Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adrien: All is Usual.

Another outfit from a few weeks ago. (Last one, I swear.) I have a sneaking suspicion that I've worn this on the blog before but with different accessories but I'm too lazy to comb the archives. It pretty much hits all my usual markers: Target dress, Chie Miharas, ridiculous bag, and a cardigan to ruin it all. Whee!

dress: Converse One Star (similar) (similar Grecian-style Merona dress)
cardigan: Old Navy (similar
bag: vintage LV (similar) (still love this red Pour La Victoire satchel!)
necklace: Banana Republic (similar) (Cute fringe necklace by Hive & Honey)
bracelet: gift (similar) (another cute beaded cuff by Sabine)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Street Stalkers.

M: OH MY GOD. My friend Lili? Just saw the SHobbit on the street and TOOK HIS PICTURE. She's sending it to me now.


M: YES. He was sitting at a cafe looking all smug and she WENT UP TO HIM and asked if she could take his picture for her friend! She then called me dying of laughter. I am shaking!



A: I DIE. It's actually quite a good picture of him?

M: It is, which I hate.

A: I know, honey. Was he friendly to her?

M: She just asked him for the picture and he said okay, then she scurried away before she started laughing.

A: God bless America. And Lili.

M: She says:

"Also, he's much cuter when he smiles! I don't know why he does that with his mouth."

A: He looks less...radiant* when he doesn't smile.

M: I asked if he was pleasant:

"And he was. He was a bit abashed that he was recognized, it seemed. I could be wrong. But he was very nice. Surely he was judging my outfit every second of the encounter, however."

A: How tall is Lili? I think that's important here.

M: 5’2”! So he knew that she can’t help him reach the tippy top shelves.

A: Heh.

M: However, Lili reads as at least 5’6”. It’s uncanny.

A: Well, I'm sure standing next to him made her feel like Florence Welch.

M: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

M: Can we challenge our New York readers to send us SHobbit pictures all summer long? CAN WE?


*Instead of telling me I looked tired, a male co-worker chose instead to say, "You look...less radiant." NOT ACTUALLY BETTER.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marianne: Pencil.

I like to drive Adrien crazy telling her that I can't pull off pencil skirts. What I really mean is I can't pull them off like she does, but that's neither here nor there. Because I bought a denim pencil skirt and I like it okay?

It's Pilcro and the Letterpress (an anthropologie brand), and the style name, after doing some digging, is the "Threaded Nuances Skirt" (anthro, wtf?). Since I know how their jeans fit me, I felt secure buying it on a whim from eBay for $20. I was worried about it being skin tight, so I sized up, and I wish I hadn't. It gapes at the waist and pooches out at my stomach. Can you get a denim skirt taken in?

Also, Adrien sent me these cute Jewelmint bangles because she loves me. Sweet, right?

skirt: Pilcro/anthropologie Threaded Nuances skirt (try this Old Navy denim pencil skirt for under $25, or maybe splurge on this McQueen version marked down to $128)
sweater: anthropologie/Sparrow Thrilled and Frilled Cardigan (Tory Burch cardigan in similar colorway on sale here, or another cute stripey cardigan from Pim + Larkin here)
sandals: Naturalizer (check out these wicked fuschia platform sandals at Saks)
bangles: Jewelmint Garden Patch Trio

Monday, May 28, 2012

Exciting Stuff.

The Nina Garcia post was pretty exciting stuff around here and just in case you've forgotten about our other little venture, we give you this tribute:

There's also this, which is not a tribute. At all:

But ha, right? Always. And it's not just us! We stumbled across this awesome post by Kim France* and it  made us love her more than we already do. Go read, We'll wait.

Heh, see? NOT JUST US. He's appalling. 

But, in finding it and commenting we got THIS amazing link-love! Meep! That was the best way to start a holiday weekend. Enjoy, y'all!

*Sassy magazine indirectly brought Marianne and I together. I am forever a fan. I was also a long-time subscriber to Lucky. Kim France is our girl.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Marianne: Belated.

