Friday, November 30, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: And So It Begins.

I GUESS I NEED TO START MY HOLIDAY SHOPPING SOON DEFINITELY NOT PANICKING. Ahem. So in case you are like me and have done basically nothing as yet, here are some giftable options from the really good sale going on at Last Call. Right now (online & in stores through December 2) take an extra 30% off everything or 40% when you sign up for email. First, go check out this super cute unicorn pouch that wouldn't link in the widget correctly. Now this  stuff:





Thursday, November 29, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Reading, Moisturizing, Watching

Hi hi hi! It's been a while, so here's some stuff I've been liking lately:

These Athleta Leggings You Should Just Go Ahead and Buy
I know the "stuff I like" entries are not supposed to be about clothes (I specifically started it to talk about things that AREN'T CLOTHES THINGS) but I have to make an exception because my favorite Athleta leggings just got marked down MORE and I do not understand it. These are the best workout leggings I've ever owned and last week when I had time off for the holiday I wore them to yoga and then just kept wearing them for the rest of the day. They're amazing. I love the color blocking, the high waist that does not slip down, and the thick fabric that is definitely not see-through *cough*Lululemon*cough*. Just BUY THEM. SO GOOD.

The New Tana French Novel Is Legit
Tana French is one of my favorite writers but I definitely prefer her first couple of books. The more recent ones got kind of weird and uncomfortable but that's also her genius - she's really good at writing characters you don't really like but still get invested in. Her latest novel, The Witch Elm, is a departure from her Dublin Murder Squad series but is no less creepy and atmospheric. It's nowhere near the magic of In The Woods (which you should read if you haven't yet) but still a good read with an interesting twist.

This Hand Cream Everyone Is Probably Getting For Xmas
You know how the folks who work at L'Occitane are super intense and bossy? It's a lot. But sometimes it's worth it to take a deep breath and go in there anyway because they will recommend you buy the newest flavor of hand cream and you will fall in love with it. It's part of the collaboration with  Castelbajac Paris  and the related holiday packaging is SO EFFING CUTE. Just go get you some fancy hand stuff, y'all. It smells amazing and it's cute and also comes in a tiny purse size (which is what I bought.)

I Really Like Time Travel, Okay? 
This is old old old news but I recently started watching 11/22/63 on Hulu and, despite how much people love to take a really good Stephen King novel and ruin it up with a movie or TV show, this one is, so far, very good. The book was excellent (if overly long in that typical I-don't-need-an-editor style of SK) and I do recommend it as well but the Hulu mini-series is so good! It has everything - time travel, 1960s style, Stephen King weirdness, and historical conspiracy theory action. I love it. Also, I know James Franco is basically the worst but I still don't mind watching him. Blame it on Freaks and Geeks.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Outfit of the Day: I'm Sorry, Okay?

Look, I get that it's getting pathological with these damn Madewell jeans and I promise my next outfit post will not be me wearing these jeans. BUT, this outfit is from last weekend and it was cold out and I just basically wanted to wear my favorite comfy stuff. Here I am pondering the jeans:

"Are they sick of The Jeans? Probably." I won't talk about them except to say that if you bought a pair at my urging, please report back! I want to know if you love them too. (Blog reader Shari loves them so I am feeling pretty solid about this recommendation.) NOW, On to the rest of my outfit:

There are a few things Everlane does really well and affordable cashmere is one of them. I'm wearing the Cashmere V-Neck and it's definitely my favorite sweater. Lightweight, warm, comfortable. And $100! That is an excellent price for decent quality cashmere. I'm also wearing an Everlane t-shirt underneath it because I can't handle cashmere or wool next to my skin:

This is the The Pima Micro Rib Open V-Neck and it's perfect. Its quite form fitting so I probably wouldn't wear it alone but I love it as a stealth base layer and I also love that it's $28. To finish my cozy layering I topped everything with my Uniqlo ultra light down jacket and that BR scarf that sold out really fast:

I love this scarf and I'm still mad that you can't still buy it. That said, BR does have some other cute scarves, like this boysenberry plaid number that looks really soft and this herringbone border scarf that looks more expensive than it is. 

