Friday, January 31, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: OOTD Via Nordstrom Rack.

Do you ever go to a website and create your perfect fantasy outfit? Just me? Well, that's what I did today - I scoured Nordstrom Rack for an outfit that felt very ME and now I'm all sad because none of this stuff is mine. Wah wah. It's cute though:

Outfit of the Day: Marianne!

I've been posting up some of Marianne's recent outfits on IG, but she has A Question for you guys and is also looking really damn cute in her new Dr. Martens so on the blog it goes:

Details: Adorable cozy sweater is from H&M, her moto pants are from Target but very old. This pair of Sanctuary jeans is similar and Target has these moto leggings, as well. Her boots are Dr. Martens "Pascal" and damn, are they cute. Now, the question straight from Marianne:

Have any of you ever had a winter coat altered? I mostly love this coat and it’s very well made, but I wish it didn’t flare out at the bottom. I’d like more of a cocoon shape. A friend who works in men’s suiting gave me his tailor's info, but I’m nervous it will cost a million dollars.

 Does anyone know? BTW, this coat is from Anthro and it's a few years old. If you're looking for something similar I'm going to point you at this one from Free People and, ugh, this beautiful leopard coat at Bloomingdales.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Outfit of the Day: The Joy of a Gin Cardigan.

What's with the face? Don't I look sad? Or irritated? Or like I'm missing something? Maybe I'm cold? Definitely that. Winter: Still The Worst. 

Thankfully I now have a gin cardigan of my very own so I won't freeze to death! It's the Juliette collarless sweater-blazer from J.Crew, which bought this during the post-Christmas sale craziness and I looooove it. It's basically a comfy bathrobe in work-appropriate, sleek cardigan form:


It's so great! Warm and drape-y and you can throw it over anything to look more pulled together. Mine is "heather charcoal" but it comes in a bunch of great colors, including a rugby stripe. It's a generous fit (I'm wearing a small) so if you're between sizes, size down. 

I'm wearing it over an ancient LOFT Utility blouse that I should probably retire, but the print is so pretty! They don't currently seem to have any right now in a print but they do have it in a very nice stripe and some other pretty solids in the henley style

My black jeans are Madewell mid-rise skinny and I am wearing them too much. It's legit become a problem. They also make them in an 11" rise which I am not sure about. I have a pair of 11" rise jeans (this pair) and I love the look but I have to unbutton them after lunch. On to details:

I was trying to take a pic of my earrings (you can see them better in this entry) but kind of failed. They're by Amano studio and they're so fun and light. My necklace is my Argento Vivo labradorite pendant, which is sold out, but how pretty is this labradorite necklace? I also love this one by Gorjana

My boots are an older style by Cole Haan but I would say this newer style of Chelsea boot is probably very similar. And I'm carrying my Longchamp le pliage cuir for a little bit of color. Here's the smaller size in a different shade of red and here's mine in the bigger size. The medium is still available in a very fun dark pink, as well! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Review: Credo Beauty & Heretic Dirty Lemon

This originally was going to be a review of the perfume I just bought but then it turned into something else, which seems to happen around here a lot. Months ago my friend Kate sent me a link to the Heretic Parfum site because she was really intrigued by the fragrance descriptions. I got her a discovery set for her birthday and she tried them out, passing along a few that didn't work for her. One of those was Dirty Lemon which I fell completely in love with.

I'm not going to attempt to describe it like one of those perfume reviewer sites (god, some of those descriptions are WEIRD) but I will say that it's unlike anything else. It starts out with a lemony citrus thing and then dries down into a warm, woody delicious scent that makes me snuffle my arm repeatedly. I also love that it's natural rather than synthetic because it doesn't trigger headaches (for me) and isn't super strong. I am really weird about scents but this one really works for me.

I finally decided to buy it but damn, the Heretic site wasn't giving me anything. No codes, no free shipping, nothing. They will give you 10% off your first purchase, but I'd used that on my order for Kate. That's how I found Credo.

Credo is an online retailer of clean beauty and they stock quite a few Heretic fragrances. I was super happy to see that they offered free shipping on $50+ and three free samples! And they gave me 10% off my first order for signing up for emails.

