Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Buy This (Not This): Madewell VS Gap

When I was browsing around for my fall wishlist I saw this Madewell Zip Shift Dress:

I love it, but not the price. Then I found this Gap Zip-Pocket Shift dress:

Oh, hey. That looks familiar. And the price is sure better. Like, a lot better. (I do love the sleeves on the Madewell version but you can't have everything.)

Then there's the Madewell Sweatshirt Dress:

Do you like it? Don't want to pay $118? Good thing the Gap is making one just like it:

Nearly identical and nearly half the price. Whoop.


  1. I feel like those zips
    Would be ouchy on the hips

  2. I got the Gap sweatshirt dress - I had to! 7% back from Ebates, 30% coupon code, and $5 reward (because I have an Old Navy card - don't judge!). Now let's pray that when I wear it I don't look like a jerk.

  3. I didn't try on the zip shift - wrong shape for me entirely - but I did try on the sweatshirt dress at the Gap and have to say, it runs a bit weirdly big, and the skirt was way too poufy, so on the whole, it was a fail. Not that it wouldn't be great on SOMEONE, maybe. But.

  4. I tried the gap sweatshirt dress because it looked so much like the madewell one. epic fail. i wear a size 4 so i tried XS and S. XS fit better but it was hitting me in all the wrong ways: dress too short, waist too high. it basically made me feel like i was squeezing myself into something from the little girl's department. :/

    1. That was my experience with the Madewell version, which I bought and returned. It's super cute, just too "young" for me. But, if anyone was hankering for it, I thought the Gap version looked identical!