Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Springtime Stripes.

The weather has taken a springtime turn so I've been digging around in my off-season clothing bins for something to wear. My favorite thing that I bought last summer is definitely my Alex Mill boatneck tee:

They currently only have this tee in solid colors and I'll probably buy another one because it's the BEST - I just love how slouchy and easy it is to wear and the quality is excellent. I also love the look of their long sleeved striped tees - this one is pretty traditional and this one has cute puffed sleeves

Here's a weird closeup of my pants which are, of course, Athleta. These are the Brooklyn Ankle Pant and I wear them an embarrassing amount. I'm not crazy about the colors they're offering this spring but I do really like this navy windowpane print. These are the kind of pants that are great for work/work from home and for travel - they are comfy, they don't wrinkle and they dry super fast. Oh, and I'm wearing my thrifted Sanita clogs that are not particularly cool, but they are really comfortable and clompy. 

I tried on my Universal Thread denim jacket with trepidation but, oh thank God, it still magically fits. I bought it several years ago and Target still has it (or one just like it) and it's such a deal, you guys. Just so classic and not too cropped. And under $30! You can't beat it. I'm not going to lie, I've always been tempted by Madewell's denim jacket because I love the copper buttons, but so far my Target version has served me well. 

I'm wearing double the necklaces for double the intimidation. (Thanks, Tika!) My Dean Davidson tassel, which is sold out but check out this gorgeous labradorite lariat necklace! Eep. I'm also wearing half of my layering set from Madewell which is also sold out but they have this set which is so pretty. That's it for today! Now back to obsessing over raincoats. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

We Discuss: Raincoats and Deli Ham.

M: These model shots are KILLING ME

M: Each is funnier than the last

A: It’s a cute raincoat even if the models want to murder it and us

M: Truly miserable

M: I like the Sea Salt one you linked

M: Oh here you go


M: The pink set looks like deli ham

M: Or some kind of fleshy fruit roll up

A: Nothing says rainwear like a ham slice roll up

A: Or, you can go with the black set aka Cheap Garbage Bag

M: Yet somehow actually expensive!

A: Is Fashion. 

PS. Just because I know you're all on the edge of your seat with anticipation, I panic-ordered two Helly Hansen raincoats from Amazon that I'm 90% sure won't fit me:

Cute right? I'll review them when they arrive. No worries that I'm between sizes for HH and they definitely will be too big. All part of the service. Fashion! 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Digging Into Nordstrom Rack.

 Every now and then I like to spend an unhealthy amount of time digging around the Nordstrom Rack site because you just never know what you will find. Here's my virtual NR spring shopping list:

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Review: I Need A Raincoat.

Update: We got a house! I'm not going to live in a van down by the Willamette River. But, I still desperately need a PNW-approved raincoat. I have my Helly Hansen (which, if we're being honest, is a tidge tight right now) but I want something that's not insulated - just a raincoat. I also want it in a color that isn't black or olive green. In a fit of optimism, I ordered that cute Madewell raincoat but it's going back:

It runs big. Really big. This is a medium and I am swimming in it! It's also not quite my color. Hmph, here are a few other contenders:

This one is Athleta and I've been waiting impatiently for it to show up online (it was in the catalog months ago!) I think the color is an interesting neutral but it's really expensive and it's sherpa-lined, which is not really what I need right now. Still, I might keep my eye on it.

This J.Crew raincoat is super cute, a classic shape, and also comes in bright yellow and navy. But, it's a little bit too perky-preppy for me in these colors. If it came in camel or gray I'd probably be all over it. 

This is by Seasalt (thanks for the rec, Make!Do!) and I love the easy shape and the interesting color. I'd never heard of this brand out of Cornwall, but it's definitely on my radar now. 

This is a less-fashion-more-function option from The North Face. I do like that it's a classic trench coat color but is also fully waterproof. 

Finally, my dark horse option, I am pretty into this Babour rain jacket I found on Nordstrom Rack. Something about that very British plaid lining! Navy isn't usually my jam but something about this is very appealing. It also comes in a soft gray, just FYI.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Outfit of the Day: But Make It Fashion.

