Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Friday! You know what that means...

A: Ooooh look:

source: The Sartorialist

A: The best ones are always in Italy! Except I think that bag is probably nicer than anything I own. And he has a heart tattoo. And probably smells bad. I think I just talked myself out of him.

M: Gay.

A: Well, that wraps that up. Happy Friday, everyone.

M: Haha. Okay, fine. He is attractive in that "semester abroad in Italy dude you fall in love with and then find out he's Valentino's House Boy" kind of way. That said, I approve.

A: But, would he date you? Or at least pretend to for a little while?

M: He would let you buy him drinks and dinner and gaze into your eyes and make you feel like you are the only woman on earth.

Or something.

A: That totally works for me.

M: Me too. Heart tattoo and all.

A: He's deliciously mussed. It must take hours to look so perfectly mussed.

M: Hours and hours.

A: Sigh. So high maintenance.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adrien: Dang, Nina.

Nina has been thrift store shopping and you know what that means. While she hasn't (yet) found an Hermes Kelly bag for $5.00, she did find me this perfectly adorable Target dress for $1.25. One dollar. One Quarter. Perfect condition. Say it together:  "Dang, Nina." (And no, you can't have her.)

Always with the cardigan.

So, what's the best thing in your closet that cost less than $10? Do tell.

dress: Merona (similar) (Similar print dress by Merona)
sandals: Miz Mooz (this year's version) (Oooh, cute green sandals I want)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo (similar)
bracelet: Loft (similar) (want want want!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Unique Problem Areas.

I am insufferable.
A: I just read the latest Goop.


M: Duh

A: Then I got to the Tracy Anderson leggings thing and my head burst into flames.

M: I couldn't even read that far.

A: Go take a look. She has leggings that target your UNIQUE PROBLEM AREAS.

M: That BITCH.

A: Tracy Anderson's unique problem area is HER HEAD.

M: Haaaaa.

A: I wonder if there's a hat that will address that?


A: Perfect.

M: In the interest of total disclosure, I am having trouble thinking of anything remotely funny to say about Goop.

A: It mostly just angers me. Or makes me feel poor. Or both.

M: It's too hot to think about.

A: That's just the compression from the Tracy Anderson You Are Flawed brand leggings.

M: Ugh!

A: I know.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marianne: Addict.

"Ass it up with a cardigan"
 Okay, so I seem to have a leeeeetle problem with Tibi dresses. As in, I keep finding them for cheap on eBay and I can't stop myself and oops! New dress. This one had awful pictures, but it was $20, so I took a chance.
What am I looking at? A bird?
And boy, am I glad I did. What I thought was your basic polyester jersey dress turned out to be a gorgeous, vibrant silk jersey.  It's a bit big (I am typically a medium in Tibi, this is a large), so I might eventually get the top taken in, but otherwise it was worth every penny. 
Un-assed up

Tell me, is there a brand that is your kryptonite? One of those designers that, if you can find it under x dollars, you will buy every time? Spill it.

dress: Tibi (another darling Tibi dress on sale for more than half off!) (I totally want this one)
cardigan: Cable & Gauge (similar)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mag Bag (similar) (similar from Nine West for $60!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Adrien: Summer Stripes.

Oh, hey! So apparently I didn't own enough striped things and Stylemint had this here striped tank up on the site and next thing I knew, it was mine. Oops? I'm wearing a size 2 and probably should have ordered a 1 instead (which means the Olson twins have sized themselves right out of their own t-shirt line because this thing is generous.) Probably not the most figure flattering but I do like a flowy top on a hot day. I'm wearing it with navy cropped pants and my favorite Chies. 

top: Stylemint Tangerine top (similar)
cropped pants: Banana republic (similar) (another nice pair of Banana Republic cropped pants)
sandals: Chie Mihara (similar) (colorblock Chies on sale!)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar) (love this purple Z Spoke by Zac Posen satchel)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Braw Time.

M: this is one of the bras I bought at TJMaxx:

Natori lace cami bra

I wasn't sure about it, but today I'm wearing it under a wrap dress and dang. I love it.

A: How the heck do you find Natori at TJMaxx? That is like finding the Holy Grail. At TJMaxx.

M: Dude, I KNOW. But I've actually had good luck finding Natori at my TJMaxx? I also bought two of these:

Natori body double bra

All $19.99 each.

A: I am wearing that one right now (Nordstrom Rack, y'all) and OH MY GOD WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT MY BRA ON THE INTERNET.



M: Let me know your size and I can pick some up for you.