This jacket, though! I'm so glad Marianne recommended it because it's a perfect in-between weather option. Super, super light but still surprisingly warm. It's not on sale anymore but you can use my link to get $10 off a purchase of $75 (I will also get a $10 credit.) Or, just wait for another sale! I'm sure they'll mark it down again. Now, details:

My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Co twist lock in oxblood, which they don't seem to sell anymore. Ugh, why? It's a great little bag. This one is pretty similar but maybe a bit smaller and they also have a ridiculously cute top-handle version. Anyway, these bags are classics and really well made, so check em out. Now, my boots! I mentioned the Thursday Boot Co Chelsea "Duchess" boots on the blog a while ago as something I was considering purchasing. The boots then followed me all over the internet until I caved:

This is the olive suede colorway and I like them a lot. I went with my true size but if you have wide feet, definitely size up. They're nicely made and comfortable right out of the box. My only hesitation is that they're a bit taller than my other Chelsea boots so I'm struggling a bit to make them work with jeans. I wonder if I should invest in some wooly socks to do the tucked/scrunched look? Or maybe it's time to dust off my leggings and try that? We'll see. Anyway, I promise my next outfit will not include Madewell jeans. Swear to God. I can do this. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

We Discuss: Aspirational Living.

M: This tour of Jenna Lyon’s apartment (scroll down) makes me want to DIE

A: Jesus Christ.

M:  I mean holy hellllll

M:  I could be a really good rich person.


A: That loft is…amazing.

A: Like, I don’t not like any of it.

M: nope

M: I love it ALLLLL.

M: That super wide molding in the living room UGH I LOVE IT.


M:  It’s insane.

A: I mean what is it LIKE to have a half million dollar bathroom?

A: sob


A: still obsessed with jenna lyons apartment so thanks for that.

M: Ugh I’m sorry dude.

M: same

A: my TV doesn’t slide out from my fireplace.

A: And my bathroom isn’t made of marble? how to proceed.

M: Life is harsh.

M: I mean where is MY sable blanket.

A: Where am I supposed to put my 300 pairs of shoes??

A: Also, where are my 300 pairs of shoes??

M: Why don’t I have a Cy Twombly???


M: It’s rude.



M: ugh

A: that's why I am yelling.

M: Sure it is.

A: Mostly


M: So, You’ve Wandered Into a Too-Expensive Store

A: ðŸ¤£

A: The French produce names!

M: A kiln on the big boat.

A: “It also makes you sound exhausted by an elective construction project, which is the resting emotional state of the rich.”

M: Obvi

M: This literally happened to me in Dallas.

M: I picked up a t-shirt and the tag shook loose and it was $600.

M: And I had to be all casual.

A: So breezy.

M: I had to pretend not to see! I then tried on several pairs of $800 sunglasses before look at the time I must run to meet the boat kiln people.

A: The boat kiln project is so far behind schedule. At least it’s the big boat.

M: We’re all having to live on the starboard end, it’s a nightmare.

A: Haaaa

A: I freeze up in these situations and become certain Courgette knows I’m a poor.

M: Just smell some candles be cool.

A: I got it in Paris.

A: ðŸ˜¬ðŸ˜¬ðŸ˜¬

Monday, November 26, 2018

BUY THIS: It's Cyber Monday and I'm Tired.

Listen, retailers. It's hard to stay excited about Cyber Monday when the deals started last Thursday. I am exhausted and literally bought nothing on Black Friday. I'm like the vampires from Buffy on Halloween - I take the day off.

BUT, because I am all about the continued bargains, I shall rally for you. I'm also going to try to convince you to buy my favorite jeans 25% off because they are REALLY GOOD. I would never lie to you about denim. Here we go:

Madewell — Receive 25% off your entire purchase with code SHOPALLDAY.

Listen, I get that 25% off isn't that big a deal but for Madewell, it might be the best you're gonna get until after the holidays. Plus, it takes the price on my favorite jeans down to just around $100. I have worn these jeans enough in the month I've own them that they've paid for themselves. They fit like a glove, they do not stretch out. they look great with everything.

Banana Republic — Take 50% off everything. Valid 11/26.

Just buy these pants. i have two pairs (wearing them right this second) and they’re surprisingly good - soft as a puppy, good colors and the fit is perfect.

J.Crew - 50% off full priced, extra 60% off sale with code CYBER.

