Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie Sale!

Oooh, you guys! Anthropologie is giving an extra 40% off all sale items (no code - discount reflected at checkout) plus 1% cashback from eBates. As per, there is a lot of charmingly odd stuff and ruffles galore but also a ton of really cute things for spring:



Thursday, April 20, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Sephora VIB Sale!

I always feel bad posting these sales since not everyone is a VIB but I am and anytime Sephora throws me a tiny bone I feel like I MUST ORDER SOMETHING. Code VIBSPRING gets you 15% off any order and, really? That's not even that amazing and I don't need a thing but I keep putting the following items in my cart and then taking them back out and closing the window.

These aren't even my colors but this Marc Jacobs gloss is so good and the set is SO FREAKING CUTE:

This Sunday Riley set one keeps torturing me by going in and out of stock: 


Ugh, this Benefit palette. you got your Dandelion and your Hoola and some other colors you may or may not ever wear (but who cares) in one adorable palette? UGH I SAY:

This MJ palette is one I actually already own but it's really, really good and it's marked down PLUS the 15% off:


Stuff I Like: Springtime + Watching/Reading/Listening

OH MY GOD IT'S SPRINGTIME. I love summer the best but spring is summer's sprightly cousin and it's amazing how much my mood has lifted now that it stays light later and the trees are all fluffy with new leaves. Obviously I'm not crazy about the pollen or the mosquitoes but I am really liking: bare legs, blooming azaleas, mountain biking with friends until the sun sets, stalking baby turtles and ducklings, La Croix cocktails, long walks without wearing a coat, ridiculously good locally made ice cream sandwiches and honeysuckle! The honeysuckle is starting to bloom. Yay spring.

I'm not watching anything new right now, but excellent new stuff is coming: Catastrophe season 3 starts April 28th! Master of None season 2 and Kimmy Schmidt season 3 both coming in May! Yay! Definitely looking forward to all of those. Also, Better Things season 2 is filming now, so I'm going to assume it'll be available in the fall? It was my favorite new show and I highly recommend it.

I'm still reading Coming Home (it's long) so instead of a book I thought I'd talk about a few blogs I like. I don't actually read many fashion blogs anymore and when I did it was usually smaller blogs, not the super-popular, curated fancy ones. My favorite is Girls of a Certain Age because Kim France is the best. Back in the day I was an avid reader of Sassy and Lucky and definitely wore my Kim France Pants. Kim somehow manages to be cool, comfortably stylish, and relatable in a way that's still aspirational. She makes you feel like she's your cool NYC friend that you've known forever. Most importantly, she writes for people my age, which is so rare. I get her references! We are relevant!

I'm also really fond of Grechen's Closet which I've been reading for as long as I remember. Grechen's style and mine are very different but I really like her voice and total lack of pretense. And, her photo-bombing dog is ridiculously cute. Plus, she is an awesome provider of coupon codes. Thank you, Grechen!

One of my favorite podcasts, the one I look forward to every week, is Girls Gone WOD. I started listening to it when I got into CrossFit and I kept listening even after taking a break from CrossFit. I promise you don't have to be into CrossFit to enjoy listening to Joy and Claire. They talk about all manner of things - Mean Girls, food, boys, dogs, babies, makeup, fashion, working out, fitting it all in. Their personalities compliment each other rather than competing and they're very relatable. I tend to like the "just Joy and Claire" episodes better than when they interview someone, but I've listened to almost all of them.

That's it for this week! As always, please let me know if you have suggestions, recommendations, etc.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Adrien: I Can Stop Any Time I Want To.

I might...have a stripes problem. I literally have to remind myself not to buy more striped things as they make their way into my online shopping baskets. It's bad, y'all. This dress is from last year, I swear:

It's a cheap-ass Old Navy dress and I wear it a ton in the warmer months. It's just one of those easy dresses that you can dress up or down or whatever. Obviously it's long gone but there are so many options right now! At Old Navy alone you have the Fit & Flare Jersey Dress which is a perfect casual option, the Jersey Swing Dress which gets great reviews and comes in two different striped patterns, and the Fitted Crew-Neck Tee Dress which couldn't be more versatile. Plus, they're all 50% off today so they're basically free. Go ahead, I'll wait. 


