Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marianne: One American Dollar.

You guys know I love a good deal, so I couldn't wait to tell you about this dress. I received a $50 gift card at a conference, and waited and waited to find something that I loved, checking that dang site every day. And then...I saw this perfect jersey Ella Moss dress, in my favorite shade of coral. Only problem was it was $75, and I was determined to not spend more than my $50 gift card. What? I'm stubborn.

And then, because there is a fashion god and he wants us to have nice things, an email dropped into my inbox with a one day only 30% off code for Gilt. Meaning that this lovely little dress set my back one whole dollar. And it's a great dress, even if I did end up wearing Spanx AND a slip under it, making it the opposite of an easy summer dress. Whatever.


  1. You look lovely and the color suits you brilliantly. Can't beat the price!!! Congrats!!!

  2. it's awesome!! Can i just say that I LOVE that you shared you wore spanx and a slip under your dress because honestly? I was wondering! B/c I would have !!! :)

    1. Keeping it real! It's the kind of jersey that shows EVERYTHING.

  3. Nice dress & lovely color! You look great.