While I have mixed feelings about the Clean Beauty movement I do really like that I can shop an entire site of products that are cruelty and animal-derived-product-free. Credo carries some brands I love, like Indie Lee, RMS Beauty, and Tata Harper. I ordered my Heretic Dirty Lemon, picked my samples and placed my order. You guys, they shipped the same day. I ordered on a Friday and my package was on my doorstep by Monday. I was floored. And, the box wasn't gigantic and all the packaging was all paper! Check this out:

I know! I was really impressed. Also, I smell fantastic today. If you're interested in ordering Heretic or other clean beauty products, you can get $10 off your first order by clicking through my link. (Full disclosure, I also get $10 in credit.) I was really impressed with my first order with Credo and it won't be my last.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Shopping Report/Convos: Want, Don't Need.

Why is it when I am in a wanty lull and declare that I am NOT SHOPPING that suddenly my brain wants everything? Even things I already kind of have? WHY IS THIS. I blame the Internet. Here are the things I want lately, but don't need:

These Madewell Boots I Do Not Need. 
When I went to Madewell recently to try on jeans the sales assistant gave me a pair of boots to try on with the jeans, since that's what I often wear. Unfortunately, I really liked those boots. More unfortunately, they're currently on sale with an extra 30% off. My brain: OH MY GOD YOU HAVE BOOTS. Also my brain: But these have a slightly higher heel and the leopard version is prettier than the leopard boots I already own and I don't even have brown boots. I asked Marianne:

A: I should definitely not buy the Madewell leopard boots that are on sale, right?

M: Nope

A: Rude

M: 😂


These Sneakers That I Can't Not Like.
I am not a big sneaker person but for some reason the Comme des Garçons Play Converse stole my heart from the first time I saw them and I keep seeing them out in the wild! I basically attacked some poor fashionable man I saw wearing them recently. I don't feel like I need them RIGHT NOW but they're definitely on my wishlist for spring.

A: I accosted a young man at Saks who was Fashion yesterday because he was wearing Comme de Garçon Play sneakers.

M: Ha

A: I had just been talking to Kate about wanting a pair and he walked by and I was like I LOVE YOUR SNEAKERS I WAS JUST SAYING I WANT A PAIR LETS BE FRIENDS.

A: We did not end up being friends. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Why Do I Want More Docs. 
Marianne recently got an awesome pair of Dr. Martens and I love them on her and I also want to love them on me. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM. I already have DM Chelsea Boots that I really like! I don't need another freaking pair of boots I can't wear to work. Or at all, really. (See above.)



A: Like, I want to sell my Chelsea pair and get a classic pair

M: Ha! Do you not like the Chelseas? I dig those too

A: No, I like them! I just want all of the docs but I feel like I have to suffer for it

M: haaaa you weirdo


Goddammit, Everlane, With This Alpaca Sweater.
Listen, I don't even know if I can wear Alpaca but this new Everlane sweater looks like my dream gin carnigan and I wanted it before I even clicked through the email. It just looks so cozy and like I could throw it over anything! That's how they get you.

Everlane: Make Your Other Cardigans Jealous

A: Ugh, I like this.

M: Ugh me too. Ugh.

A: Fucking Everlane.


PS. There's also a bag I really want but it's discontinued and only two exist in the online selling platform world so I am not ready to talk about it until a) one of them is mine or b) I have changed my mind about it.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Off Fifth Reminds Us About Winter.

Are we tired of winter yet? Clearly Off Fifth is because they're offering an extra 60% off cold weather gear with code CLEAROUT and an extra 50% off boots with code WARMUP. Plus, they have the usual selection of crap on clearance. Here's what I like:

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Stuff I Like: Packing My Lunch.

I am an avid packer of weekday lunches because I like to use my lunch break for other purposes: yoga, shopping, thrifting, whatever. (And I always take my lunch break. TAKE YOUR LUNCH BREAK, PEOPLE.) I'm very extra about how I pack my lunch because why wouldn't you want real flatware and a cloth napkin? Try it - it will make your sad leftovers feel much more civilized. I also pack in Pyrex glass containers so my lunch bag weighs a ton. For the longest time I have been using a lunch bag I got from Marshalls that I like, but it's always been slightly too small.