If you want a casual striped dress but don't want it to be cheap-ass, I should mention that the Striped T-Shirt Dress at J.Crew is making me slightly insane with it's cute contrast piping. Ugh. I did throw a drapey cardigan over my dress and it's not doing much for the overall look, but it's cuter in person! Mine is from TJ Maxx which is where I found this option, which is really similar. I also love this one at TJM which is my kind of drapey mess. On to details! 

My crescent moon pendant was a gift from Nina (I think it's Alex & Ani?) and I can't find it online but this RACHEL Rachel Roy version looks really similar and I love this more delicate version from Rebecca Minkoff. My tiny pyramid stud is BR but, again, Rebecca Minkoff does it better. My bracelet is Lisa Freede (also a gift from Nina!) but this one by Vince Camuto is very similar. 

Yes. Yes I did. I did! I did buy one of the TJ Maxx MBMJ bags and I sold two other bags to do it because that's the only way it felt right. This is the Too Hot To Handle hobo in faded aluminum and it's now sold out but there are still a couple of other MJ styles - the Too Hot To Handle Leather Satchel and the New Q Small Legend available in this color. I have no regrets! It's a bit bigger than the older style THTH bag but the color is just so good I couldn't resist. Did anyone else snag one? 

 Finally, my boots. These are the Madewell Lucien boot and are still available and still on sale, though I'd wait for a code if you've waited this long already. They're really great and I wear them a lot and I don't understand why you haven't bought a pair yet. Or maybe you have an you're mad at me. I get it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beauty Review: Sephora Play! Box.

I haven't done a beauty review in a while and I have a few things to talk about. But first I feel like it's important to let you all know that the MBMJ New Q Percy crossbody is now clearance-priced at TJ Maxx. I keep an eye on these things just for you. It's marked down in the cement color (a personal favorite) and also a very pretty peony color. It's a tiny bag but just the perfect thing for summer. Plus, code SHIP89 will get you free shipping.

Now! On with the beauty stuff. I used to be a big fan of Birchbox because I love getting all kinds of fun little beauty samples in the mail but more and more I was finding the products they sent irrelevant for me - too much dry shampoo, neutral lip color and products I just couldn't use because of my skin type or whatever. Then I read a glowing review of Sephora's Play Box and decided to give that one a try instead. The bonus is that I already shop at Sephora so I know I'm going to be getting some brands I already know and like. Here's my first box:

The box and packaging are super cute and I was pretty pleased overall. Here's what I got:

Boring, but useful. I have received this before as a points bonus and it's perfectly fine, just not exciting or new. 

This also falls under the "boring but useful" category. Why would anyone ever buy this? I've received it as a sample a gazillion times so I never need to purchase it. Stop trying to make Photo Finish happen, Sephora. It's never gonna happen. 

This one I was excited about. I don't wear black eyeliner very often but I love MUFE Aqua liners (they're up there with UD 24/7) and this one is worth the hand cramp you'll get from the teeny-tiny pencil.

Winner winner chicken dinner! These peel pads are the bomb. They're full of burn-it-all-off goodness (but they don't actually burn, I promise.) I got two of these in my box and used one last night. So good. HOWEVER, I am pretty annoyed that a 16 pack costs $88 GD AMERICAN DOLLARS and they recommend you use it 2-3 times a week. Why not just have me rub a gold nugget on my face, Dr. Dennis Gross? You rich asshole. Ugh. 

This is interesting in theory and I don't normally even bother with perfume samples because I'm so damn picky. I was intrigued, however, by the premise of this one-note not-perfume. I was also a bit confused by it being described as "woody & earthy" and "minimalist, fresh, and clean" all within the same description. Uh, okay. I sprayed a little on myself and it smelled nice and clean and inoffensive. I like that it's not cloying or sweet and it doesn't try too hard. 

YAS. I am bound and determined to find a Vitamin C product that works for me. This one smells too good to be truly effective l but I'll happily give it a try. 

So, overall I'm pleased. I can actually use every single thing they sent me which almost never happens. I'll give them a few months before I really decide if it's better than Birchbox but so far, I definitely feel like I got $10 worth of good stuff. (And hey, if you know of an amazing makeup sample subscription, do tell!) 

Monday, April 17, 2017

We Discuss Important Pants Journalism.

M: This is important journalism.


M: I have tried. I TRIED. I LOVE FASHION AND I LIKE TRYING NEW THINGS. And I am TALL with LONG LEGS and this style is a travesty.