A: Actually, I just bought a couple of these, which I love for summer:

Natori sheer jacquard bra

So I'm good for now andNO! YOU TRICKED ME.

M: Ahahahahaaaaa.

A: Fine, since we're talking about it, I tried this on and thought it was really pretty:

Natori expose bra

And then wondered if it is maybe a tad matronly? Or something? I just like junk to fit proper and not be ugly.

M: P.S. I bought two Hanky Panky retro thongs for approximately one million American dollars. They are just okay.

A: Hmph.

M: I think that's pretty! Then again, I really don't give a crap if my underwear is pretty or not. Just cover my business and make me look good. See: Spanx.

A: Well, that second one you linked to and, while super comfortable, it is a serious Lady Business Braw. I thought it'd be nice to have something less...aggressive.

M: It is SO serious. I feel like Joan Crawford in it.

A: Snort.

M: In other underwear news, I ordered these Gap draws (thanks for the rec, Lela!) and they are the JAM. I like them even more than the Old Navy ones I'm mourning. Plus you can always use whatever Gap coupon lands in your inbox every week. YAY:

Gap sexy lace girl shorts

A: Oh, I'm glad they're good! I ordered an Old Navy bikini because I hate myself:

Old Navy bikini

They should send it c/o Good Luck With That, Dummy.

M: Oh honey, no. I've been half interested in this one:

Old Navy ruched swimsuit

But then I just stub my toe on purpose instead. Less painful.

A: I might just punch myself in the face instead.

M: It's cheaper, with free shipping from your fist to your head!

A: OW. That hurt. But it was freeeeeee!

 I feel like we should end it with a guy in his underwear because it's Friday and I am apparently a dirty old lady.
Okay, I look. How about him.

M: Hahahahaa

A: It's great!

M: No.

A: I mean, in an awful way.

(Warning upcoming links NSFW)

A: Pinterest is giving me stuff like this

M: Oh my God, I am just popping popcorn and enjoying this. Go on.

A: Um?

A: What the hell



M: GOD. Can't you just Google David Beckam in his tighty whities like a normal person?


M: That's real niiiice.

A: Dirty.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marianne: The Best.

A rather unremarkable quickie outfit today that I'm really only posting because LOOKIE WHAT ADRIEN GAVE ME!

Yes. This Andrea Brueckner bag, which she scored on eBay and made me hate her a tiny bit, arrived at my house for my birthday. I know. She's the best ever. And I am once again a total pill.  I haven't carried it much because it's summer, but we had a cool-ish day and I leaped at the chance. It's so cute, you guys.

dress: Mossimo (super cute black & white Calvin Klein dress on sale)
shoes: Miz Mooz Hazel (similar black Miz Mooz sandal)
bag: Andrea Brueckner Aspen satchel (another cute Brueckner bag, and a similarly shaped Rebecca Minkoff bag)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adrien: Easily Swayed.

I totally didn't mean to buy this dress. I was at Ross with Nina and I liked the pattern and colors but it seemed a bit too low-cut and form fitting for work. But you guys know I love a pattern. And the colors!  Then I tried it on and it fit really well and Nina told me I should buy it, so I did. (When Nina tells you to buy something, you do it.)

I taped up the neckline a bit and wore it to work, though I think with the right accessories it could work well for evening too. Here you go:

Of course I assed it up with a cardigan to be more work-appropriate:

dress: Calvin Klein (in a different colorway) (another cute patterned Calvin Klein dress)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar) (another pair of Chie Mihara sandals on sale!)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini (cute peacock satchel by Piazza Lucca)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


(This happened last week. I did not buy a fanny pack. -A)

A: I am looking at the packing list for my mountain bike weekend and one of their suggestions is, "large fanny pack or small backpack." NEGATORY. Maybe I could bring my Louis Vuitton bag instead? They are going to love me.

M: So where are you going? To the fanny pack bike thing?

A: Um, yes. ONLY NO FANNY PACK. It's a all women mountain biking event.

M: That sounds fun! You're going to look so cute in your fanny pack!


M: What color is it? I hope it's eel skin. Maybe maroon.

A: I hate you.

M: I think I'll make you a fanny pack pinboard.

A: I think I'll call Wintour and tell her about this.

M: This one has so many handy pockets!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Marianne: Copy Stripes.

When I saw this dress on Adrien, I pretty much immediately ordered it for myself. What? Gap had just emailed me a 30% off coupon code and I'm not made of steel, y'all. Anyway, I ordered it in green, because I already have a black & white striped dress, and while I was at it, I ordered in in Medium Tall, because I figured a little extra length would not be a bad thing.

