Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): Zara Trench Coat.

Last week a reader asked for a trench coat recommendation and I suggested Banana Republic because they make a great classic trench. Or, they did. I check the site and all I saw was this one, which is very cute but not what I'd call "classic." Then I found this:

It's really good, right? So classic! So French! And a detachable liner! That is a nice bonus. There is no Zara store here so I can't attest to the quality but if I didn't already have, um, two trench coats I'd be all over it. I also really like this one. And this is wicked cute. Ugh.


  1. There's aZara here, I can send you one ;-)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion!! There's not a Zara here either, but maybe I can track it down next time I'm in Chicago.

    1. They do have an online store! I'm just not very familiar with the brand.

  3. My two trenches are not cassic - I tend to hate beige. One is white white BIG brown polka dots, and the other is bright orange, and I love them. Purrrr.