Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marianne: A Good Top

Ugh, I was so excited to crow to you all to go, right now, and buy this Old Navy top, because it is 700 times cuter than it looks in the product shot, and it's really nicely made (the fabric feels expensive). Then I didn't bother to make sure it was straight in the picture and it's caught up on something in the back and looks too small. It's a great top I promise!
Adrien would probably wear this with some adorable pencil skirt but I think I look bad in them, so skinny jeans (and wedge ankle boots!) it is. Don't be fooled by the color in the product shot, it's a great persimmon orange (the turquoise looks really pretty too!). And don't be put off by the "crepe" description, it's not a polyester gauzy material like this shirt, it is a fluid rayon. Best of all, it's on sale for under $20, and with a coupon code you can get it for about $15. Go! Get one!

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