A: You are SO MUCH MORE TRY-Y THAN ME. I just look at that and go nope.

A: SEE ALSO: cold shoulder tops.

M: I'll try them! Just don't make me wear the bad pants!

A: I would never make you wear the bad pants! I would really love it if bootcut jeans came back.

M: Aren't they?

A: Are they?

M: I think they've been coming back for a while. I wear my Pilcro Stet Slim Bootcut jeans all the time.

A: Oh yay! Thank God I don't write a style blog or anything.


M: Okay those are a definite no, but at the same time when I was in New York last I picked these up and put them back down at least 17 times and I haven't stopped thinking about them. I don't even know.




M: I fear Zara will not be cut for me, but they are are pretty to look at.

A: I currently hate all my clothes and apparently all the clothes in the stores, so I feel you.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Spring Print Dresses Under $50!

All of a sudden I want a closet full of floaty patterned spring dresses. Every year this happens and there are a ton of cute and inexpensive options, so why even fight it? Also! Just FYI, LOFT has 40% off everything right now and the dresses are plentiful and pretty. Get it.



Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stuff I Like: Kindle + Reading/Watching/Listening

I love books. I've always loved books. Something about going to the library and coming out with a stack full of books to read always made me feel indulgent and happy. And then one year for Christmas my aunt gave me a Kindle. I was suspicious. How could I read books on a screen? I used it a little bit but not much and then one day I discovered that my library offers Kindle downloads and IT WAS ON. Suddenly I realized, hey, I can have three or four or twenty books on my Kindle AT THE SAME TIME. And carry them around with me!

I eventually stepped on that Kindle and upgraded to this one, which I still have. I'm really into it to the point that I was reading my current book (see below) in paper form and was mad because it was too heavy to balance on my chest while reading in bed. Ugh, so heavy. I literally got out of bed and downloaded it onto my Kindle and everything was better. The only thing I really don't like is when the charge is low because it only happens at really inconvenient times. Real books never need charging (but I also can't read them in the dark, so it's a draw.)

PS. If you have a Kindle, this cover is the best.

Season 3 (aka the final season) of Home Fires started showing up on my DVR! For those of you into WWII England stuff, this is for you. The first two seasons are on Netflix (I think? Maybe Amazon.) It takes place in a rural English village on the verge of WWII and it's really well done in that British character actor way. Highly recommend.

Also, I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix because I never watched it when it was on and I didn't get the references in Shonda Rhimes's book. FINE I WILL WATCH YOUR DAMN SHOW. It's really compelling and easy to watch (especially if you like to play games on your phone while watching TV) though Kate warns me that it goes kinda Scandal after the first few seasons, meaning, it starts out fairly relatable and then all the characters lose their minds. Like, by season 3 of Scandal I was like, THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL MONSTERS. So, I will just keep binging until I can't take it anymore. I really like Sandra Oh, so that helps.

Continuing the theme of World War II books, I started reading Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher. I've read this before (a few times) and have always liked Rosamunde Pilcher for when I need a good, comforting read. Her books, while not challenging, tend to be long and involved so you can fall into them and really get invested in her characters. You can also generally count on a happy ending, which I appreciate.

Another writer I like for the same reason is mystery writer Dick Francis. Now, I actually like horses and horse racing but even if you don't his mysteries are still really compelling and intelligent. He also writes really dreamy male characters which makes me believe that his wife was his ghost writer all along. A few of my favorites: For Kicks, Longshot, To The Hilt.

This week I'm going to recommend a comedy podcast I've been listening to for a while:
The Guilty Feminist. Each week they "discuss topics 'all 21st century feminists agree on' while confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underlie their lofty principles." It's real talk taped with a live audience and is very, very funny. I especially recommend the earlier episodes when it was Deborah and Sofie hosting together because they play off each other well.

PS. Thanks for all the Ryan Adams help last week! I remain overwhelmed by I've been listening to some of them online, including 1989 which is growing on me. 

Bonus Question: I hate the iPhone calendar. Anyone have a calendar app they love?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adrien: Weekend Stripes and a Grana Review!

I'm sure at least one of you is thinking, "How many striped shirts does this bitch actually own?" and you would be right to think that. But! I recently retired one so there was an opening and I had some credits from Grana (that's my referral link which will get you 10% off your first order). I'd already bought this tee in the burgundy colorway (outfit here) and love it so I decided to go for the navy version. I also bought a white v-neck t-shirt so I could compare it to Everlane, so that review will be coming soon. 