 Hello! I am currently very tired, having just done a whirlwind long weekend trip to the west coast to try and find a house. (So far: unsuccessful.) However, upon my return another pair of new-to-me Madewell jeans were waiting for me:

Whee! Finally, I have a pair of the Cali Demi Boot style. I've wanted these but just wasn't sure if I could truly pull them off but ya'll, I LOVE THEM. I really think these are the kind of jeans that make the most of your shape and they're kicky and very current. So cute with flats or sandals! Probably also really cute with boots, but I haven't tried that yet. My pair is an older version but these with the raw hem are probably the most similar or maybe these. Here's a closer look: 

They just feel fresh after so many skinny styles (which I still love, don't get me wrong.) My top is from Quince and it's the super soft fleece crew. I have the matching lounge pants (reviewed here) and they're my current favorite comfy-wear set. It's a sweatshirt, yes, but it's lightweight and soft and fits me nicely enough that it can function as out-of-the-house wear without looking sloppy. 

I'm accessorizing with a super-old locket from J.Crew which is still one of my favorite things. You can probably find it on Poshmark or eBay but if I were to buy another one, it would be this one from Lulu Frost. Now, let's make jeans and a sweatshirt fashion, yes? 

YAY. Can you believe I've had this coat for months and forgot about it? I bought it from Nina last summer- it's from that one really good season Talbots had in 2010. She held onto it and then passed it on to me and I put it away in a closet for fall except I never remembered to pull it back out. Now here it is spring and I'm like, fuck it, I am WEARING THAT VELVET LEOPARD COAT ( the grocery store.) You might be able to find one secondhand, but J.Crew has this cute sherpa version and how cool is this one? You could also just get my cute leopard moto jacket and be done with it.

Here's the whole thing. I am wearing this amazing coat with my red Everlane flats (similar style here at Madewell) and my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody with it's original strap. I am definitely wearing this to Trader Joes later because it's good, right? Errands, but make it fashion. 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie for spring!

Anthropologie has a bunch of good new stuff in for spring and they're offering 20% off for Insiders (it's free to sign up!) Here's what I would really love to fill my closet with:

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Outfit of the Day: New Jeans and a New Life.

That title is pretty intense, eh? It's not my new jeans that are life-changing it's my news: I am moving to the Portland, OR area next month! My boyfriend's job is transferring him there and I'm going with him. I have only ever lived in Richmond, VA, so this is pretty huge for me. I'll be taking some time off from the blog while all of this is happening but then I'll be back with some fresh PNW content. (And if you're from the area, I need your recs, please! For, like, everything.)

Now, on to more mundane things, like having a pair of jeans that fits. Like a lot of folks, I have gained an unexpected amount of weight in the last year, so a really good chunk of my wardrobe doesn't fit right now. Rather than continue to feel bad about it, I'm just trying to live in my current situation and that situation needed a pair of cute, straight leg blue jeans that actually fit me comfortably. Crazy, I know. Marianne recently found a pair of the Madewell Slim Straight on Poshmark and loved them, so I immediately tracked down a pair too. (Ever the creeper, right?) Here you go:

They don't actually make the slim straight anymore but this current style is really similar (and is actually what I wanted to buy...when they go on sale) and I also love this style but they're out of my size. My t-shirt is another Quince purchase and it's fine. The style is a bit slimmer of a cut than I was hoping for but it's a decent gray tee - nothing to complain about, just not magical. 

This is my Gap utility jacket back from when I bought a bunch to review. It's a great lightweight layer and so comfortable! The old link to mine claims it's sold out so I linked to the newer version which looks like the same exact jacket? Who can say. There's also this cute quilted utility jacket which is a bit more fashion. On to details:

I'm wearing a tiny compass pendant similar to this one and also my beloved labradorite tassel necklace by Dean Davidson. There's nothing even remotely similar, but I thought this tassel necklace was striking. 

Finally, I'm carrying my Miu Miu bag (reviewed here) which is probably my favorite thing I own. This Cole Haan turnlock bag is probably the most similar! My leopard flats are Madewell from last year, but this pair is pretty cute and these loafers are the same print as mine. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Quick Reviews: Quince joggers and a great tee!

