Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marianne: Addict.

"Ass it up with a cardigan"
 Okay, so I seem to have a leeeeetle problem with Tibi dresses. As in, I keep finding them for cheap on eBay and I can't stop myself and oops! New dress. This one had awful pictures, but it was $20, so I took a chance.
What am I looking at? A bird?
And boy, am I glad I did. What I thought was your basic polyester jersey dress turned out to be a gorgeous, vibrant silk jersey.  It's a bit big (I am typically a medium in Tibi, this is a large), so I might eventually get the top taken in, but otherwise it was worth every penny. 
Un-assed up

Tell me, is there a brand that is your kryptonite? One of those designers that, if you can find it under x dollars, you will buy every time? Spill it.

dress: Tibi (another darling Tibi dress on sale for more than half off!) (I totally want this one)
cardigan: Cable & Gauge (similar)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mag Bag (similar) (similar from Nine West for $60!)


  1. So cute! And great with the shoes! And you know Chie Mihara is my kryptonite. Dur.

  2. Pink Tartan is my kryptonite. I won't even search it on ebay anymore to save myself from buying another dress that I don't have an occasion for.

  3. Gah I love your dress and the entire outfit is so cute! Jealous of your Tibi deal finding skills!!

  4. Great dress... you and Adrian have the same shoes, but you need a slighty more push up type bra for this.... get those girls together!