of J.Crew or Anthropologie quality, I was super impressed!

*Disclosure: this is my affiliate link! And GroopDealz has no idea who I am, I am just addicted to cheap necklaces and felt the need to share.


  1. They have those Kate Spade knockoff pyramid earrings for $3.99 right now!

  2. I'm sorry. It's a sickness, I know. The first one is amazing...

  3. I've gotten a few stella and dot knock offs from groopdealz and although I have never bought stella and dot (so I can't speak to the quality) they were super nice and CHEAP!

  4. I really love this blog and check in almost daily. You are constantly make me laugh and I like that you are normal women who aren't trying to create a perfect picture of your life via your blog. However, I can't help seeing posts like this and thinking of the wastefulness of buying cheap disposable jewelry and clothing. While I sort of understand the need for a temporary wardrobe post pregnancy, jewelry, like shoes are things that you can ostensibly wear no matter your weight fluctuations. Just food for thought.

    1. I totally get what you are saying, and I have some pieces of jewelry that were more of an investment and I will wear (and have worn) for years. However, I feel fine with spending less on jewelry that's so overtly trendy, especially if it helps me dress up a plan shirt and jeans (rather than having to spend more on a new shirt). Does that make sense?

    2. Honestly I doubt the "real deal" statement necklaces from say, J. Crew are of better quality than the jewelry you bought! So yes, it does make sense. Right now I am struggling with my desire to not contribute to landfill waste, unethical working conditions for those working in foreign factories, and my selfish desire to have shiny new things. I think this is an interesting topic for fashion bloggers to address and I don't see it happening that often. I love that you guys actually respond to all comments, and not just the "OMG you're so fantastic" ones.

  5. The trick for me is to purchase things on trend but not so flimsy that they become trash or so hyper trendy that they are out of style in a few months. I have lots of items that were once trendy that I still wear over and over again because there is some element in them that I love to wear. I have also been known to break apart a necklace and restring it to wear yet more times, or add or remove a strand that doesn't hang right.

    Just a few tips that might help make an impulse buy last for years.