I promise I'll post a real outfit tomorrow but I recently got some great loungewear and I wanted to share because I just want to be super comfortable when I'm stuck at home and I don't need it to be fashion. Here's my scintillating loungewear lewk:

Listen, this is the comfiest combo EVER. I'm wearing Quince SuperSoft fleece pants and a Pure Navy slub tee with my shearling Birkenstock clogs

First, this t-shirt. Y'all know I've been on the hunt for some 100% cotton long-sleeve tees and I found this one at Off Fifth. The brand is Pure Navy (which I assume is a house brand) and they are SO GOOD. True to size, soft, slub cotton with nice details, like a split hem. I got this white one with the drop shoulders and a plain black v-neck that's just as nice. They aren't expensive either! I will definitely be buying a few more - they have two packs of the crew neck style and a nice v-neck short sleeve. I also like this striped tee

Now, the best joggers. I bought these Quince SuperSoft fleece pants a few weeks ago and loved them so much I immediately ordered a second pair. They're lightweight but warm, generously sized (I'm wearing a medium) and SO SOFT. And under $30! Just the most comfortable around-the-house pants I've ever found. And they have pockets for your Chapstick or tots or whatever, which is a bonus. If you haven't tried Quince yet, you can use my link for $10 off your first order! (full disclosure: I also get $10 in credit.) I've also ordered the SuperSoft Fleece Crew so I'll report back on that when it arrives.

Monday, March 15, 2021

We Discuss: Birks and Tergets

M: I know you aren’t pajamas people but these are $20 and SO good and soffffft:

A: Cute! And leopard! 

M: They are so cozy and cheapppp

M: Is it weird that I like these??

A: Oooooh, not weird! 

M: It’s the only style in the color I want

A: I need to figure out which pair I’m getting this summer.

M: By the way this Target candle is HUGE and great:

M: Big boy. $10! So cheap.

A: Want. I’ve killed my Harry candle already.

M: Very Volcano. There’s a smaller $5 one too.

M: It’s surprisingly big

A: I am tempted! 

M: I am really impressed with this one

M: I appreciate that it’s 3 wick too

A: I’m def going to check it out

A: I like the citrusy stuff for spring

M: Me too!

A: Back to Birks for a sec

M: Okay

A: I might get a pair of Arizona in copper OR the cognac big buckle:

M: I had a weirdly bad experience with the big buckle but I think that was because it was suede

A: Ah, right!

M: They just came unbuckled all the time

A: That shouldn't happen w/ the regular leather

M: Right

A: I’m just trying to find a need-hole

M: I don’t want almond, I don’t want pink, I don’t want cream, I want that nude color and I think the platform is the only one. But it’s fun?

A: It is fun! It’s Fashion Birk

M: Right up my alley

A: These also appeal:

M: I like those but I am ruined for anything thong style

A: I get it, Arizona is king but I also love Gizehs

M: I think everyone has two styles and mine are Arizona first, Madrid a not close second

A: Yes, totally

A: Had to pick up a prescription so....

M: Yesssss

A: I got the last one! 

M: It’s really good. So big!

M: My nude Birks just went on sale, it’s a sign right


M: (I definitely already bought them)

A: Good job

M: 😁

M: “I’ll ask for them for my birthday”

A: Hahaha

Friday, March 12, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Target is Real Cute RN.


Marianne got this cute leopard lounge set at Target so I went to look and stayed awhile because Target has some great stuff right now! Here's what I like:

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

BUY THIS (Because I'm Surprising Myself): Spring Sales.

You may have noticed that the spring sales are starting to creep in. I have been checking out Madewell and J.Crew because they're relentless with the cute spring offerings. First up, Madewell who's offering up to 30% off with code HOWFUN. (Sadly, denim is not included in this sale because of course it's not.) I've been a little surprised by the items that have caught my eye, like this:

This is the cutest raincoat EVER and it comes in three colors but somehow I like this vintage petal color the best. It's so interesting! Not quite pink, not quite taupe, something in-between. 

And this bag! They are finally making a larger size in the Transport Camera Bag and I love it. This is definitely pink, but a very modern neutral-pink and I dig the new webbing strap design. This bag also comes in black but isn't currently on sale. (Give it a minute.)  

Ooh, I dig this chunkier version of the paperclip necklace which solves the problem of the annoying "clasp swinging around to the front" thing that drives me crazy. This has a carabiner clasp that will convert it to a lariat style!  

Oooh, this is much more in my wheelhouse. I love that it's cotton and looks casual and easy to wear, but it also has fun sleeves, which makes it a little bit fancy. I really like this top! 

Now, J.Crew who's having a very specific sale on very specific items: up to 40% off spring essentials (prices as marked) and an extra 15% off with code EXTRA. I started with stripes:

This is a vintage cotton tee and it comes in a bunch of different kinds of stripes but for some reason this is the one I liked best. I mean, more pink? Sure. But the sleeves keep it interesting? Humor me. It's cute.