The Pima Oversized Long Sleeve Tee (also in solid colors) is everything I want a tee shirt to be. It's slouchy, it's soft, it isn't high maintenance in any way. I'm wearing a size small so you can see that it's definitely oversized. It doesn't have the cool details of the Everlane Breton Cotton Tee or the swankness of this Kule shirt but it's nearly identical to this French Connection top which costs twice as much. I'm not saying you can't go even cheaper - this striped Merona tee looks awfully cute, but I love Pima cotton and this Grana t-shirt is just really good

I took this on a Saturday so I wasn't really creating an outfit so much as throwing on my new tee with the jeans I was already wearing. They're my Fidelity Sola jeans, which I wear an embarrassing amount. They're hard to find but I'm also a big fan of Madewell denim and the high rise skinny in Polly wash look really similar and this pair at LOFT is a slightly destructed version. Details: 

I'm wearing my stripes with my scarab beetle pendant from Banana Republic. It's long gone but this more delicate beetle necklace has it's charm and, look, I know this is a pineapple and not a beetle but it's cute, right? Banana also has a pineapple necklace. What is with the pineapples? My bracelet is a modern screw cuff by Bijouone. I wear it a lot! (And yes, I still want a Miansai cuff. Still.)

My usual MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo in Cement and my ancient Frye Emma flats. I love these shoes and they're so done. I should really replace them with a pair of the Frye Carson Ballet but I just haven't had the heart to do it yet. Actually, all my flats are pure sadness but I can't get excited about Madewell's current ballet flat and Frye is so freaking expensive. Eh, it's sandal season anyway, right?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Last Call Sale

Last Call is one of those stores I forget about until they send me an email all, "okay, so how about if we just take 30% off everything? And a 4 hour flash sale on clearance? Now will you look?" Yes, yes I will. So right now there's an automatic 30% off everything "For Her" (plus the flash sale on clearance) plus free shipping over $99 with code LCSHIP plus an instant $10 coupon if you sign up for their emails PLUS 8% cashback from eBates. Holy crap.

And there's a lot of stuff, y'all. So much stuff. Some of it is disappointingly one-off, like this amazing Joie striped tank (size large only) and this beautiful Joie snake print top (small only) but they also have a bunch of the really crazy Alexis Bittar and really good basic stuff like Lesportsac bags.

This incredibly well-priced Joie Masha silk top looks like the kind of blouse you end up reaching for over and over again:

It's just such a easy, floaty shape! It also comes in a blush pink colorway but the black pattern is more my kind of thing. It's $53.60 until 3pm today. Get on it! And I basically freaked out when I found this incredibly cool Foley + Corinna Venus canvas metallic tote bag:

It's $66.50 and also comes in a beautiful white/silver colorway. I just looooove it. 

There is a ton of crazy jewelry on LC but with summer coming I'm starting to think about more delicate pieces. I really like this Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Y-Drop necklace (in silver here) and the price is quite good: 

How cute is this Foley + Corinna leather crossbody bag? So cute and under $100:

It also comes in black but I really love the grey/gold combo. In the non-bargain portion of this entry, there are several bizarre and wonderful Alexis Bittar parrot things, none of which are reasonably priced, and this bracelet is my absolute favorite:

It's so stupid you guys but I just can't stop gawking at it. And, I think I've posted this Equipment dress before, but I still dig it: 

I just love me some snakeskin, what can I say? And ooooh, fancy jeans. This pair of Current/Elliott destroyed jeans to be specific:  

Those zippered pockets, right? And they're $58! That is not bad at all. Finally, there's this dress:

The Rebecca Taylor Batik Mirage silk dress which is (until 3pm today) an extra 50% off and oh, I just love it. So, so pretty. Still more than I want to spend but $139 is a lot better than $375, right? Wah. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Gap Embroidered Split-neck Dress.

As I mentioned last week, I ordered the Gap embroidered split-neck dress because it looked too cute to resist. It arrived and I gotta say, it's really damn cute:

I love the dark navy/white colorway and the skirt is lined, which is a nice touch. The sizing is generous - I'm wearing a small and it's roomy, so if you're between sizes, size down. 

