Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Banana Republic Fall Collection: What I Ended up Buying.

I know I've already done a bunch of posts about BR's fall line but I bought A LOT of it and ended up returning about half which is pretty much how I roll. Sometimes you don't know if something will work with your wardrobe until you bring it home and make introductions.

What I kept:

I tried on the small in-store and it looked way too big on me so I ordered the extra-small and the petite small online. I ended up keeping the petite small (it fit best in the shoulders) and have already worn it a few times. Super cozy with cool faux leather details and zippers on the sleeves.

Faux-Leather Trim Open Cardigan
I I have a thing about grey sweaters. This is cropped but not obnoxiously so and I like the triangle detailing. I think it'll be great with jeans and boots when the weather gets cool. 

Cropped Rib-Knit Crew
These have already become a staple in my wardrobe. I've worn them a bunch of times (and in an outfit) and they're just so easy. The fit is good, the details are interesting and they're the perfect length to wear with flats. 
Sloan-Fit Black Moto Pant
Mini-Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee
Hey, look! I bought a striped tee. It's a tee with stripes, y'all. I like it. I wear it. I want MORE.

Mini-Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee

What I returned:

I knoooow. Here's what happened: When I bought the petite cardigan I then went and put this in my cart forgetting I was still in the petite section of the website. So, yeah. I accidentally bought the petite version and couldn't understand why it didn't fit the same until I looked at the tag. By the time I realized my mistake the regular one was sold out. So stupid, so sad.

Perforated Faux-Leather Pencil Skirt
Sloan-Fit Zip-Pocket Pencil Skirt
I liked this skirt with it's funky zipper details but the material is so stretchy that it would immediately begin to creep and shift and I just CANNOT WITH THAT. I think maybe I just have a hard time with skirts. Anyway, it wasn't true love so back it went.

Sloan-Fit Zip-Pocket Pencil Skirt
This is a belt. I thought it would look good with the pants but it was both too thin and too long and even with the discount code it was not quite a bargain. Eh. Bye belt.

Italian Leather D-Ring Belt

Have you bought anything from the fall line at Banana Republic? What are your thoughts?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Frye on Sale!

Weekend Window Shopping: Frye on Sale.

So, it can’t just be me that trolls 6pm.com in search of Frye boots and shoes on sale, right? The prices range from reasonable to occasionally ridiculously low. 6pm is Zappos sale site, so while you won’t be able to use eBates (and coupon codes are rare) they do offer free shipping on ever order.

(When I do my roundup I try not to include items that only have a couple of sizes left, but if you’re a size 5.5, 10 or 11 OMG please buy these.)

Here’s what I like:

Basically a great tall boot in a beautiful color.
Frye Martina Engineer

The skull detail is subtle but badass.
Frye Heath Skull Outside Zip

These are so f'ing cool.
Frye Bella Belt Bootie

Great for those with calf-fit issues.
Frye Melissa Gore Zip

A classic! I have and love these.
Frye Veronica Slouch

A solid, non-trendy heel you can wear for years.
Frye Carson Pump

I've been tempted by these for way too long.
Frye Regina Pump

This flat is $30 in this color!!
Frye Regina Ballet 

Friday #GoHugo

Alright alright alriiiiight.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Outlet Shopping Magic with Nina.

Yesterday I took a half-day off and drove up to the fancy outlet mall in Northern VA with my friend Nina. If you've been reading this blog for a while you know what that means - Nina's magical finds. She's a terrible enabler but she has this shopping bargain eye. Basically, if she tells you to buy something you don't question it, you just do it.

So! What did I buy?

Laundry by Shelli Segall Notch Front Open Jacket - I'd been searching for something like it and even bought a similar Theory jacket Nina found at Marshalls, but I ended up returning it because the fit was weird. I can't find a good photo of the actual jacket I bought (which Nina pulled out of a clearance rack like a rabbit out of a hat), but I'll wear it in an outfit photo soon! This one is similar enough to give you an idea:

Not the jacket I bought
It came from the Bloomingdales outlet and I paid: $33 Original price: $228. 

