Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Boots, Culottes, Gin Sacks. The Usual.

A: Just got home, silver boots were waiting for me.

M: And

A: They look great, they fit, the heel is perfect. BUT.

A: They are gold.

A: I mean, they look gold online because they are gold.

M: Oooh see that's even better.

A: I'm happy, definitely keeping, but I'm guessing this is why they're on sale!

M: Can't wait

A: I think you'll be happy!

A: Right at home:

M: Yayyyyyyyy

A: Even the zipper pull is gold. Why are they called silver?

M: Hilarious

M: I ordered 3 pairs of sale cropped wide leg jeans from Madewell to try out.

M: They have left me unmoored.

A: Aw, dang.

M: I am really baffled

M: Like

M: I hated skinny jeans at first

M: Is this that?

A: Ha, you sound like me.

M: I need in person vetting.

A: The jeans I'm like, 💁

A: If they don't work, hold out for something better.

M: I don't don't even know.

M: The black ones are awful full stop.

A: The issue is that you have great legs and those jeans are stumpifying.

M: If I kept a pair it would be these:

M: There is something appealing.

A: I like those better.

M: But I don't know if I have the confidence to be this fashion forward at my own expense.

M: I may try a kick crop instead. I think the issue is my ass is big but legs are skinny so these are disproportionately wide.

A: Kick crop?

M: Just showed Chris and he said "well I've never seen anything like that before."

A: Ha! Chris Canada Fashion Quotes could be a fun Tumblr.

M: A crop with more of a fitted bell leg not this wide leg:

A: Oh, that's really cute.

M: I can't pull off a leg that wide with wide hips. Sigh.

A: Sorry about the jeans but I think they're a tough cut for most people.

M: They are.

M: I needed to see for myself.

A: Oh, of course!

M: I don't totally hate them but I'm not confident enough.

A: They're super advanced. My issue is that it would require a fitted top and I dress the exact opposite.

M: Super complex.


M: I just guffawed.

A: Jesus

A: The socks

M: These feel advance but more doable:

A: Cute! I can't handle H&M in person though.

M: Oh no I order from H&M and just return.


A: Haaaaa. GIN SACK.

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  1. You guys are brave!!! There aren't words for what busty, short-waisted, long-legged me would look like in any of those ...


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