Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: Rain, Rain.

It has been cold and raining all week. ALL WEEK. I am miserable, so in an effort to cheer myself up I decided to seek out some fun rainy day accessories.

To start, this is the damn cutest umbrella ever:

And, while I would never pay such an amount, I think this Alexander McQueen umbrella is so amazing:

It's deliciously Edward Gorey-esque, isn't it? (I love it and if it was mine I'd immediately leave it in the foyer of a bank and never see it again.) Moving on,  this one has such a great pattern:

I'll need a scarf, right? The print on this one seems appropriate:

And this beautiful scarf is positively cheering:

And this one has a rain drop print and it isn't making me cry:

And finally, rainboots. They're super trendy right now but I like it when practical things are popular. I have a pair of classic green Hunter boots that have stood the test of time. And yet, I still kind of want this pair:

And these are a nice, sleek option:

Finally, the ubiquitous pop of color:

There. I feel better already.

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