Friday, October 25, 2013

Pulling A Dempsey.

Reader Suggestion!

Juliana writes:

Have you guys ever done Scott Foley?  Holy smokes he has gotten hot!  (Check out Scandal, or Grey's Anatomy from a few seasons back).  He totally pulled a Dempsey on me there.  (Although I thought he was cute in the 90s, but not smokin').

Just sayin'.

M: He is really nice looking, but he will always be Noel, and you know I'm BEN 4-EVA.

A: It's like you're speaking another language in the dialect of Shows Adrien Hasn't Seen.

M: Between Felicity and Friday Night Lights it's a wonder we have anything to talk about.

A: Felicity I have no excuse for but Friday Night Lights is about high school football! I can't imagine why I thought I might not be interested.

M: It is barely about football. I promise. Also TIM RIGGINS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

A: I UNDERSTAND THIS NOW. I'm just trying to explain why I didn't watch it when it was on.

A: Also, "pulled a Dempsey" is my new favorite thing. Like, hello, George Clooney. I remember when you were on The Facts of Life:

A: And now look at you:

M: Me tooooo. It definitely applies to my boyfriend JGL.

A: Oh, absolutely! He just needed to grow into his...all the things.

M: Dirty.

A: Well, yeah.


  1. I have to pass this along to you two. You're welcome.

  2. Nice. Thanks for my Friday smile. :)


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