I have this Juliette cardigan in charcoal but ooooh, I do like this dreamy dove grey for spring. It's such an easy way to dress up your t-shirt and joggers lewk. Heh. 

OH MY GOD I KNOW. Seriously, what is wrong with me that I super love these pants? (Related story: in 4th grade this girl Rachel in my class had hot pink pants and I was creepy-obsessed.) I guess I still want hot pink pants? I'd wear these with a striped boatneck tee and...

Ahhhhhhhh! I love these so so so much. I mean, they are everything I want in a clog and those gold studs, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I might seriously need these, y'all. Sprang is sprung. 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Monday Mood: Hair Stuff!

I haven't talked obsessively about my hair for a while and I'm using some new products, so lucky you, I'm gonna talk about them! 

So, I obviously just got my color done and my goal with shampoo is to keep my color as long as possible. I use Hairstory Deep a few times a week and it's really good:

Yes, it's expensive, but it replaces shampoo and conditioner so that's how I justify it. Also, if you're ordering for the first time, get the kit with the head scrubber thingy! Hairstory is non-foaming so you really have to scrub your scalp when you use it (plus it feels great.) I'm cheap and bought my scrubber separately - I'm pretty sure I've talked about it more than once. 

More recently I started using the Hairstory Undressed Texturizing Spray which is great - not sticky or salty but gives that kind of awesome tousled look and it can be layered. I use this on super casual days when I need a little hold. I just use 4-5 sprays on damp hair and style as usual. It's light but still gives my hair a bit of heft. 

NOW, this is what I use when I'm planning on really doing my hair (for blog photos, wild trips to the grocery store, etc.) I bought a travel size of the R + Co Rodeo Star mousse on a whim (an expensive whim) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It gives my fine hair a ton of oomph and I always wake up the next morning with a giant sleep-pompador. It's not an everyday use product for me right now, but I super love it and I'm going to buy a full-sized version when it runs out.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to a really great product I started using again (after finding a dusty bottle of it in my beauty closet): Bumble and bumble Tonic. What's it for? What does it do, exactly? I HAVE NO IDEA but I do know that when I spray it on my damp hair before adding styling products it just makes everything better. I also love how it smells kind of minty, like tea tree oil. PS. I looked it up and it's a detangler/primer. Is it necessary for life? No. Is it nice to have? Absolutely yes. Should I replace my dusty bottle? Probably but let's not tell Marianne. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Spring Has Sprung.

 Like every year, at the beginning of March a switch flips in my brain and even though it's 39° right this second all I want is light and floaty clothes that promise summer is coming. Here is what I'm currently eyeing obsessively: 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Thrifted Treasure.

I thrift shop on a semi-regular basis and every now and then I find something super fun that I might not have bought full price, but for $3 or $4 I know I can enjoy having for a while. This striped shirt is VERY me. A striped cotton tee with a gold lightning bolt patch? Are you kidding me:

It's a size or two bigger than what I wear but who doesn't love an oversized tee? This one is from H&M but is long gone from stores. I'm pretty sure you can find it on Poshmark or eBay but for something similar, that Old Navy tee I keep talking about (and clearly don't need) has a very similar vibe, which is obviously CDG Play, right? I also think it has a Kule Modern Tee feel and how cute is this Kule/Madewell tee? 

Still happy with my gray Madewell jeans (cropped version here) and I've been wearing them a lot. I definitely want another pair of gray jeans, perhaps this Perfect Vintage pair? (I'm pretending they aren't on sale.) And oooh, look at this Pilcro pair at Anthro! I freaking love those. 

I just kept adding stuff. I'm wearing my AllSaints Dalby jacket and dusted off my neglected Cambridge Satchel Co bag which is such a cool bag. I've decided to stop being a bad bag mom and give it a turn in the rotation. I don't think they make this exact style anymore but this one is quite similar

A quick detail shot of my lightning bolt and also my pendant, which is hard to see. It's my very old Giles & Brother fish hook. They still make a tiny version of it! 

And finally, my awesome boots. These are Esska Mash boots and they're so much fun, how could I not wearing them with my lightning bolt shirt? They're sold out but they have a whole line of boots and shoes with the lightning bolt. And, if you're just like, damn I want cute red boots, this pair at Madewell is a steal. (And they're more wine than red but whatever. They cute.)