 Hmmmmmm? What's that? My birthday was nearly two weeks ago and it's a little ridiculous to only just post an outfit from that night? Well, WHATEVER, I bought a pretty new dress and completely forgot to upload the photos. So, two weeks later, here we are!

 I like to buy myself a birthday dress every year, and usually I pick something that I can wear to work. But I found this Tibi dress on eBay and it was love at first sight. It's a completely crazy cuckoo dress, with freaking panniers on it, but somehow it works. Probably because Tibi cuts things so amazingly well for us girls with a little junk in the ol' trunk.

Probably should have ironed it, but I think ironing on your birthday is illegal in the state of Tennessee. Anyway, do you buy yourself birthday presents, or am I just extra ridiculous? Spill it.

shoes: Chie Mihara Hito in Curry (similar Madden Girl wedges on sale for $40!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


A: GUH! Look what I found on eBay:


M: Oof

A: If they were my size I'd buy them SO HARD.

M: They are really gorgeous. Sigh.

(Random omitted chatter about punching people in the face. And making fun of a blogger's outfit. Not you! We love you. Someone else.)

A: I just went shopping! I bought stuff!

M: Ooh, what did you get?

A: This Gap dress:

Mine is black and white which they don't seem to have online anymore. It also comes in solid colors. I also got this cute top for $6.00 (great sale right now! Go!) at Ann Taylor:

Kind of a tent but will be good with shorts and sandals, I think.

M: Dang, I love that stripey dress. I need to go look for shorts there. And the AT top is adorable!

A: The stripey dress is an XS so if it shrinks I am hosed, but it's really quite nice - very thick fabric.

M: So cute. Just wash on cold and never dry it.

A: That is my plan.

M: I am half heartedly bathing suit shopping? Ugh. I kind of like this, for some reason:

A: Oh, that is cute! I love the back. I can't even think about bathing suits. No. I think I wore the one I bought last year once?

M: We live at the pool. Really, I should just get another one of these:

I wore my last one to death, and then killed it by wearing it when I was pregnant.

A: Oh, I remember that one! It's really pretty perfect.

M: I'm cracking up that it comes in VELVET, though:

Because nothing says beat the heat like a VELVET SWIMSUIT.

A: Um.

M: What, you've got a velvet swimsuit collection I didn't know about?


M: I just love the feeling of WET VELVET cupping my nether regions.

A: Dude! CHANGING THE SUBJECT. I bought my last suit from Boden and if I were to buy another, it'd probably be this one:

M: That is so cute.

A: It doesn't come in velvet, sorry.

M: Hey, you're the one with the velvet fetish, Costanza.

A: If only it were socially acceptable...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adrien: This Old Thing.

This dress is from Banana Republic and it's maybe five years old?  I've worn it on the blog a bunch of times and even though I'm not sure it's still quite my style, I still pull it out from time to time. I like it here with my new Chies  but wish I'd opted for a different belt. 

Later this same day I tripped on the sidewalk, went airborne, managed to do two giant running steps and not fall on my face! It was spectacular. But, I realized when I got back to work that I'd left my heel cap behind. Chie Mihara heel caps are weirdly specific so I drove all the way back that night and found it. Yes I did too. The end. 

dress: Banana Republic (similar) (Nanette Lepore silk shift dress on sale!)
sandals: Chie Mihara (similar) (similar Tory Burch high heeled sandals)
belts: Banana Republic (similar)
necklace: Banana Republic (similar)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marianne: Handful.

I am so distracted by wanting to scream, "Marianne! Put down your jacket, for Pete's sake!" That I can't even really get into the outfit details here. Look at me struggling with what to do with my hands here. Ridiculous.

Okay, fine. Regardless of my awkward burden, I quite like this outfit. There are a lot of colors happening, but I think they work together. I've forgotten how much I love these simple cobalt blue wedges. 

Also, I got a haircut! Woo. Took off about three inches, which was sorely needed.