But behold, I finally bought that fancy SoYoung Lunch Poche from Anthro and it's SO GOOD:

It fits all my heavy containers and extra bits and it zips up at the top and has a shoulder strap! And it's SO PRETTY. That bottom stripe is slightly metallic and makes me feel like a fancy lady when I carry it...right up until I put it apologetically into the gross workplace fridge. Sorry about daycare, kid. Mommy has to work.

 too pretty for that refrigerator

Is it expensive for a lunch bag? Yeah, it is. But it's something I use every day and why shouldn't my lunch bag spark joy? ALSO, SoYoung has a bunch of different variations on Amazon that aren't quite as much money. This one is cute:

They also offer a discount for your first purchase on the SoYoung site and they have CUTE kid's lunch boxes as well. If these aren't your thing but you still want a lunch bag that sparks joy, I found a bunch on Nordstrom Rack that are fashion-y but not expensive. Like, check out this quartz pattern:

and this one is LeSportsac and it's got a croc pattern! Love:

And this one is perfect if you just want something small for your desk snacks: 

If you don't normally pack your lunch and this has inspired you, please also read Marianne's old post about some great sustainable choices that will make your lunch packing even easier. (She links to the Pyrex containers we both have and love!) Pack your lunch and enjoy! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Dress Code Violation

I am allowed to wear jeans to work on Friday and at some point I realized I probably wouldn't get fired if I wore plain black jeans which has devolved into me just wearing whatever I want (within reason.) Please do not go back through the archives to see how I used to dress for work because it will show you just how lazy I have become. (SO LAZY. Also, god, I was so skinny back then.) ANYWAY, I talked about the straight leg cropped jeans I bought at Madewell and they're kinda black so off to work I go:

So I am obviously wearing my Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans which are a more grey than black and I think I like them a lot. Naturally they're not on sale right now but this pair of Perfect Vintage jeans with a metallic stripe is definitely on sale (and really damn cute.) This pair also looks cute, also on sale. It's hard to truly describe how high rise these are but it's kind of like a gentle denim corset. I am adjusting. 

My sweater is a Marshall's purchase from last winter - it's C&C California cashmere and I have it in two colors because of course I do. It's available in a multicolored version here (XS only) or for something not-really similar I like this striped BR sweater. (But, really, just get Marianne's AllSaints sweater.) 

On to details! Here's a terrifying giant shiny face pic to show you my jewelry (but also my rad new cut and color): 

My necklace was a birthday present from my boyfriend - it's by Pyrrha Jewelry and reads, "travellers club" for safe travels! I love it. My earrings are by Panacea (these are similar) and my lipstick is MAC Party Line

Carrying my usual Miu Miu bag (under $100 Cole Haan dupe!) and wearing my Everlane Day Glove flats which are still kinda weird but I like them. They aren't the MOST comfortable flats ever (does that even exist?) but I'd probably buy another pair. Finally:

It was really cold this morning so I ruined it all with my The North Face jacket and a nice Foxford scarf I bought in Ireland. The end. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Shopping Report: I Try On Madewell Jeans.

Okay, first of all, I owe you guys an apology. During the crazy Madewell sale I used my birthday discount to buy a backup pair of my beloved black coated skinny jeans. I believe I said something like, "I don't understand why they're so on sale!" Welp, now I do. THESE ARE NOT MY JEANS. (These are my jeans.) They changed them! They're now made from some thin, sheeny, denim-like material that is not really coated. If you bought a pair on my recommendation and hated them, I apologize. I didn't know!