A terrible thing occurred in which i lost my favorite fleece-lined hoodie. I have looked everywhere for it and it's just gone. I felt my only option was to buy this velour-lined hoodie from J.Crew at 50% off.  also, the velvet faux wrap top is on sale so it’s now $32 with the extra discount. You know what to do.

Uniqlo - various good deals on popular items until 8pm EST plus free shipping!

My awesome ultra light down jacket is still $59.90! i have it in the sage green (seen here) but it comes in a bunch of good colors. (Warning: It runs a bit narrow through the hips - mine is a size medium.)

Bombas socks - 20% off site wide with code BIGHOLIDAY20.

Who doesn't like good socks? I have a drawer full of Bombas and love them all. They definitely make a great gift as well, if you're already doing that. (Heh.) If you're a new customer, you can go through my link and get 25% off! (Full disclosure: I get free socks when you do that, but no pressure.)

That's my roundup! Obviously there are tons of other good deals today but these are the few that interested me personally. Feel free to share your good deals in the comments!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Thankful For...

I love that we posted all the Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving and our Thanksgiving post on Black Friday. Huh. We just didn't want you guys to miss out on the good deals! Anyway, this is just to say THANK YOU to you, our awesome readers. We've been writing this blog for more than eight years and have managed to stay out of the crosshairs of online trolls and drama. Instead, we have the nicest, funniest, most engaged group of readers, all of whom I'm certain we'd be friends with IRL. You folks keep this fun and as long as it's fun, we'll keep posting. Have a great Black Friday and try to #OptOutside for some of it, okay?


Adrien and Marianne

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Black Friday Deals (In Which You Can Sleep In)

Happy Thanksgiving, nerds! As I said last year, I like shopping but as a general rule I don't do Black Friday. I just don't need bargains badly enough to get up at 3am and camp out in front of some store. EXCEPT, I really love Black Friday online shopping. Shopping from my cozy bed? Hells yes. Plus, I don't have to wait until Friday. That I can get behind. So with that in mind, here's a roundup of some of the deals (I'll edit as sales appear):

Aerie — 40% off the Aerie Collection and free shipping

AllSaints - 30% off everything! (I recommend the Dalby jacket)

Ann Taylor  — 50% off everything with code BLACKFRIDAY

Anthropologie — 30% off everything

Asos — 25% off everything with code EPIC25

Athleta — is 20% off with code BLISS

Banana Republic  — 50% off regular priced merchandise, no exclusions (no code needed)

Bombas Socks — 20% off everything with code BIGHOLIDAY20

Dagne Dover  — 20% off with code GRATITUDE

Dermstore  30% off with code FRIDAY (works on Sunday Riley!) 

Everlane   The Black Friday Fund (All profits are donated to Surfrider Foundation)

Frame Denim – Up to 25% off site wide with code FRAME25

Farfetch — Take 20% off sale items with code x20BF

Gap - 50% off (no exclusions) code BLKFRIDAY

J. Crew — Take 50% off your entire purchase

J. Crew Factory — Take 40-50% off sitewide, up to 80% off clearance with code ADD2CART

LOFT — Flash Sale! 50% off with code THANKS

Macy's — 20% Off Black Friday Sale with code BLKFRI

Madewell —  Enjoy 25% off your purchase with code DEALWITHIT

Neiman Marcus – Receive $50 off your $200+ regular priced purchase with code THANKFUL

NM Last Call – Shop 40-80% off everything

Nordstrom — Up to 60% through Cyber Monday

Nordstrom Rack — Receive an extra 30% off clearance plus free shipping sitewide

Old Navy  — 50% off entire purchase, no exclusions (no code needed)

Saks — Thanksgiving sale - up to 60% off. Plus earn a $75 gift card with $150 purchase- code THANKFUL

Saks Off Fifth– Up to 90% off with code AMAZING

Shopbop — 15% Off $200+, 20% Off $500+, 25% Off $800+ with code MORE18

Uniqlo — free shipping on all orders and discounts on best-sellers (my jacket is now $59.90)

YOOX — 25% off sale, 30% off full price, no code needed

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Review: Dagne Dover Dakota and Lo & Sons Hanover Backpacks

Marianne and I both recently bought backpacks so we thought we'd do a review together!

Adrien - Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack
I have a thing about neoprene. I love the way it looks and this damn Dagne Dover neoprene backpack kept following me all over the Internet. So I did what I always do, I ignored the expensive backpack I loved and ordered a cheaper one instead.