I'm wondering, what do you think of the green/another green/coral/blue/another blue/metallic combo I've got going on here? Too much or just right? Or are you also distracted by me not knowing what to do with my jacket in every picture? Do tell.

necklace: anthropologie Double Torsade (Lucky Brand necklace in coral here)
shoes: Ralph Lauren (divine Kate Spade cobalt wedge)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Mag Bag" in fool's gold (similar)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Worst Review Ever.

A: Natalie Dee's new beauty blog is MY FAVORITE.

M: She's so good.

Speaking of, that Skin79 BB Cream finally came from Asia last night and I'm wearing it today. I like it a LOT, but I can tell it will be way too light to wear this summer.

A: Ooh, I wanted to ask you about that. I am tempted. What's the coverage like?

M: Better than I expected! Build-able, I'm not wearing any additional concealer. It's a pretty good sized bottle, too. I guess I could review it?

A: I think that's what you're doing right now, yo.

M: I mean with pictures, for the blog.

A: Well, if you want to get FANCY that's fine.

M: God, why are you so DIFFICULT. It's like you don't even want to HEAR about the pretty cream blush and mirror built into the BB Cream bottle.


M: Hmph

A: Did you try the cream blush?

M: Okay, fine. I did! I quite like it. It's more sheer than the NYX blush I've been using, and it's a pretty watermelon-ish color. It can go on lips, too, but I didn't like the way it tasted.

A: Oooh, I am really tempted. And, oh! Apparently Philosophy makeup has been showing up at Big Lots and Nina bought me a blush/highlighter thing:

It's sheer, but so pretty! And the packaging is really nice.

M: Oh, that's so nice! Once I get a little summer color in my face, I prefer a more sheer blush. I'm curious to see how the BB Cream adapts. It's supposed to kind of work with different skin tones, but we shall see.

A: I'm always a little suspicious of one-size-fits-all type of claims, but I'm curious. Another new thing I've been using is Amazing Cosmetics concealer. It's really quite good but I don't know if it's amazing. I need something that's fucking amazing for my under eye circles and nothing seems to be cutting it.

M: Lately I'm just saying fuck it with the circles.

A: I just can't do that. And oops, I just bought that BB cream.

M: Haaaaaa. Sucker! Except I like it, so.

A: Yeah, I just want to be you. I mean like you. That's what I meant.

M: Mmmmmhmmmm.

A: Jerk.

M: ANYWAY. I took a Pilates class during lunch and got mildly sweaty, and this stuff stayed put fairly well! I only slightly look like I've been hit by a truck.

A: "Hit by a truck" is how I usually look around mid-day, so hopefully it'll work for me.

M: I refuse to believe that.

A: It's true! Seriously, I slap on the slap in the morning and it's gone by noon. Where does it all go?

M: I really don't know. Does it just...soak in? Is that possible?

A: Ew?

M: Icky.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nina + Marianne + Kate + Adrien = 4-EVER

M: I am seriously doing deep breathing exercises.


M: ,$$$5/5skjao5eiwru0q93


A: G ittzirsitcoh pot

M: I cannot believe this shit.


M: @.8473{*5,$,"),83-28

A: BLOG Blllloogooooosooog

M: Haaaa. I was seriously being such a brat.

A: It was funny as shit!

M: In that, "respond to celebs even tho they don't read it" way.

A: David Bowie's son RT'ed me once. I think we're married now?

M: Right! And Nina just sent me a box of shoes!

M: I can call her Nina now.

A: Booooshit.


A: Um, she and I are going to hang out with Lanphear.

M: Well, Michael Kors just gave me his yacht. I'm just like Beyonce!

A: Haaaa. I just lost the plot.

M: Me too. I am giddy. Giddy!

A: Best Twitter day ever.

M: Pretty awesome.

A: I think this menas you, me, Nina and Kate are totally BFF. Right?

M: Toooootally.

A: Our lives are going to change!

M: Haaaaaa

A: I'll bet they're reading the blog right now.