Anyway, I stomped back to Madewell to return them immediately and then started trying on jeans because that's what you do at Madewell. Luckily the sales assistant who helped me wore the same size I do so she had good knowledge in my quest for non-skinny jeans. Note: All my attempts at dressing room photos looked like this:

So I'm just gonna use the stock photos and spare us all. First I tried on the Classic Straight jeans because my friend Kate has them and they looks SO GOOD on her. Just very current and French lady cool. Never mind that we don't share the same body type, I wanted them:

They are cute! They are not that cute on me, though. Somehow there was just a lot of material in the back that wasn't doing nice things. Hmph. I also tried on the Cali Demi-Boot:

I actually liked these a lot but they feel advanced, you know? I might revisit in the spring because they'd be so cute with flats or sneakers. I am not sure how I feel about them with boots. It's just going to take a little time to get used to a new silhouette. Baby steps. Finally, my lovely sales assistant suggested I try on the Perfect Vintage jean in Sumner wash (a grey-black IRL):

They were great so I bought them. (Thank you, birthday discount.) I will post an outfit soon, but they're exactly what I had in mind - interesting wash, not too distressed, cropped leg. I am also very interested to try the Stovepipe jeans but they didn't have them in stock. One day...

Friday, January 17, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie IRL.

I stopped by Anthropologie today and basically touched everything in the store. I also tried on a bunch of work-appropriate tops and then bought the Bowie tee. I am hopeless. Here's what I liked:

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Outfit of the Day: See? I Told You.

Okay! I finally have a big ole sweater outfit to show you, as mentioned in Tuesday's post:

This look is definitely right up my alley! The sweater is by French Connection and it's sold out on NR but still available at Off Fifth and also at Lord & Taylor in some really good colors! As I mentioned, it runs big but that's it's charm: 

This is the small! I am embracing it in all it's boxy glory, but it's structured enough that it hangs really nicely and looks deliberately oversized, rather than just too big. 

I'm wearing it with my favorite black Madewell jeans that I wear to work all the time and pretend are black pants. (I am fooling nobody but whatever.) These jeans are super comfy and soft and don't stretch out all crazy. I wear them way too much. I also want this pair of black straight leg jeans that my friend Kate has because they look so cool on her and I'm hoping that will rub off. Very into the slightly cropped straight leg look rn. Details: 

I was trying to show you my earrings, which I mentioned on IG. They're tiny little Bowie lightning bolt threaders by Virginie Millefiori and y'all, they are so pretty. She does the loveliest delicate enamel jewelry and I am especially into this gold Chrysalis Necklace necklace which comes in a bunch of variations. I'm also wearing my big Soko paddle pendant that Marianne gave me a few years back. Still a favorite! It's available in a mini version but sold out in my size. And look:

New things! My bag is a Marc Jacobs Single which I found on Poshmark for a steal. I love that it has a classic Chanel bag feel without being too fancy. If you're not confident about buying secondhand, it's not hard to find a similar style. I love this Minkoff chevron quilted bag and this Cole Haan is really well-priced. And check out this under $30 option at Target

My boots are Seychelles Floodplain booties in leopard and I got them from Anthro (still a few sizes left!) during the crazy post-Christmas sale. (Thanks to Marianne, who sent me a text all, DO I NEED THESE and then, like a jerk, I bought them too.) They're good! I like that they're not calf-hair so they won't get weird bald patches. They aren't Madewell-level boot comfort but they're solid and a LOT of fun. Just like me. Heh. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Adrien: Favorite Style Purchases of 2019.

Every year I do a round-up of favorite purchases from the previous year and I was happy to discover that I didn't buy many duds last year. I am definitely better about planning out my purchases and buying nicer things that really suit me. Almost all of my favorites from 2019 were planned purchases that I researched and bought deliberately. Here are my top favorites from 2019:

Miu Miu Bag
This bag! I stalked it for months. The price went up, the price went down. The price went back up, the price went way down. Holy shit, Barneys, what a ride. I saved my dollars and the next time they dropped the price, I pounced. It was more than I usually spend on a bag but it was WORTH IT. I carry it a lot and it still looks brand new. It's also just so satisfying - the leather is so nice and the hardware is shiny and weighty and it's comfortable to carry. I am a fan. (Review post here.)

Dean Davidson Bamboo Tassel Pendant Necklace
Y'all this is such a great piece of jewelry. It's beautiful, it's fun to play with, it gets me compliments all the time. Unfortunately it's sold out but this one is also very beautiful and definitely will not disappoint. Dean Davidson is expensive but so worth it. (Outfit post here.)

