Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Marianne: My Fall Shopping List.

For as long as I've had a smartphone, I have kept a running note that is an ever-evolving list of clothing items I want. I have a terrible memory and having this list keeps me from buying yet another striped shirt when what I really need is a navy silk blouse. Well, most of the time...I just really like striped shirts, okay? Anyway, here are a few things on my list and the items I have my eye on...

Vintage-inspired leopard coat: I need a coat overhaul and I love the idea of a chic, fuzzy, swingy leopard coat to spice up the blacks and greys I lean on in the winter.

Black skinny jeans: I tend to think the darker, the better, when it comes to denim (with the exception of these light grey jeans I've been wearing a ton), yet I don't own a pair in black! I'm still about 10 pounds heavier than usual, so I'm not spending a lot on these.

Black ankle-strap pumps: Are we all experiencing platform fatigue? I know I am. I want some sleek, chic pointy pumps to pair with jeans and dresses. The heel can't be too high.

Field jacket: the jacket I've worn like a security blanket for two years is showing its age, so I am shopping for a new one. It needs to cover my rear end and I'd like it to be warm enough to wear into the winter.

Black booties: I sold my Vince Camuto Hadleys to Adrien (they were too big) and I'm still obsessed with these perforated leather booties with the heel cut out. I know everyone thinks they are weird but trust me.

Statement necklace: I am wearing a lot of black, grey, and navy, and need something bright to punch things up.

New Cardigans: like my coat/jacket situation, I need to get rid of almost all of my sweaters. I need some nice, soft, long cardigans and these are cheap and cute.

What's on your to-buy list for fall?


  1. I have one of those lists in my phone, too. Mine includes a trench coat, black leggings (why do all leggings fit me weird?), and swiss dot tights.

    I was just at Target, and they have this cardigan called the Ultra Soft Boyfriend Cardigan. And they're not kidding. It is ridiculously soft. Once I figure out what color I need, I will be going back for one.

  2. I have such platform fatigue that I've been curled up in the fetal position for months. Love those MK ankle straps--they're definitely on-trend and less gaudy and logo-y than MK usually is.

    My to-buy list includes some brown pumps, a pair of ballerina slippers that aren't black, a couple of pairs of cords (the ones at the Gap seem really soft and come in great colors) and that's all. No bags, no scarves, no costume jewelry ... I'm eyeing the J. Crew doublecloth Lady Day coat or whatever the fuck they call it in navy because NAVY but am trying to resist because TOO MANY COATS.

  3. Ponte knit 3/4 sleeve dress in a wine color is top om my list! A gold watch and tons of dark patterned pants/ leggings. A sweatshirt top and some form of cute booties.

  4. I have those black jeans and they are great.


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