M: Oh for sure. Lets hope they aren't friend wtih the SHobbit.

A: Oh come on, everyone hates him. They must, right?

M: I can't live in a world where people like him.

A: Only idiots like him. And poor Garance.

M: That's just voodoo. I am googling "met the sartorialist nice" and finding nothing.

A: That's because EVERYONE HATES HIM.

M: Seriously, every interview says everything BUT that he's nice.

A: Loathsome little man.

M: Just awful.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adrien: Wild life.

So, last week I wore this: 

And halfway through taking pictures I started laughing:

Because of this:

Run little dude!

Then I took off my cardigan because, hey, stripes:

shirt: Target (similar striped shirt from French Connection)
jeans: J Brand stretch twill (similar)
wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar black wedges by Cole Haan)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Monday, May 14, 2012

Marianne: One Last Try.

Just a quickie on what is a very rainy and chilly morning here in Tennessee. 

I'd nearly given up on this skirt, which had a sash that required tucking in your top, and a cut that vexed me. But with this last stab at getting it right, I think I came pretty close.

Being on the curvy side and high waisted to boot, tucking a top into a full skirt really does nothing for my figure. So, I ditched the sash, left my top untucked, and added a jacket, which I tied at the waist for a little definition. What do you think?

Listen, I can't do anything about this kid. She's incorrigible.
top: Forever 21 (similar here)
shoes: Chie Mihara Hito wedge in Curry (super adorable yellow wedge here)

Friday, May 11, 2012

We are Super Helpful YET AGAIN.

A: Okay, my friend Noah emailed asking for haircut help. This is what he looks like:

Here's what he said:
Hey, so I'm tired of the haircut I've been getting for the last decade and I'm thinking I need something new (and age appropriate?) as I sail into my 40s (ug). I'd love if you and Marianne would be willing to make a post about possible hairstyles for me to consider. I figured you two are connoisseurs of hunky older dudes, so you might be able to steer me in the right direction. I'm growing it out now so there's more of my mostly pepper, but more salt every day, hair. Game?

But, um, I don't know anything about boy hair? Help?

M: Noah is so handsome! The current style is so classic. I really have no idea. He could...put stuff in it?

A: Boy hair is hard.

M: I can't really picture him with different hair. Makes me want to upload his picture to a haircut generator website.

A: OH MY GOD. We should totally do that.

M: Oh dear. I've...done something.

A: Um.

M: He is never going to forgive us.

A: He might forgive you for that Fieri bullshit BUT I NEVER WILL.

M: You big BABY. This is possibly the most fun I've had ever? More people should ask us for hair advice!

A: That is maybe a bit of a departure? I was thinking about something more Rihanna-ish:

Or maybe something a bit more subtle:

M: What about that lovely Ellen DeGeneres?

A: That is really not his style. Maybe something more Tina Fey-ish?

Too classic?

M: Hahahahahaaaaaa.

But in all seriousness, when it comes to boy grooming ideals, I always defer to the Gos.


I can't even remember what we are talking about.

A: OH.

M: ............................

A: Um. Hi! HIH HIHIHIHOSIdhf;aklj

M: Good night.

A: SJlakhtowe4ihsKLANV

M: Anyway! Super helpful post. I am sure Noah will love it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Marianne: Happy birthday to meeeee.

 So, I might have a birthday coming up. And I might have a seriously lovely friend who sent me this seriously lovely dress for said birthday. Isn't it pretty?

This is the Four Corners Shirt Dress from anthropologie, and it's on sale for $69.95 right this very second. It got very mixed reviews, but I can tell you it's a lovely dress and incredibly comfortable. One of those dresses you wear all summer long. I want it in black as well.

The buttons are so cute, but are also my only complaint. It comes unbuttoned rather easily and has to be watched carefully. Unless you are that kind of girl.

Lulu would like you to know that her dress is from H&M and that pink is her favorite color.

The back of the dress is especially pretty, don't you think? It dips a bit lower and has lovely pleating. Don't you think it's the perfect early birthday present?