Friday, June 15, 2012

I have an innocent question.

M: Is it wrong for an entire Pinterest board to make me feel....feelings?

A: OH. I approve! There is so so so much right with that. (And a few wrong, but mostly right.)

M: There is definitely some wrong. And then there is this. Unh.

A: WHO IS THAT? Is that Paul Rudd? Because Wow.

M: Paul Rudd wishes. His name is Barry vd Zeeuw. I think you pronounce his middle name "Unnnnnh".

A: YEAH YOU DO. I gasped at this:

Because I'm old and he is a refreshing change from a sea of Hipster NO.

M: Aw! Vintage Harrison! I prefer to always think of him like this.

A: Me too. Now he's just a bitter old crank. You know who's the opposite of that?

M: He just kills it. Every time.

A: Hotness like that never dies. Also, boom:

M: Is it the weekend now? I think Ewan says it's the weekend now.

A: Hooray! Thanks, Ewan.


  1. I have... feelings... too. they're tingly...

    1. As the philosopher poet Sir Thomas Petty once sang, "Oh my my, oh hell yes ..."

  2. Holy There's on on that Pinterest board titled "weekend wear" -- uh, yeah, I'd like to wear him this weekend.

    Wait, did I say that out loud?

  3. Whew, I was all scrolling down, thinking the whole time, "Don't forget about Ewan!" Nicely done. Vintage Paul Newman makes me want to travel back in time. Or at least watch me some Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

  4. Thank you...I think you made some excellent selections here. Did I say thank you?

  5. TGIF...all is right with the world again today, thank you!!! Have a very Barry good day!!! LOL. mmmmm...

  6. Ohhh, thank you for this. What a good way to start the weekend.


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