RACHEL Rachel Roy Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Military Pea Coat - Nina told me about this one last week but I haaaaate BCF and will do anything to avoid going there. And, I don't really need another coat. Nope, sure don't. However, Nina asked if we could stop into the (much nicer) store at the outlet mall and I ended up buying it because the details are SO good:

Pointy bits! Pyramid-y buttons!

RACHEL Rachel Roy Pea Coat 
It came from Burlington Coat Factory and I paid: $39. Original price: $280. (I'll be honest that I wouldn't pay more than $80 for this jacket. It's really cute but the quality is NOT in the $200 range. RVA ladies - this is still available at the BCF on Broad St!)

Blown glass wonky-eyed octopus!! He was hanging out in the clearance section with a couple of blown glass walruses and I just couldn't leave him there.

He came from TJ Maxx and I paid $13. Original price: How can you put a price on joy? 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Session in Progress.

L: I need some weekend sneakers and was thinking about something like these slip-ons because they seem like the sort of things a chic Parisian lady would wear to buy a baguette.

Vans Perforated Leather Slip-On Sneaker

L: But then I saw THESE.

Vans Scaled Leather Slip-On Sneaker

L: Do Parisians wear faux snakeskin?

A: Dude, I linked those last weekend! I APPROVE.

L: Ohhh!! See? Great minds. I bought these when my shoes broke on the way to work the other day and I love them, but they're not comfy weekend kick-around shoes.

Kork-Ease Michelle

L: So am debating between Parisian sneakers (I am making this up as a thing) and slouchy slip on booties:

Frye Phillip Military Back Zip

L: Though I would prefer not to spend a million dollars.

A: Oh! Ooh! Get these:

Splendid Seaside Slip On Sneakers

L: Those are good. But look, I could spend almost as much as for boots and get these and channel 1990s me!

Ash Jam Leopard Haircalf Slip On Sneakers

A: Zig-a-zig-ah. But truly, I am looking through the fancy sneaker section of Shopbop and my mouth is hanging open:

Toga Pulla Shearling Lined Sneakers

L: Why? Why does that exist? And why does it cost $700!

A: Right? Crazy. Maybe you need some nice Bensimon sneakers? They're very Frenchy:

Bensimon Lace Up Tennis Sneakers

L: Very! One of the chicest French ladies I know just wore these Converse and made them look so, so cool. I do not think I have what it takes:

Converse All Star

A: Girl, ANYONE can wear Chucks.

L: Maybe I just need better socks. I just can't make them look....natural.

A: You need very minimal socks or no socks if you can handle it.

L: And surely socks + Chucks does not = $200. I feel like this has become a therapy session, Adrien. Send me an invoice for your services?

A: Of course. I feel like we've made good progress this session.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adrien: Fall Things. Yay I Guess.

And...it's officially fall and the weather immediately went sharply colder because FINE WHATEVER. Ahem. But, the (only) upside of this is that I can wear things I haven't touched in a while, like my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket:

 ...and the striped Banana Republic dress I bought last winter and totally forgot about. 

It's a good one. They have another striped dress that looks interesting but I have a Striped Thing Problem so it's probably best if I don't investigate. I'm wearing this dress with my new Frye Emma flats which are much more comfortable on their second wear. I think they're going to break in nicely. 

I'm also still very happy with my new little bag - the color makes me really happy and the size is only a problem when I need room for an emergency cardigan. (Hush. This is totally a thing.) 

My necklace is also from last winter - J.Crew, the land of awesomely weird tasseled things

So, yeah. Stripes, tassels, MBMJ and Frye. All The Fall Things! If We Must! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Frye Emma Hammered Stud Flats

Just so you know I'm not just making up the Weekend Window Shopping posts, I actually bought a pair of the flats I posted on that entry -  the Frye Emma Hammered Stud flats, which Marianne also owns. (Actually, she has my old pair which I bought a half-size too small and then decided were, um, a half size too small.) Online reviews do indicate that they run big, but they don't, they actually run slightly narrow. I have narrow heels so it's fine with me. Here's a preview:

I ordered mine from Last Call but they're sold out now (unless you're a size 6.) They're still available at 6pm.com and the sale price is good, especially for the quality you get. They are really well-made, leather lined, and have a rubber inset in the leather sole which keeps them from being slippery. And the color! I had been looking for a true red but these ended up being closer to a rich wine color, which is actually more versatile for fall. It looks good with brown and black and navy! I think they're beautiful.

