Monday, February 13, 2017

We Solve All Your Problems.

A: One of our awesome readers (thanks Katie!) emailed the following:
I feel you need to investigate the existence of a huge number of outrageously expensive dickies (Yes, DICKIES) being sold at Nordstrom, which are apparently meant to be worn under a blazer made by the same brand: Veronica Beard. E.g.: this gorgeous "quilted funnel neck dickey" specimen being sold for 250 American Dollars:

A: Heh. Dickey.

M: Ahahahahaha.

A: It would solve a lot of problems, actually.

M: have problems that can be solved with a dickey?

A: Yes, absolutely. Like, I could just wear the same gin sack every day and switch out my dickey. Voila! Totally different outfit.

A: "Switch out my dickey" is the dirtiest thing I've ever written.

M: I don't really want to write or read the word dickey any more.

A: Also! Haven't you ever been like, "I sure wish I could fit this hoodie of mine under a blazer but it's too bulky." Because that problem HAS BEEN SOLVED:

A: I wonder if you get the rest of the hoodie if you pay another $150?

M: Well. I mean. Okay I actually am coming around on the ridiculous dickey. SUPER overpriced but kind of not a terrible idea? Help.

A: And here! All of the appearance of a cashmere sweater under a blazer without any of the actual warmth:


A: For that kind of money I want a whole sweater.

M: Indeed. $800 if you want the blazer with it. Lordt.

A: I KNOW RIGHT. It makes the striped dickey alone seem like a bargain:

M: What I want to see is someone accidentally wearing a dickey alone.

M: But I don't think I can search for that.

A: Pinterest has you covered.

M: Okay, you win.

A: A dickey victory!


  1. I remain baffled- particularly by the ones that come "complete" with faux cuffs...

  2. I guess it's appealing as a skinny-fying (okay that looks dirty, too, now) trick in that people assume you're wearing the full sweater under there and yet "Your jacket is so slim! You must be so skinny under there!"

    I just have no time anymore for women's fashion that isn't interesting AND functional (in this case: warm & allows you to take your jacket off without looking like a fool). It's just bad design. What other design field gets away with this, e.g. architecture? This is like the Potemkin village of tops.

    Thanks to all for this post, though. Hilarious. Can't believe they didn't come up with a more marketable term than "dickie", btw. Slimfunnel, maybe?