Everlane Cashmere V-Neck
I have three Everlane cashmere v-neck sweaters and I wear them ALL THE TIME. The one I bought this year in loden is the best of the bunch - the color, a grey-olive, goes with everything and it's warm and soft and always looks good. I am a big fan. (My review post is here.)

All The Birkenstocks
I bought two pairs this year: white Arizona sandals and shearling-lined Boston clogs. Both have been great - I wore my white sandals all summer long and the clogs are my cozy around-the-house shoes (as well as my "I'm just going to yoga shoes" and occasionally my, "I'm just going to Target or whatever shoes stop judging me.") My feet love them and I hope the current Birkenstock fashion moment lasts FOREVER.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Meteor
These have been such a fun purchase. Amusingly, I posted several pairs on IG when trying to decide which style to buy and nobody picked the Meteor. And yet? They were the pair IRL that my bestie said was the bomb. I bought them, loved them, and wore them daily. And then! A waitress STOLE THEM when I accidentally left them on her table in a restaurant. I went back five minutes later and she was like, *shrug* "didn't see them." (There was nobody else there.) I was really upset and mostly blamed myself for being careless with my stuff. A week later, my sweet, sweet boyfriend surprised me with a brand new pair because he's the best. What a guy.

Maeve Juno Dresses
These dresses are great in the summer with sandals but also in the winter with tights and boots! I have two and they've been such a fun addition to my closet. They're fun and forgiving and the patterns are so cool. I wear them both all the damn time and the only thing I don't like is that they have to be dry-cleaned. Worth it. (Outfits here and here.)

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Review: French Connection Funnel Neck Sweater.

Hi all! My intention had been to post an outfit but it's pouring rain and dark as night outside so that makes for terrible photos. Instead, I'll review a recent purchase and, when the Weather Gods allow, I'll post an actual outfit.

Before Christmas I went to the outlet mall with my friend Nina and found this amazing French Connection sweater at Marshalls:

Y'all, everything about this sweater appealed to me - the mod funnel neck, the forgiving shape, the obnoxious bright red color, the cool texture, the lack of itchy wool. All of it. I found it in a size medium and tried it on. It. Was. Enormous. Like, I know this sweater is meant to be boxy and over-sized but it ate me alive. I eventually decided to was too big and sadly threw it back. (There was no size small to be found.)

I couldn't get it out of my mind so I track it down at Nordstrom Rack  (more sizes here at Off Fifth) and ordered it in a small. It arrived and...It. Was. Enormous. Maybe a little more snug in the sleeve and slightly less volume overall, but still pretty generously sized.

And you know what? I freaking love it and every time I wear it I get compliments. Sometimes you just gotta love a big ole sack sweater and call it fashion. Marianne agrees and recently bought this amazing sweater from AllSaints:

She worried it wasn't super flattering on her (it's cute as hell on her, y'all) and I pointed out that big cozy sweaters aren't meant to flattering, they're meant to keep you warm and to look cool as hell with your skinny jeans and boots. (Wear your big stompy boots to balance things out! I totally do.) It's official "Wear a Sack" season! Embrace it and be comfortable and chic. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Rack Finds.

I love digging through Nordstrom Rack to find the good deals and also to gaze sadly upon things that will never be mine. I mostly stick to the accessories - bags, shoes, jewelry, etc, because they're less likely to disappoint me. Here's what I am checking out:

BlankNYC makes the best faux-suede jackets and this one will be great for spring. 

I've ignored Frye lately but these olive Veronica boots are pulling me back in.

This Gorjana necklace! I mean, it's Labradorite so of course I like it. 

Pink is not usually my thing but I LOVE this bag in hot pink.

True story- I saw someone wearing these with a simple black dress and it was SO chic.

Still looking for my leopard coat! This one is definitely a contender. 

Ooh, this Madewell Transport tote is under $100! I really dig the natural leather. 
(It also comes in a pretty pale lavender.)

Don't we all kinda want red sneakers? I love the metallic stripes on these.