Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Outfit of the Day: I'm Sorry, Okay?

Look, I get that it's getting pathological with these damn Madewell jeans and I promise my next outfit post will not be me wearing these jeans. BUT, this outfit is from last weekend and it was cold out and I just basically wanted to wear my favorite comfy stuff. Here I am pondering the jeans:

"Are they sick of The Jeans? Probably." I won't talk about them except to say that if you bought a pair at my urging, please report back! I want to know if you love them too. (Blog reader Shari loves them so I am feeling pretty solid about this recommendation.) NOW, On to the rest of my outfit:

There are a few things Everlane does really well and affordable cashmere is one of them. I'm wearing the Cashmere V-Neck and it's definitely my favorite sweater. Lightweight, warm, comfortable. And $100! That is an excellent price for decent quality cashmere. I'm also wearing an Everlane t-shirt underneath it because I can't handle cashmere or wool next to my skin:

This is the The Pima Micro Rib Open V-Neck and it's perfect. Its quite form fitting so I probably wouldn't wear it alone but I love it as a stealth base layer and I also love that it's $28. To finish my cozy layering I topped everything with my Uniqlo ultra light down jacket and that BR scarf that sold out really fast:

I love this scarf and I'm still mad that you can't still buy it. That said, BR does have some other cute scarves, like this boysenberry plaid number that looks really soft and this herringbone border scarf that looks more expensive than it is. 

This jacket, though! I'm so glad Marianne recommended it because it's a perfect in-between weather option. Super, super light but still surprisingly warm. It's not on sale anymore but you can use my link to get $10 off a purchase of $75 (I will also get a $10 credit.) Or, just wait for another sale! I'm sure they'll mark it down again. Now, details:

My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Co twist lock in oxblood, which they don't seem to sell anymore. Ugh, why? It's a great little bag. This one is pretty similar but maybe a bit smaller and they also have a ridiculously cute top-handle version. Anyway, these bags are classics and really well made, so check em out. Now, my boots! I mentioned the Thursday Boot Co Chelsea "Duchess" boots on the blog a while ago as something I was considering purchasing. The boots then followed me all over the internet until I caved:

This is the olive suede colorway and I like them a lot. I went with my true size but if you have wide feet, definitely size up. They're nicely made and comfortable right out of the box. My only hesitation is that they're a bit taller than my other Chelsea boots so I'm struggling a bit to make them work with jeans. I wonder if I should invest in some wooly socks to do the tucked/scrunched look? Or maybe it's time to dust off my leggings and try that? We'll see. Anyway, I promise my next outfit will not include Madewell jeans. Swear to God. I can do this. 


  1. I totally thought those boots were Blundstones, which seems to be the practical footwear choice of many of my friends these days.

  2. Ooh I love the suediness of those boots! Look a bit like velvet!

  3. Woolly socks FTW. Smartwool is especially spectacular, but some of their patterns/colors are a little odd.


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