Friday, June 22, 2012

Braw Time.

M: this is one of the bras I bought at TJMaxx:

Natori lace cami bra

I wasn't sure about it, but today I'm wearing it under a wrap dress and dang. I love it.

A: How the heck do you find Natori at TJMaxx? That is like finding the Holy Grail. At TJMaxx.

M: Dude, I KNOW. But I've actually had good luck finding Natori at my TJMaxx? I also bought two of these:

Natori body double bra

All $19.99 each.

A: I am wearing that one right now (Nordstrom Rack, y'all) and OH MY GOD WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT MY BRA ON THE INTERNET.



M: Let me know your size and I can pick some up for you.

A: Actually, I just bought a couple of these, which I love for summer:

Natori sheer jacquard bra

So I'm good for now andNO! YOU TRICKED ME.

M: Ahahahahaaaaa.

A: Fine, since we're talking about it, I tried this on and thought it was really pretty:

Natori expose bra

And then wondered if it is maybe a tad matronly? Or something? I just like junk to fit proper and not be ugly.

M: P.S. I bought two Hanky Panky retro thongs for approximately one million American dollars. They are just okay.

A: Hmph.

M: I think that's pretty! Then again, I really don't give a crap if my underwear is pretty or not. Just cover my business and make me look good. See: Spanx.

A: Well, that second one you linked to and, while super comfortable, it is a serious Lady Business Braw. I thought it'd be nice to have something less...aggressive.

M: It is SO serious. I feel like Joan Crawford in it.

A: Snort.

M: In other underwear news, I ordered these Gap draws (thanks for the rec, Lela!) and they are the JAM. I like them even more than the Old Navy ones I'm mourning. Plus you can always use whatever Gap coupon lands in your inbox every week. YAY:

Gap sexy lace girl shorts

A: Oh, I'm glad they're good! I ordered an Old Navy bikini because I hate myself:

Old Navy bikini

They should send it c/o Good Luck With That, Dummy.

M: Oh honey, no. I've been half interested in this one:

Old Navy ruched swimsuit

But then I just stub my toe on purpose instead. Less painful.

A: I might just punch myself in the face instead.

M: It's cheaper, with free shipping from your fist to your head!

A: OW. That hurt. But it was freeeeeee!

 I feel like we should end it with a guy in his underwear because it's Friday and I am apparently a dirty old lady.
Okay, I look. How about him.

M: Hahahahaa

A: It's great!

M: No.

A: I mean, in an awful way.

(Warning upcoming links NSFW)

A: Pinterest is giving me stuff like this

M: Oh my God, I am just popping popcorn and enjoying this. Go on.

A: Um?

A: What the hell



M: GOD. Can't you just Google David Beckam in his tighty whities like a normal person?


M: That's real niiiice.

A: Dirty.


  1. I just found your blog and have to say - you two "ladies" (hahaha) are freaking hilarious - I love you!!!

  2. Lol, I like on the two occasions I have checked the blog at work, there was shirtless hot man and then bra discussions...heehee.

  3. love y'alls blawg. ;) and i'm not just saying that b/c today happened to be naked men. ;-) ew and ew.

  4. LOL forEVER at "free shipping from your fist to your head!"

    Braws ... my least fave clothing expenditure. I have to have the kind with hydraulic lift technology and 2" wide straps to hold up my lady bidness. [sigh]

  5. Ooh - I have the Old Navy ruched bathing suit! It's super flattering (or at least that's what I tell myself). I bought it post-second baby when every other bathing suit in existence gave me Pancake Uni-Boob. This one keeps the girls separated and unsmooshed, but still tucked away nicely. Also the ruching in the midsection is quite snug and keeps that baby-muffin top from jiggling all over. Big ol' sunglasses and a floppy hat, and you're rocking a pretty cute retro beach look. Do it!