And it's cute! Super super comfortable. I wish it was as flattering on me as it is on Adrien, but whatever. Can't have it all.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I have an innocent question.

M: Is it wrong for an entire Pinterest board to make me feel....feelings?

A: OH. I approve! There is so so so much right with that. (And a few wrong, but mostly right.)

M: There is definitely some wrong. And then there is this. Unh.

A: WHO IS THAT? Is that Paul Rudd? Because Wow.

M: Paul Rudd wishes. His name is Barry vd Zeeuw. I think you pronounce his middle name "Unnnnnh".

A: YEAH YOU DO. I gasped at this:

Because I'm old and he is a refreshing change from a sea of Hipster NO.

M: Aw! Vintage Harrison! I prefer to always think of him like this.

A: Me too. Now he's just a bitter old crank. You know who's the opposite of that?

M: He just kills it. Every time.

A: Hotness like that never dies. Also, boom:

M: Is it the weekend now? I think Ewan says it's the weekend now.

A: Hooray! Thanks, Ewan.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marianne: One American Dollar.

You guys know I love a good deal, so I couldn't wait to tell you about this dress. I received a $50 gift card at a conference, and waited and waited to find something that I loved, checking that dang site every day. And then...I saw this perfect jersey Ella Moss dress, in my favorite shade of coral. Only problem was it was $75, and I was determined to not spend more than my $50 gift card. What? I'm stubborn.

And then, because there is a fashion god and he wants us to have nice things, an email dropped into my inbox with a one day only 30% off code for Gilt. Meaning that this lovely little dress set my back one whole dollar. And it's a great dress, even if I did end up wearing Spanx AND a slip under it, making it the opposite of an easy summer dress. Whatever.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fifty Shades of No

A: What is happening here?

photo: The Sartorialist

M: All I can say is the girls in the background ARE MY FAVORITE.

A: OH, they are so deliciously catty! They are us, basically.

M: The subject of the photo kind of looks like what I imagine Anastasia Steele to look like. And yes, I just went to Fifty Shades of Grey I'M SORRY.

A: I was like, "who is Anastasia SteOH COME ON."

M: Listen, I'm not proud of it.

A: I'm starting to think you kind of are.



M: I'm not going to stop until you read it too.

A: YOU ARE A PUSHER. I still haven't forgiven you for making me read Twilight.

M: Oh, WHATEVER. Now you're part of the cultural lexicon! And if you read it, we can cast Christian Grey! I submit:

A: That makes me want to read it even less x 20. Can we focus, here? Why is she standing like that? WHY.

M: Hmph.

A: Maybe the SHobbit asked her to "look shorter?"

M: "Shorter. No, SHORTER! Just lay down on the ground. Perfect."

A: Or maybe something is wrong with the dress? It's just such a weird photo.

M: There is something funky going on with the photo processing around her feet. Maybe she was actually standing in a puddle of pee? The girls in the background are all "Damn, girl."

A: I think you're on to something.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adrien: Windswept.

Still working on the new photo location! It's hard to find a spot that's sunny-but-not-too-sunny with a nice background. This particular morning there was a storm rolling in so the light was a bit weird and it was windy and oh my God I am talking about the weather like that's interesting. Here:

cardigan: Gap (similar)
bag: vintage LV (similar) (gorgeous red satchel by Piazza Lucca)
belt: Target (similar) (Old Navy leopard print belt)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marianne: It totally counts.

I am pretty sure I've worn this exact outfit on the blog before. Oh wait! I wore different shoes. And accessories? And I was 10 pounds thinner. What, that totally counts.

Want to see my New Favorite Thing? It's this dipped copper arrow ring, and I love it so much I don't even care that it turns the back of my finger black.

Take a good look at these braces because they are coming off SOON. I KNOW. I AM VERY ALL CAPSY EXCITED.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sound Heard Round The World.

A: What? I am totally pulling off this cardigan:

M: Um.


M: Are they at the same event, or did he wander in from grocery shopping?



M: I like that. Because he's not looking directly at me.

A: And because you like booze.

M: Duh

A: I am a little worried about the buttons on this shirt?

M: He seems constantly about to burst out of his clothes. Unrelated: love Rachael's outfit.

A: She always looks pretty much perfect and oh my God I keep staring at that photo waiting for him to burst out of his clothes because that would be the best day ever ever ever ever.

M: I feel like it's bound to happen at some point. And we will know that day by the sound of Adrien shrieking across the lands.

A: Glass will shatter. Puppies will cringe. Dolphins will be all, WTF?

M: But I will sit here and open Google, because I will KNOW.

A: Yes, you will.