The embroidered split-neck dress has pockets which I normally complain about, but the skirt has enough volume that it isn't an issue. But... I do got issues. First, this dress is SHORT. I don't mind showing a fair amount of leg but it's too short for me to wear to work, even for me. Second, it's summer-time short yet has long sleeves. I love long sleeves but I'm a little confused about when to wear this. The elastic makes the sleeves easy to push up, but you can't roll them. Finally, there's this:

This puppy is low cut. Nothing a quick stitch won't solve and this would be perfectly fine for throwing over a swimsuit or running around on a Saturday or whatever but it definitely ain't work-appropriate by any stretch (and I do tend to stretch.) 

I'm still on the fence about this one! Not sure if I'm keeping it or not, but it certainly is damn cute and I guess I'm asking a lot from a $36 dress, right? The retail price was $79.95 which is insanity. However, they've marked it down and the 40% off code SPRING brings the price down to $35.99. That's more like it, Gap! This dress also comes in an odd peachy neutral color and a non-embroidered denim version which also marked way down. 

PS. the SPRING code also works on shoes, which is rare. That means you can order Marianne's cute leather espadrilles which have sold out in my size. Weeping. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Sale!

There is a lot of good sale action at J.Crew right now! Right now code LOTSTOSHOP gets you 30% off of select full-price items (and 30% off all sale items!) Pair that with 1.5% cash back from eBates and free shipping on all orders for a pretty nice discount. The code also gives you 50% off all final sale styles! These beautiful brown chelsea boots? They are an extra 50% off (final sale) which means they are $65! That is crazy. Seriously. Here's what I think looks good in the regular sale section:



Thursday, April 6, 2017

Stuff I Like: Flowers + Reading/Watching/Listening

Many of you will probably think this is a total "like, duh" kind of thing but a few years ago when I got divorced and had my own place for the first time in years I decided to really try to make it a space that was exactly what I wanted - stylish, comfortable, and cheerful. (This is where you feel sorry for Marianne who patiently dealt with my "this lamp or this lamp? Maybe this side table? What about this side table?" texts.)

Then one day I walked past the grocery store floral display and was like, yep, I need these Gerber daisies. I didn't grow up in a fresh flower household and it just hadn't occurred to me as an adult that I could buy myself flowers. So now fresh flowers are part of my daily life and decor- a tiny, attainable luxury. My grocery store offerings are mostly terrible but the $5 half dozen roses are now part of my weekly grocery trip and sometimes I find really nice bouquets in the deep discount section (I call them rescue flowers.)

Also! Shoutout to reader Kim who mentioned Diptyque candles in the comments a few weeks back. I ordered a couple small ones (Baies and Figuier) with my Spring credits and I love them. Does anyone go for super-fancy candles? If so, please tell me your favorites!

I am a big fan of House Hunters International but I mostly love the European locations. I love country cottages and tiny city houses and glorious high-ceilinged apartments with crown molding. I don't generally love the buyers but that's part of the fun. So, when I heard about the BBC show Escape To The Country (on Netflix) I was all over it. It's essentially a British country version of HHI, but at a much more relaxed pace. The only thing I don't love about it is that the buyers almost never actually buy one of the houses they view. In the closing interview they're like, "Oh, well, we did like that thatched cottage but we really need to sell our existing house first." UGH. I AM AN AMERICAN AND I NEED CLOSURE. However, it does mean that they're not faking their reactions and the locations are amazing.

I am finally reading Shonda Rhimes The Year of Yes. Overall I'm enjoying it and I really love the spirit of this book but I really wish I'd listened to the audiobook instead. Her writing style is...meant for listening. I mean, she writes dialogue so it makes sense, right? I just got to the point where the constant repetition of "I'M A SHY INTROVERT WRITER WHO OWNS THURSDAY NIGHT TV DID I MENTION I HAVE THREE SHOWS?" got old after a while. But, I like her and I like her message. Women tend to downplay their strengths and abilities and I appreciate that she faces this problem head-on and in a personal way. (Just listen to the audiobook, don't read it.)

I need your help. I am generally pretty good about finding new music I like but I'm terrible about exploring an artist who I already like. So, Ryan Adams. I love Ryan Adams Gold. It's one of my favorite albums and I've had it as part of my regular rotation for years. It would stand to reason that I would buy another Ryan Adams album, right? Ha. Every time I try I make the mistake of reading the reviews on iTunes ("This is his best!" immediately followed by "This is his worst!") and then I get decision fatigue and buy nothing. If you're a Ryan Adams fan will you PLEASE just tell me what to buy next?