Well, the cheaper one was okay but it was too small to be really useful and I hated that it only had a single zipper. (This doesn't seem like it would be annoying but it really, really is.) Finally, I just went for it and I bought the thing I really wanted: The Dagne Dover Dakota backpack. I got the medium size which looks like this:

It shipped out to me crazy-quick and when it arrived and I pulled it out of the box I was like, "Huh." While I love how minimal it is, it's still a pretty significant bag and I was worried it would be too big and too heavy when packed. I almost returned it! But I decided to live with it a bit and fake-packed it to see what it would hold and was surprised at how comfortable it was to carry. Definitely not too heavy or hot. So, I took the tags off and started to really use it. 

My computer is a 15" laptop which is really too big for the laptop compartment (the large size Dakota will better fit a 15") but it'll fit in the regular compartment without issues. I also love that this backpack comes with fun extras - a shoe bag and a little matching zippered pouch. I've mostly used it as a work tote alternative but it's also great for carrying my yoga gear when I have to trek across campus for lunchtime classes. 

I haven't traveled with it yet (two months until Paris!) but it will easily carry all that I need for travel (I'll do a post about it before my trip.) I do really wish it had a sleeve for attaching to my suitcase handle but I don't travel a ton, so not a big deal for me.

The Best Part: This bag is incredibly well made and no matter how much I stuff in it or throw it around it still looks brand new. The zippers are heavy duty, which I appreciate, because it's always the zipper that goes first. The Dakota also has a ton of zippy pockets including this smart side pocket that fits my phone:

My Only Regret: I obviously bought the onyx color and while I love how sleek and minimal it looks I kinda wish I'd gone for the heather grey color because I looooove it. Why didn't I? Don't be me - go for the heather grey or dark moss. I also really love the matching pouches, especially this grey camo toiletry bag

If you're tempted you can go through my link for 10% off your order! (full disclosure: I get a credit if you purchase through my link.) Also! This week only, code GRATITUDE will get you 20% off everything on the site. (I don't know if you can stack these.)

Marianne- Lo & Sons Hanover Backpack 

Okay, my turn! I also needed a backpack, but mostly for business travel, not really for every day use. Unlike Adrien, I have a pretty small computer--a 13 inch Macbook Pro. It's a little baby computer and only weighs 3 pounds. However, it's still expensive and doesn't belong to me, so I needed a backpack that would protect it, plus hold my crap (more on that in a second) and not be hideous. Enter the Lo & Sons Hanover Backpack.

This is a really great backpack, ESPECIALLY for women. So many backpacks geared toward business travel are big and bulky and obviously made for tech bros who wear fleece vests. First off, it's very sleek with no unnecessary labels, pockets, bungee cords, or any of that nonsense. The straps are nicely padded but not over-the-top, and there's one pocket on the outside, but don't count on keeping much in there, it's pretty small.

The inside has a removable insert that is pretty awesome. It has a padded section for a laptop, a place you can tuck a water bottle, and a couple of other sections. There's also a biggish center section big enough for a change of clothes, pair of shoes, and small toiletry bag. I like that the insert is removable, because if you take it out you have a lot more room to just use the backpack as an overnight bag.

The absolute BEST FEATURE is the wide strap across the back that you can use to slide the backpack over the extended handle on a suitcase. Seriously, this seems like such a small thing but it will greatly improve your life and comfort if you spend any amount of time schlepping around airports. If you aren't using a suitcase, you can zip the strap and use it as a protected secret pocket, perfect for cash, passports, or anything you want to keep safe. I had another travel backpack that just had a thin luggage strap and I found that when the backpack was full it stretched out, so this nice wide strap is perfect.

Lastly, I appreciate that the backpack is a nice, lightweight nylon. It's not hot on my back, it doesn't snag, it's not shiny, it's just good and solid. Sure, $130* is a lot to drop on a backpack, but for me it was more than worth it.

*If you sign up for the Lo & Sons email list you get 15% off your first full-priced order.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

BUY THIS: (Because I Am Risking Everything.)

Shhh, come here. Closer. Listen, I am going to tell you about A Thing I Like that will totally get my blogger card revoked. Like, the Style Blogger Van is going to pull up any minute and shut this shit down but I am going to tell you anyway.

