Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Adrien: Gold Boots? Gold Boots.

I've worn my gold Steven boots a few times since I bought them but their first outing was a work outfit because, why not: 

Nobody said anything! I couldn't believe it. But hey, I like them a lot and they cheer up my otherwise rather monotone outfit. I'm wearing the boots with a fit and flare dress from Loft. It's is sold out but they have the same cut in black and this one is similar as well. If you want leopard flare, check out this Hilfiger dress! So freaking cute. 

I needed a little color so I included my blue MBMJ bag which never fails. I know it looks like my tights are black, but they're actually Spanx Tight End in charcoal, so vaguely less harsh than black. Exciting stuff, right? Okay, boots: 

I suspect the reason these boots were marked down on Shopbop is because the color was called "silver" and they are undeniably gold. They fit true-to-size, are reasonably comfortable and, while they're not Saint Laurent, for $45 I am totally happy. The only place I can find them online now is 6pm but Shopbop does have the leopard version, still. And if you missed out on them, check out these cute Seychelles booties or this crazy pair from Asos. On to details:

My chain pendant necklace is from Banana Republic from last year. I wish they'd make more stuff like this but they do have a fun big tassel pendant right now. I'm also wearing my Bijouone screw cuff  bracelet and my Lisa Freede cuff bracelet, which is similar to this one by Vita Fede

I keep talking about trying to replace this Gap tuxedo jacket and then I keep wearing it. H&M has a cute option but I want something better quality that will fit really well. Something like this Joe's jacket with leather lapels. But marked down further, please. Yes. 

I know my last two outfits included this blue MBMJ bag but I just love it so much. This MJ Trooper Hobo is probably your best best for a new MJ bag in a similar color but I'm all about eBay for older styles. Marc Jacobs does really good blues. Anyway, that's all I got for today! You'll definitely be seeing these boots again soon...


  1. Adrian: I presume you work in an office, which means you must type at a computer all day (I guess? I am making a lot of assumptions here.)
    HOW do you do it with the bracelets on? Do they not stab you in the wrist in an excruciating manner? Is there some secret you can share so I can start wearing bracelets for the first time since middle school?

    1. Your assumptions are correct - I do work at a computer all day! Sometimes I take my bracelets off while I type, sometimes they don't bother me.

    2. What I'm hearing you say is "buy better bracelets."


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