Now, about the comfort factor. When I first slipped them on they immediately felt right, which is always a good sign. Having worn them for a full day I can tell you that they will require a bit of breaking-in, but I've never owned a pair of flats that didn't. Overall I'm really happy with them and will post an outfit soon!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell.

A Madewell store finally opened in my town and I haven't checked it out yet! I'm the worst blogger everrrr. Maybe this weekend? Here's what I think looks good:

(Oh, and of course there's a deal: In Stores & Online: 20% off purchases of $100+ or 30% off purchase of $200+ with code WINWIN. Plus 2.0% cash back with eBates.)

Perfect slouchy perfection:

 Badass moto:

Yay leopardy things:

My kryptonite:

Can't help it. I like these:

Really pretty perfect:


Just really cool:

Friday #GoHugo

Well! Would you look at this. Not only are all of us proud of Hugo, but SO IS JON HAMM:

And, since I haven't posted an update in a while you may not know that Hugo recently had surgery to remove the diseased kidney, tumor, and any lymph nodes nearby. This is the most recent report from Marianne (posted Wednesday):

Bust out the unlit cigars: pathology reports are in and there was NO viable tumor tissue. It was all dead!!! 

This means Hugo will not have to get radiation, which we were praying for. He is still scheduled to complete all 10 courses of chemo and we are in the hospital today to begin round #5. 

Hugo continues to beat the odds and we are incredibly thankful. #gohugo

Thursday, September 18, 2014

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Last Call Sale.

I check the Neiman Marcus Last Call site pretty often because when they start cutting the prices the deals start getting really good. It's hit-or-miss on the selection but when it's on? It's ON. Right this second they're offering the following deal:

2 days only!
September 17 & 18
Extra 35% off one regular-priced item
when you present this page in store or shop online.

Free online shipping w/ $75 purchase & code FREESHIP.

The prices are already showing 30% off but when I put something in my cart it jumped to 35%! Not bad at all. When I add another item the higher priced item stays at 35% off and the rest is 30% off. Also, don't forget to use eBates for an additional 5.0% cash back! (My referral link.)

Midi Life Crisis.

A: SO. Paris fashion week and midi skirts are apparently really actually going to be a thing:

A: Also, this is the best thing I’ve seen in a while, (aside from Anna Wintour dumping a bucket of ice water on her head*):

L: I really hate that I love how these skirts look on very tall, thin people.

A: Well, sure. But what about the rest of us? Won't you take me to…Dumptytown?

L: This is how fashion fails happen. Because these girls make it look so cute. You think, "Well. MAYBE....if I just found the *right* mid-calf length skirt, I could pull it off?"

A: Nope. NOPE.

L: But like, what if it fell just right? And I lost 30 pounds? And got a boob reduction?

A: Lili, honey.


A: Okay! Okay. Go ahead and wear your midi skirt but don't come weeping to me when it makes you look like Laura Ingalls.

L: What if! What if I wear some sky high platforms with it to make it LOOK like I have much, much longer legs?

A: Um.

L: You're not buying it.

A: #Nope

*Thanks Katie!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: MBMJ Baby Groovee Satchel (and an outfit!)

Fall shopping! I've been shopping like I was shot out of a cannon. That made sense in my head. One of the main things on my list was a burgundy/oxblood bag and even though I am sure it's a color that will work really well with my fall/winter stuff, I still didn't want to spend a ton on a new bag no matter how beautiful.  I hit up eBay and ended up with this little nugget:

MBMJ Baby Groovee

I know I'm boring with my Marc Jacobs fixation but he does such interesting colors so it just made sense to go that route. I'd first fixated on the larger Classic Groovee satchel while watching Orphan Black because one of the characters carries it. I was going to go with that size but it's really...large and I was afraid of it looking like luggage on me. The Baby Groovee looked too small but the deals on eBay were really good and I found one in good condition in the exact color I was hoping for. Whee:

It arrived and while it is a small bag, I had no problem shoving in my wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses case, kindle and other little bits. It's a perfect everyday bag as long as you don't need to carry the world around with you. The only downside is that it looks kind of awful when worn using the longer strap. It just turns into a sad leather pudding lump. Womp.

