Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Review: Tadashi Shoji Lace Tea-Length Dress (+ 10 cute black lace holiday dresses under $200)

Hey guys! Marianne here with a little dress review. First, some background: I found myself a predicament this past month where I had 3 formal events requiring a capital-D Dress. They weren't close enough together to make Rent the Runway work (plus the ONLY dresses I liked that were available were $200 just to RENT), however they were with different people so I could get away with just one fancy dress purchase. Because I was going to be able to wear this multiple times right away, I felt justified in spending a bit more than I normally would. Enter this dress:

The Tadashi Shoji Lace Tea-Length Dress. It literally had everything I wanted. It was interesting but still felt covered up (I really did not want sleeveless, strapless, or off-the-shoulder, but I wanted something pretty and feminine). It was a great cut for my figure (fitted on top and flaring at the waist). And most importantly it was under $400 and I could order it from Nordstrom, which meant a great return policy and free shipping. And guys, it's a very good dress!

The lace is very delicate but I wore it three times, including traveling with it, and it still looks great. It's crazy flattering and I got more compliments than I can count, and best of all now it lives in my closet where I know it will be a pretty timeless classic for years. 

But y'all, I know. It's a $400 fancy dress, and that's a lot. I had to go with it because I really didn't have time to dig for alternatives that may not fit me as well. But now I have some time, so I found 10 cute black lace party dresses with a similar cut, all under $200 (and most well under $100!). Go forth and party, y'all. Tis the season, etc.


(Under $50!)

(petite, under $30!)


  1. Marianne, that dress is beautiful on you! And the alternatives you suggested are all gorgeous as well. That's so great that you have already gotten three wears out of it!

  2. You look awesome! Perfection on you.