Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Adrien: But Do They Spark Joy?

Hey gang! I am out of town this week so this is an outfit from last week. (I promise my next outfit post will feature the new gold boots because I can't stop wearing them.) This was a weekend outfit: 

I really need to tuck a little more often, right? It's just a better proportion on me. My blouse is Olive + Oak (via TJ Maxx a few years back) and it's a favorite of mine. A split neck print top is just such an easy thing to wear. This Loft blouse has a very similar feel to mine and this Gap option in navy (and ooh, this one in black) is also really appealing. And of course, there's Joie for perfect, dreamy options.

I'm wearing my favorite top with my favorite Fidelity jeans. They're getting hard to find but the similar "Ace" fit is on sale here and I also think this Madewell pair is pretty close (and slightly cooler.) I'm also wearing my Grana cashmere cardigan which is sold out, but this one at JCrew looks pretty cozy! On to details: 

The tiny necklace on top is the Madewell asteroid pavĂ© necklace (it's on sale!) and my beaded pendant is from BR. I'm also wearing the usual suspects: my CLUSE watch and Lisa Freede cuff. 

Oh, these boots. They're the Ugg Lynnea and I loved them so much when I bought them back in 2011 but now they feel a little dated. That said, they're comfortable and fun to clomp around in and...eff it. They still spark joy. There are some updated versions that are pretty cute - the Ugg Brea (more sizes here) and the Ugg Cam II (here in black) which are probably a bit easier to style. But, for a straight-up black clog boot, I'd go for this Hasbeens pair. Yep.

I literally just talked about my MJ Kirsten Globetrotter bag last week so I'll leave it for now, except to mention that there's a NWT satchel version (same style family and color) on eBay* right now! 

*Not my auction! Please proceed carefully. 

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