Not long ago I was suckered in by an internet ad for a truly hideous bra. It's not a bra-bra, more something you'd wear around the house. But still. It is NOT PRETTY. But I ordered it guys? I keep finding myself digging it out of the laundry basket because all my other lounge-y bra things pale in comparison. I love this stupid thing. It's so comfortable I forget I have it on! I know. 

So, True & Company is having an excellent sale right now with 25% off site wide with code CYBER25. (Just full disclosure - that link above is a referral link and I will get a credit if you purchase through it.) 

My bra is the True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra and there's also a full cup version.

I have only tried the one but I just ordered another one in black since it's on sale (plus 25% off) and I also ordered the True Weekend Bra for $15 (final sale).

This feels like a slippery slope into middle age but hey, at least my boobs are happy.

We Discuss: This And That.

A selection of our texts from the past week:

M: Lets discuss why I want this enormous red dress and what that says about my mental health.

A: Girl, no.

M: It’s how I FEEL.



A: I totally get it but that dress is a not your baseball bat dress.


A: I was wearing what felt like a too-casual outfit for work today and then threw my new blazer over it and it instantly made me look more appropriate. Fucking magic. (I still want your sweater blazer, fyi, but what color?)

M: Nice!

A: I mean, DUH. It’s so stupid and obvious. Getting Dressed 101.

A: Also, goddammit, Kim France:

A: An olive jacket AND Liberty print? 

M: Oh hell they have your number.

A: Right? It’s just mean.


A: I signed up for a sampling program a while back and a tiny little package just arrived. Guess what gateway drug they sent me?

M: Hahaha what.


M: Lololol

A: Like, thanks for the face-heroin, Condé Nast.

M: They know.

A: They do.

A: “Send her a thimble-full of the good stuff! Just enough to get her hooked.”

M: If it helps I tried it and wasn’t blown away.

A: It smells like old lady for one.

M: Yes

A: Kiehl's is better.


A: I just found this entry from 2014.

M: Hahahahaha

A: It is NOT a prediction of the future. 🔮

M: You will NEVER wear Arizonas and Birks are just not for me.

M: How things have changed.

A: I also found an entry from spring 2014 where I posted a pic of my skin sans makeup and it makes me sad.

M: Oh dear.

My brown spots are 800% times worse now.

M: Burn it.

A: ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥ðŸ”¥

Monday, November 19, 2018

Review: J. Crew Sophie Open-Front Sweater Blazer

Hey y'all, Marianne again.

My very stylish friend Natalie has a sweater blazer from J. Crew that, in spite of me never really finding success with a blazer, I very much coveted it. Hers was from last year but she sent me a link to the Sophie Open-Front Sweater Blazer and said she was pretty sure it was the same:

I wanted to order it IMMEDIATELY, but Adrien scolded me and told me to never pay full price at J. Crew, so I sat on my hands and waited for a code. Luckily the friends and family sale started the next day, so I didn't have to sweat it for too long. [Hi! Use code TOGETHER to get 40% off at J.Crew! Do not pay full price. -A] It was hard times, y'all. I placed my order (I went with a size large, more on that later), and I was pleased that it arrived two days later. On that note--J. Crew gets serious points for fast shipping, WHY can't more retailers do the same. I'm looking at you Gap.

When it arrived I was concerned at first because it looked really big, especially in the arms. But it's just a boxier, oversized cut. While I do think I could have sized down to the medium and it might have fit slightly better in the shoulders, it wouldn't have hung as nicely around my hips. It's VERY warm and cozy with a nice heft to the knit, and it holds its own in chilly weather. I got it 4 days ago and I've already worn it twice, if that tells you anything.

Of course now I want more colors, and there are some alternate cuts at J. Crew I have my eye on as well. This collarless, longer version in black (or that pretty pink!) is calling my name:

There's a less-expensive version on J. Crew Factory that has more of a traditional blazer cut (which I admit looks terrible on me, and yet I keep trying):

I also really like the inverted lapel on this J. Crew Factory version...I really may buy this, like right now:

If J. Crew isn't your thing, Banana Republic Factory has a near-copy:

My friend Danielle is wearing this in the gorgeous emerald color RIGHT NOW and I am about to steal it:

And of course Madewell has a perfect-looking sweater blazer in my kryptonite color, olive green:

That escalated quickly from "I don't like blazers on me" to "I now own 7 sweater blazers."

