Monday, March 15, 2021

We Discuss: Birks and Tergets

M: I know you aren’t pajamas people but these are $20 and SO good and soffffft:

A: Cute! And leopard! 

M: They are so cozy and cheapppp

M: Is it weird that I like these??

A: Oooooh, not weird! 

M: It’s the only style in the color I want

A: I need to figure out which pair I’m getting this summer.

M: By the way this Target candle is HUGE and great:

M: Big boy. $10! So cheap.

A: Want. I’ve killed my Harry candle already.

M: Very Volcano. There’s a smaller $5 one too.

M: It’s surprisingly big

A: I am tempted! 

M: I am really impressed with this one

M: I appreciate that it’s 3 wick too

A: I’m def going to check it out

A: I like the citrusy stuff for spring

M: Me too!

A: Back to Birks for a sec

M: Okay

A: I might get a pair of Arizona in copper OR the cognac big buckle:

M: I had a weirdly bad experience with the big buckle but I think that was because it was suede

A: Ah, right!

M: They just came unbuckled all the time

A: That shouldn't happen w/ the regular leather

M: Right

A: I’m just trying to find a need-hole

M: I don’t want almond, I don’t want pink, I don’t want cream, I want that nude color and I think the platform is the only one. But it’s fun?

A: It is fun! It’s Fashion Birk

M: Right up my alley

A: These also appeal:

M: I like those but I am ruined for anything thong style

A: I get it, Arizona is king but I also love Gizehs

M: I think everyone has two styles and mine are Arizona first, Madrid a not close second

A: Yes, totally

A: Had to pick up a prescription so....

M: Yesssss

A: I got the last one! 

M: It’s really good. So big!

M: My nude Birks just went on sale, it’s a sign right


M: (I definitely already bought them)

A: Good job

M: 😁

M: “I’ll ask for them for my birthday”

A: Hahaha


  1. Word of caution on the copper Birks, I have had mine for a couple of years and last summer the paint rubbed off a lot. I found a tutorial online and repainted them myself, they look good but not as good as the original. If they had the platform in a natural leather I would buy them in a second.

    1. I actually have the Gizeh style in copper and love them but they're definitely showing their age. I still love the color enough to get another pair!

  2. Have you seen the two-tone Arizona Split? Soooo pretty. I really want the copper Arizonas, but, hey, it's snowing again today, so I have to wait.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Fake spring is the worst! I'm not sure the two-tone is my thing but the colors are really pretty.


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