Monday, June 4, 2012

Adrien: New Location, Same Stuff.

New photo location! I'm going to have to work on it a bit - it's shady and the camera isn't as delighted with shade. But, I'm wearing my new striped Gap dress and YOU GUYS. This one is good. Mine is black and white striped which is not on the website anymore but it comes in other cute colors. (Carol from In Pursuit of Pretty Things is wearing a different colorway here. Love.) It's made of pretty thick material and just hangs perfectly.

What have you bought lately that you're loving? Do tell.

dress: Gap Striped Crewneck Dress (Another cute striped dress from Gap)
sandals: Ann Taylor (similar) (Target also has some great metallic sandals)
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar) (Another nice tassel necklace by Cara Couture)
bag: vintage LV (similar)
watch: La Mer Wrap Watch (A more classic wrap watch by BCBG)


  1. I have this dress too! (in navy/white and grey/pink) and LOVE it! Finally a tee shirt dress I can wear!

  2. New sandals! Best part: they are not held together with duct tape!

  3. Um, I am buying this dress. Yup. Hope that's okay!

  4. Oh that is adorable. Weird, selfish question but do you think it is stretchy enough to grow with a transitioning pregnant body? It looks so cute and comfortable on you and I want to buy one too!!!

    1. Jess, I would think so? It's pretty roomy. I'm wearing an XS (where I'd normally go for a small) and it fits close in the shoulders but more generously everywhere else. I think it would work.

    2. I totally bought the dress. Jess, in my experience I could wear non-maternity stuff for a while, if it had stretch and the right cut. Just know that knits can get stretched out funny if you wear them with the bump, but on the flip side, it makes the same dress perfect for post-partum. I had a lot of stuff that I wore for the first 5-6 months of pregnancy and then pulled out again 2 weeks after I had the baby.

    3. Thank you for the advice, ladies! I think I am going to buy it. Even if it is a temporary "transitioning figure" piece I bet I can get mileage out of it through the second tri and as a layer piece for post partum.

  5. I own the same dress, same colors. Love! It looks fab with your long necklace.

  6. I'm already missing your rose bush :(

    Ew, that sounded kinda dirty.