That's all for this week! Thanks so much for the comments and feedback, always appreciated.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We Discuss Birkenstocks. A Lot.

M: I just found myself pining for these:

M: So, duh, I went ahead and ordered those leather Gap espadrilles. Stay tuned.

A: Yay! I really like that Gap pair - let me know if they're good. I am currently pining for the coppery metallic Birkenstocks because I made the mistake of trying them on. I just don't know if they're versatile enough.

M: Hmmm. They are fun but I like my Birks a little less attention-grabbing.

A: Yeah, I suspect they are the kind of trendy I'd grow tired of.

M: Right. Like, ugh stop being so SHINY and then I would wear my navy blue waxed leather Arizonas which are all I really want.

A: I really want a pair of Arizonas so badly. I love my Gizehs but sometimes I don't want crap in between my toes. Like, ugh. Stop tounching my toes.

M: YES THE TOUNCHING. My Gizehs aren't nearly as comfortable. I'm really helping your cause aren't I?



A: Just for the sake of research, do you have leather or birko-flor Arizonas? There are 800 options, many of them hideous.

M: I have the leather, my Gizehs are birko-flor. I think the leather will ultimately hold up better plus you can't fake the oiled leather look. they took longer to break in but man, I love them.

A: Yeah, my Gizehs are birko-flor too but I think I want a leather pair. I just can't decide which color.

A: Maybe not these:

M: Ooh. Shiny. These are mine:

A: No, I'm NOT getting the shiny orange snakeskin.

M: It would really open up a whole new avenue for you.

A: Holy shit:

M: What the actual fuck.

A: "Persian gold textile."

A: There is also an orange pair:


M: They look like Ramen. Or Cheetos.

A: They look like nasty 1970s rec room carpet.

M: Shiver.

A: I really like yours quite a lot. I also like this pair with the gold buckles:

M: I like the black ones too! I sometimes think I want a white pair but I talk myself out of it pretty quickly.

A: I know white is really in right now but they just always look like nurse shoes to me. If anyone could pull them off, though, it would be you.

A: Now I'm thinking about copper again. Or gold. Or silver. Ugh. Why.

M: I like the idea of the shiny ones but when I see them in person I don't love them.

A: My practical side will win out. If I'm going to shell out for leather, I want to be able to wear them forever.

M: For you I think the black. I really like them.

A: Black leather, gold buckles. They definitely appeal.

M: Yassssss

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Adrien: Finally Spring!

The weather has finally dictated that I can safely leave the house without a coat or tights so I decided it was time to dust off my favorite dress and sandals:

My dress is an old one that's been on the blog a bunch of times - it's Old Navy via Marianne and I will wear it until it dies. I always keep an eye on Old Navy in the springtime hoping for a similar, flattering, easy dress but I'm not sure this is the year. I do like the look of the Pintuck Swing Dress but everything else is sleeveless or off the shoulder. Nope. I say spend a bit more and check out the cute Gap dresses or Loft - I really like the Lacy Flutter Dress and the Mosaic Split Neck Shirtdress. It's all about easy and fun. 

Just to torture myself, I also checked to see what's new in dresses at Boden. There's a lot of nice stuff there but I think the Casual Jersey dress is a total "easy spring dress" winner. So cute! Not that expensive! Great prints! Comes in a striped version! I also like this Avril dress but it's a bit more money. On to details:

I'm wearing a Luv AJ necklace that I got in a Box of Style last year. I love that it actually works with this neckline. This one by Rachel Rachel Roy is pretty similar but I love this more dramatic lariat at Madewell. My bracelet is Lisa Freede but this one by Vince Camuto is really similar and on sale and I also like this knotted version from Kenneth Cole. 

My super favorite Too Hot To Handle Hobo in cement. It's still available on TJ Maxx in two colors (though I question if it's the style I have or the updated version with a zipper. Hm.) I'm also wearing my Lotta From Stockholm peeptoes! I don't have the Hasbeens version so I can't compare, but I've been happy with them. Red sandals for spring/summer is a must! If you want something more dressy, check out this pair from Sam Edelman. (Then tell me how they are because I want them. Thank you.)