Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Adrien: Bowie Night Outfit.

Last Saturday night I went to a Bowie night with the symphony event with my sister, who'd bought tickets for my birthday. (Thanks, girl!) Since I already have the awesome gold boots, I thought I'd put together a Bowie-appropriate outfit. I had a really good time with this: 

I bought this Bowie tee a few years ago but I don't think I've ever worn it on the blog, which surprises me. I can't even remember what brand it is, but there are tons of cute Bowie tees available right now. This one at Zulily is very cool (and very inexpensive) and this one by MadeWorn is very cool (and very expensive.) I also like this Junk Food tank a whole lot and this one by Chaser! And I love this slightly odd and very literal tee by Daydreamer. I want all the Bowie tees, really. And ha, American Eagle has a Ramones shirt. Okay. That is a thing. 

Here's a better look. Awesome. I'm wearing my beloved and ancient Gap tuxedo jacket over it and I am forever looking for a decent replacement because it's on it's last legs. This BCBG Generation blazer comes close, but I want lapels. That's why I'm keeping an eye on this J.Crew version even though I worry it might be too cropped. Still, it fits the bill. So does this one by Veronica Beard (sans dickey.) My jeans are Madewell coated skinny skinny which I hope they bring back because I love them. 

I didn't get a decent photo of it but y'all have seen my MBMJ hobo eleventy million times, so I figured I'd skip it. But, if you're looking for one, this eBay auction is not a bad price for NWT. This blue version is also a good deal*! (If you have a Nordstrom Rack nearby, a reader recently pointed out that the deals on MBMJ are really good right now.) On to details:

When you have a giant picture of David Bowie on your chest, you don't need much else. I did wear my Alexis Bittar cocktail ring which falls somewhere between this one and this one for similarities. My little enamel Aladdin Sane lightning bolt pin is from DRPD Pin but is totally sold out. This Etsy shop has a nice looking version and oooh, a silver version. (I will make Bowie fans of you yet! Try to resist.) My silver wire earrings, which you can barely see in the second picture, are a pair I've had for years, a gift from Kate. They are basically identical to this pair. 

These boots. The best $45 I've spent this year. They are SO MUCH FUN and they'd look really cute on you. You should get a pair. Lucky for you 6pm has them for $74.99 which is totally still a fair price for awesome gold boots. Yay! Boots for everyone. 

* Not my auctions! Please proceed with caution, check the photos, ask the seller questions.


  1. I went to the Bowie/Symphony thing too, and completely ogled your boots when you crossed the street in front of me! ;) Great outfit! I almost wore my Bowie shirt with a thrifted man's long coat tux jacket. (great minds!).