A: So, sweater blazers are for drinking gin martinis instead of straight gin?

M: Yes they are UPSCALE gin drinking cardigans.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Banana Republic Drags Me Back In.

Banana Republic is having a really good sale right now: 40% off your purchase plus an extra 10% off Denim & Pants (today only.) I wandered over on my lunch break and here's what I liked:



Thursday, November 15, 2018

Outfit of the Day: All The Things.

Do I ever wear anything anymore that isn't those damn Madewell jeans? Not really. This is actually an outfit from last Friday when I'm legit allowed to wear jeans so I, of course, wore my favorite pair: 

I am not kidding, they are my best ever skinny jeans. I talked about them last week so I'll give it a break today. Instead, check out my leopard shirt! I'd been mulling over my leopard shirt options - strongly considering this J Crew shirt or this one (ugh, they have my number) and this one at TJ Maxx is also pretty cute, right? But then I went thrifting and found the one I'm wearing! It's J. Crew Factory and cost me all of $2.50. It's a little big on me but a good way to try out the style and see if I eventually want to upgrade. Next I want a leopard sweater! It's just such a fun print to wear. 

I threw on my new J Crew blazer to pull everything together. I swear, this is One Blazer To Rule Them All. It's comfortable (yay stretch) and just has this way of making everything you wear it with look better, instantly. I mean, I know this isn't groundbreaking but I don't generally wear a lot of structured clothing, so it's really nice to have  an easy, clean-lined blazer. (No worries, I still have my excellent tuxedo jacket but I tend to save it for special occasions.) On to details:

A terrifying close-up of my face was the only way to show you my teeny-tiny lightning bolt necklace! I posted about it and then bought it later and it's a nice little bit of exactly right, though it it VERY thin and lightweight and I'm always afraid I'll break it. I bought it because this one stole my heart and ugh. For a very inexpensive alternative, this one looks great and appears to have a bit more weight to it. 

My boots are Madewell, last year's style found and purchased in July at a ridiculously low price. I would say the Regan style in grey suede is probably the most similar or ohhh the Jada boot! Those look great too. God, I love boots. One of the few good things about winter. Another good thing:

This little ultra light puffer jacket from Uniqlo! I'd been considering this one from Everlane but Marianne suggested the Uniqlo jacket and it was on sale, so I ordered it. I dig it! The color is great (and they have a ton of color options), it's feather light, decently warm and it packs down to nothing. I'm wearing a medium and it's a good fit. The only thing I don't love is the zipper, which feels a bit cheap. Still, for the price it's surprisingly good. And, if you're tempted and go through my link you can get $10 off your next purchase of $75 or more! (Full disclosure, I also get $10 credit.)

See? Look how happy I am with my boots and jacket. You'd almost think I liked cold weather! (You'd be wrong.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Review: Tadashi Shoji Lace Tea-Length Dress (+ 10 cute black lace holiday dresses under $200)

Hey guys! Marianne here with a little dress review. First, some background: I found myself a predicament this past month where I had 3 formal events requiring a capital-D Dress. They weren't close enough together to make Rent the Runway work (plus the ONLY dresses I liked that were available were $200 just to RENT), however they were with different people so I could get away with just one fancy dress purchase. Because I was going to be able to wear this multiple times right away, I felt justified in spending a bit more than I normally would. Enter this dress:

The Tadashi Shoji Lace Tea-Length Dress. It literally had everything I wanted. It was interesting but still felt covered up (I really did not want sleeveless, strapless, or off-the-shoulder, but I wanted something pretty and feminine). It was a great cut for my figure (fitted on top and flaring at the waist). And most importantly it was under $400 and I could order it from Nordstrom, which meant a great return policy and free shipping. And guys, it's a very good dress!

The lace is very delicate but I wore it three times, including traveling with it, and it still looks great. It's crazy flattering and I got more compliments than I can count, and best of all now it lives in my closet where I know it will be a pretty timeless classic for years. 

But y'all, I know. It's a $400 fancy dress, and that's a lot. I had to go with it because I really didn't have time to dig for alternatives that may not fit me as well. But now I have some time, so I found 10 cute black lace party dresses with a similar cut, all under $200 (and most well under $100!). Go forth and party, y'all. Tis the season, etc.


(Under $50!)

(petite, under $30!)