Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marianne: The Best.

A rather unremarkable quickie outfit today that I'm really only posting because LOOKIE WHAT ADRIEN GAVE ME!

Yes. This Andrea Brueckner bag, which she scored on eBay and made me hate her a tiny bit, arrived at my house for my birthday. I know. She's the best ever. And I am once again a total pill.  I haven't carried it much because it's summer, but we had a cool-ish day and I leaped at the chance. It's so cute, you guys.

dress: Mossimo (super cute black & white Calvin Klein dress on sale)
shoes: Miz Mooz Hazel (similar black Miz Mooz sandal)
bag: Andrea Brueckner Aspen satchel (another cute Brueckner bag, and a similarly shaped Rebecca Minkoff bag)


  1. You look really cute, I love the bag, I LOVE the shoes, and look at your adorable toes!

  2. I AM TOTALLY THE BEST EVER. (Also, you look cute!)