Okay, now my outfit:

 I'm wearing my new Banana Republic moto pants but you can't see the cool details AT ALL which kind of sucks. I really like these pants - they're comfortable, hold their shape and are more interesting than your average pair of work pants. The padded knee detail looks really cool IRL but you'll just have to take my word for it.

My t-shirt is some sad old Gap thing, my leopard flats are Madewell Sidewalk Skimmers (new version) and my belt is from Target. I'm doing double-leopard today and I'm not going to apologize for it. The more the better, I say.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BUY THIS: Banana Republic Sale.

BR has already gotten enough of my money this month but right now they're having a killer sale. Please take advantage of it, because I can't.  They're giving an extra 50% off sale prices with code BREXTRA50 plus 2.0% back with eBates (my referral link.)

Here's what I'd get if I had any money left:

Didn't quite work on me, but ugh so cute:

This top looks cute and the price is great:

My favorite striped tee!

This looks like it would be the perfect little fall jacket:

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Accidentally Bought Fall.

L: I have an Anthropologie downstairs from my work and it is BAD. I really like their fall collection. I went in to return a shirt and accidentally bought two dresses, a necklace and a sweater poncho! I swear I will wear this dress  (it's so good for a curvy figure!) even IF I don't get the horse ranch it so clearly deserves to be worn around in. And despite the fact that I no longer own any lanterns:

painted plaid dress


L: Pretty sure they're gonna FedEx me the horse?

A: It is cute as hell even without the horse. I continue to buy All The Things from Banana Republic.

L: You show me yours I'll show you another one of mine. Did you get the perforated leather skirt?

A: I did. And I bought a striped top (SHUT UP) and the faux leather trim cardigan. And a belt.

L: The only shirts I ever want to buy are striped shirts and I forcibly make myself choose a different patter. I LOVE the stripes. All of them. I bought this because sometimes I like to pretend that I'm an art teacher with an edge:

Characteristic Maxi Dress

L: And when we are having fake class outside in the fall, I will throw this on top of it:

Chainlink Fringed Poncho

A: OOooh, that dress is lovely!

L: How stripes are for you is how pajama-like clothes are for me. I just want to feel like I am wearing PJs 24-7. That dress is like comfy, cozy jammies.

A: I don't do maxi dresses but I totally get the appeal.

L: But they give the illusion of height (assuming someone who is 5'2" - ahem, me - is wearing platform shoes underneath!)

A: I can't stop. I just bought Marianne's Frye flats. Half off!

L: Don't you say the words cheap Fryes to me or I might have to forego October's rent.

A: What? Nothing.

L: Right now I am thanking my lucky stars that they did not have these in a color that I wanted.

Frye Karla
A: Ooh, those would look good with the dress you just b...nothing.



L: I'm going to send my landlord this link with my rent stub and $0. "Sorry, I have no more dollars. Love, Lili."

A: I'm sure your landlord will completely understand.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Red Flats.

Ohhh, it's that time of year. The time when I most crave new things to wear and start discovering holes in my wardrobe as the weather changes. You know what would've made my outfit perfect today? Red ballet flats. Guess what I don't own? Red ballet flats. Let the search begin:

So cute! So incredibly on sale!

Frye Emma Hammered Stud

Very pointy and such a good, satisfying red:

Ivanka Trump Tizzy Pointed Toe Ballet Flat

Miz Mooz always has great saturated color:

Miz Mooz Whitney

Dumb name, cute shoe:

ModCloth Fluttering Footsteps Flat
Oh, Frye. You slay me:

Frye Carson Woven

File under: Only In My Dreams:

Valentino Studded Ballerina Flat